Environmental Engineering, MSc Degree Programme

Do you want to work
for a better future? Our two-year Master’s Programme
in Environmental Engineering – educates professionals whose work
improves energy- and eco-efficiency – and minimises environmental pollution
and the use of natural resources. Study with us – and become an expert in environmental
engineering and circular economy. Environmental engineering
is important – because our planet and environment
are under an enormous load, – like the climate change or
the depletion of natural resources. We’re seeking motivated students who
want to tackle these problems with us. Graduates are employed widely in
the sector of environmental engineering. Both in the water-based
and energy sectors. They work in companies,
as consultants, – in municipalities,
and in government offices. They may also apply for
doctoral studies. We’re trying to emphasise the role
of the student as an active learner. We have lots of different kinds of
group work, exercises and workshops. For instance, the Living Lab is
something new in our programme. This field and the issues
are very global. We have students coming
from different countries – and researchers working in our unit
from different countries. It’s in the basics
of the programme. We have a lot of collaboration
within our university. Students can take courses
from different departments, – and those courses support skills that are
necessary in Environmental Engineering. Tampere is the most
student-friendly city in Finland. This is shown in the great variety
of free time activities, – from culture, crafts
and food to sports, – which the Tampere higher education community
and the City of Tampere offer. Join the student events
and make lots of new friends!

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