49 thoughts on “Elton John – Empty Garden (Official Music Video)

  1. F*** you, Mark Chapman….but thank you, Elton.
    In our hearts, you will live on forever, John Lennon. ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. A tradução não é tão inspiradora .
    Mas o sentimento e melodia dessa música.. Meu Deus!… parece até que estão rasgando o meu coração!
    É linda demais!

  3. Elton has said that this song is still too upsetting for him to perform on a daily basis..Only time he plays "Empty Garden" in concert is in New York

  4. It's late, my partner's favorite song, my parakeets are sleeping but as this song plays they are softly whistling in their sleep. So cute, it's a great song

  5. Empty garden was the B side to yellow brick road long before John Lennon was killed, or have I got it wrong,

  6. I always thought this song was about a child who's friend died so he went to a door to see him or in the garden where they used to play. He's looking and searching because children don't understand death

  7. This song simultaneously tells a story and sings from the heart and soul with the most evocative lyrics imaginable while Its verses inexorably captivate the listener, building up to a climax that shocks, awes and wells up a cacophony of emotions that ultimately brim over in unabashed sympathy for the tragedy it laments

  8. The 89 people who disliked this don't know what this song is about and if they do that's just sad -R.I.P JOHN LENNON

  9. Empty garden and theCandle in the wind(1973) are the only songs that make me cry and I always thought I had a heart of steel.


  11. I heard this song for the first time on CBS radio FM in NYC around 2014….Had no idea it was about Lennon. Even so, I was able to feel the music and the loss it was communicating in a very personal way regarding my own friends that had passed from stupid things. It's an incredibly underrated track.

  12. i write comedy and music tapes EVERY dec i stick it on my tape w me singing i can hardly get through it

  13. this song reminds my cousin Linda's husband Johnnie. He was great poet and a great story writer. I miss Johnnie Hughes he was a great guy. RIP Johnnie.

  14. My home, I gargened and worked on with such love was stolen from me by my girl. I just found she is selling it. I am too weak to fight so I'll wilt away, like my garden and home. Why so cruel. Greed?

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