Environmental Health and Safety program at CLC (revised 8/2015)

Environmental Health and Safety program at CLC (revised 8/2015)

The Environmental Health and Safety
Program is a program that is designed to provide students with a good base
knowledge for pursuing careers in Environmental Health and Safety. What
excites me most about this field is the students in this program will make a
difference in the environment. The program helps to teach you how to be a
first responder if there’s a chemical spill in your community. To identify and
help to clean up that spill. How to deal with hazardous waste. What defines a
hazardous waste. What laws and regulations pertain to those hazardous
waste. It is so much fun to learn about your environment and about what you can
do to help your environment. The students look forward to coming to class and
getting to the laboratory portion of the class. First we’ll learn what we’re going
to do with this equipment, and then we’ll put it on and use it. Having hands-on
doing a hazardous waste spill was so interesting. No matter how you learned,
actually doing it and getting experiences what you need to be
successful. The instructors of the Environmental Health and Safety Program
are just phenomenal. All of our faculty that teach these courses have either
worked in the field or are currently working in the field. We get real-world
experiences, real-world stories. Their real-life expertise, being in the field
and themselves, I thought they’ve brought a lot of value
to the program. The length of the program, I think it was perfect because, it’s one year but you still get a break in between the semesters. You’re with the
same set of students for that entire time and you get to know that group of
students. There are many ways to get this type of training but I believe that CLC
offers the best bang for the buck. We are one of three colleges in the United
States that is currently offering this program. We’re the only Community College in Illinois that offers five industry certifications associated with our
program. The environmental regulations awareness, the advanced air monitoring,
the REC regenerator, the OSHA confined space, and the HAZWOPER which is the hazardous waste operations. This is truly a program for people that would like to learn some really great job skills, in a
growing and interesting career field. My favorite part of the whole program is
basically the whole program itself. I really did enjoy every aspect of it. We
have to worry about our environment. We have to worry about the planet. We have
to worry about what we’re leaving to future generations. Being prepared with
this information, I will be able to make a difference in this world. It’s a very
exciting field where we’re trying to reduce the amount of pollutants that are
out there, and make the world a safer place for all of us.

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