Environmental Impact of the Building Industry

Environmental Impact of the Building Industry

there are three main ways we can improve the sustainability of the building and construction industry firstly by improving the design of buildings secondly by improving building and construction methods and thirdly by reducing recycling and reusing resources the building and construction industry itself is a large consumer of energy it uses up a lot of labour financing materials and its product human habitation affects the environment in a very basic way when a large area of wood land is cleared and developed as a new outer suburb huge changes start taking place the original habitat is disturbed meaning birds and animals have to find somewhere else to live and plant species are destroyed roads are sealed so that rainfall runs into gutters and drains instead of soaking into the soil or being absorbed by trees or running into existing water sources the existing water system for example a creek or stream may be contaminated by pollutants and energy consumption rises as electricity gas and water four new houses motor vehicle use also increases especially if the area has no public transport leading to a dramatic rise in exhaust emissions and excessive use of petrol and diesel

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