Environmental Geography

Environmental Geography

Studying Human Geography is all about
studying people, space, place and society. Amsterdam is the perfect place to do that. In our programme you can choose
from four specialisations. Urban geography, political geography… …environmental geography
and economic geography. The social relevance of the course in
Advanced Environmental Geography… …is evident, because students are already
going on strike every Friday worldwide… …to protest against the lack of action
on climate change. In this particular course we are looking
at all the different environmental issues… …and we help the students to understand
how best to govern these problems… …in order to ensure that our health
is not affected by an unhealthy planet… …but also to ensure that we can manage
these resources sustainably… …so that we also have jobs in the future. We focus on environmental problems
affecting land, water, oceans… …the atmosphere and biodiversity… …but in essence we spend most
of our time looking at climate change… …and fresh water issues. These two issues
are the most important issues… …affecting the global population today
and in the coming thirty years. The lectures in this course
are primarily interactive… …which means that in every single lecture
the students get a chance… …to participate in either a debate… …or in figuring out a way to address
a particular environmental problem. At the end of the year, we hope
they will work on a Master’s thesis. That thesis should ideally be
on a cutting-edge issue. And we are hoping that by doing
cutting-edge research… …even though it is more difficult… …they will then be able to market
themselves on the labour market. Besides your specialisation… …you will work on your methodological
and other transferable skills. As a geographer you need to work with
qualitative, quantitative and spatial data. During our programme you will advance
your expertise in all three of them. Secondly, geographers are known
to take an integrative approach… …towards understanding place. We will train you to do that. In particular
by doing an international field trip.

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