Elon Musk on Superchargers and Renewable Energy

Elon Musk on Superchargers and Renewable Energy

What we’re trying to do over time is go to
a 100 percent renewable power generation for our
solar charge, our supercharge stations. We’ve sort of temporarily not added solar power,
because in the interest of just having national and
international coverage so you can drive anywhere in the US or Europe or Asia using superchargers.
We haven’t constrained that so that every supercharger has to have solar panels. There
are a few that have solar panels, most don’t. But in the long term, all of them will either
have solar panels or otherwise get their power from renewable sources. And in long term expected
to be solar panel to a stationary battery pack so that the solar panels can charge the
stationary battery pack over the course of the week and then that stationary battery
pack can then buckle the energy and release it
during peak times. Cause what we see with superchargers is huge differences in usage.
And you can imagine like when people go away for
the weekend, like Friday nights and Saturday nights,
Friday and Sunday, Friday nights and Sunday nights, huge peak usage, people are going
somewhere, like on a family trip for the weekend. Let’s say, Wednesday at 11am – low usage.
So you wanna have stationary battery pack, solar panels, and then it could work even
if the power grid goes down.

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