[Eng/Korean Subtitles] Ecotierra Organic Sesame Oil Kickstarter Launching

[Eng/Korean Subtitles] Ecotierra Organic Sesame Oil Kickstarter Launching

For thousands of years, sesame seeds have been known as a source of food in many Asian countries. And sesame oil is used
in many recipes like Asian salad dressing. Here in Oaxaca Mexico,
we found that many indigenous communities have been producing sesame
seeds in the same way they our ancestors did for hundreds of years which means it’s
pure organic. Now they’re even making the highest-quality
sesame oil out of it. Let’s meet our good farmer friends and hear their stories. I’m a farmer from here in Santa Cruz. We have worked these lands since the time of my grandparents using the farming
traditions they passed down to us that does not use any chemicals. These are the same seeds that we have sown for years since our ancestors. We do not buy any seeds from big companies. So we do not lose our native seeds. We work with
Mountain microorganisms to make our fertilizers because they have a direct
identity with the nature of the soils. This is the way to make high quality
seeds. These organic sesame seeds grown by the diligent and sincere farmers are sent directly to a facility where other Ecotierra families are working at. State-of-the-art technology had been imported from South Korea years before they came along to give these farmers an opportunity to produce the finest
quality organic sesame oil. The sesame seeds are toasted at a low temperature
and are completely handcrafted in small batches. It is 100% organic and additive
free. But there is so much more that makes
this community special. As much as they care about the land, they care about the
people living on it even more. We are practicing Fairtrade in our organization. We are committed to equal wages for men and women we create a better environment
of Education for children. We make sustainable agriculture a priority
because caring for the earth and caring for the people will go hand in hand. We want to break the cycle of poverty that families the rural parts of developing
world are in. By giving them fair and stable wages, they won’t have to migrate
to cities to find jobs to support their families. Pura Collective means that
families stay together so they can build healthier communities and are able to
invest in the next generation. My parents have been dedicated to growing organic
sesame on this land. I am studying Industrial Engineering. My dream is to help the development of organic sesame oil. But recently, they’ve been having
difficulties finding the right market Pura Collective use your direct reach
to them. With your help and support we can help them stand on their feet again. Many think that being a farmer means you have no hope. But we don’t think that way. We have improved o ur lives with the help of the land. Our goal is to expand this
sustainable model to other indigenous communities and bring more care products
from around the world. Join us and invest in sustainable farming practices that
are saving our planet and rural communities but most importantly for a
product in your body that tastes and feels good. Please read more about us
below. Thank you so much for watching

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