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  1. This made me cry. I"m here for homework. This is awesome. #SaveOurWorld #SaveWater #SaveLand #StopLittering.

  2. We like your video about Environmental Issues very much. Thank you for this.
    From our side we have just made our first non documentary film about Global warming and the environment problems. 
    See it link: https://www.facebook.com/BlackMudMovie
    In our movie we are indirectly speaking to the audience about Global warming and what it all might end. As you know, in filming people don't like when you start to teach them what to do. So, in the film art we have to go through the fillings to show what we want show and thus to reach to the audience. At the end of the film Alex ends up with petrol in the car and he is forced to leave his car and continue his road by his foot …
    Sooner or later, gasoline is over …

  3. We as a race must change in order for the world to change, it is a reflection of us, the truth will solve all earthly problems, read this free fascinating book —7he Present— G-oogle ><<Truthcontest>>< to see how.

  4. Revelation 11:18 – "But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the Earth." This is a promise from Jehovah God that he will care for the Earth.

  5. Earthships are a great way to solve many of these problems as well as making people more independent in their own lives. Look them up nobody I talk to seems to know what they are. Its not enought to complain about the way the world is we need to change it and provide alternative solutions to these problems. So please if you care about our planet and you know the industrial complex is its #1 enemy we need to make alternative solutions available to people in a logical way they will benefit everybody. Again look up Earthships and see what all the fuss is about. 

  6. AB0501 Green Lifestyles in Singapore – Ruse or Reality? (Blue Whales)


  7. Hello,
    I really like your presentation, very well done.  I would like to offer you a collaboration project.   If you interested  in proposed partnership,  I will add to your presentation a missing part,  a plan  how we together( globally)  can work towards cleaner environment.
    I come up with a new design of a bicycle   This new bicycle will allow an average driver to achieve speed between 100 – 120 km/h with the same effort (energy spend) as in a conventional bicycle driven at (15 mi/h) 25 km/h.  Based on the invention, we could have 5 more product lines  and all of them  are based on human power only. We humans have enough power to  get around without polluting the air.  If we be able to get a full cooperation from public ( on a global scale)  then we can reduce CO2 emission up to  20% globally.   Next step would  be a development of new source  of energy,  which is environmentally  friendly .( in my opinion it should be based on plasma).  Please reply and let me know if you would or not interested to get this venture  of the ground. My  e-mail<[email protected]>  Thanks Jacob.

  8. i like your video and would appreciate if you click on the link Funny video of a baby and leave a comment…

  9. Who fucking cares? We're all gonna die anyway, why shouldn't it be in a blaze of glory? Bunch of libtard ecofreaks need to relax and get drunk like normal people instead of going around abusing democracy and thinking their opinion matters, fucking dumbasses.

  10. Lets work together to end this madness guys. Give this link a shot, these guys could really help the world I think. Go on the website called Fundraise and check out the Prometheus Organization.

  11. So, pictures is baddest quality, boobs's theme isn't opened)) and need so much beer for looking this.. But song give a fun ^^.

  12. Awesome. In coastal area, people are scared for the water level rise if the ice in the polar melting too fast. I see the water quality is getting worse than before. I agree that everyone has to take action to protect our planet.

  13. Environmental Issues are currently very topical. People have forgotten that nature has given them life! We have to live with it side by side. People all over the world let's take care of the nature and all will be Okay!

  14. It's easy to see that something is going wrong right now. We are denying the truth and reality. If you seek truth, write truth contest on google, click on the first link and read the Present. To do what is right, we must know it.

  15. thank you for this video… I love kids and want them,but when I see the world, it's sad to think that our kids will live in a big trash can. How stupid can we be on a global level is amazing. The question is not whether there is intelligent life out there , but whether there is i.life here on Earth? Jacques Fresco -sad but true. Don't forget to go vegan.Producing meat is terrible for the planet and our bodies.Love,peace and green spirit to all.

  16. this is so effin shit tht i just puked all over my comp screen! go die people! i hope u all dworn by global warming !

  17. Well environmentalists care.One day the Green dream will abound because as one of the concerned i will definitely do anything to the best of my knowledge and wisdom.

  18. We ought to come to an an explicit resolve.For decades there has been cry out.It is not nsense but a noble outcry to which wisdom or lack of it limits us and make us even cry more when an organization in the world is established without an E.I.A and makes us sick,poor and take away our lives.As environmentalists and all the upcoming we ought to learn one thing,'We are the future'.So letst we find ways not to adopt corrupt tendencies and deliver justice for our health,wealth and peace for all.

  19. this video makes me sick take this bull shit off youtube noone cares about the environment or itd be alright now so have a good day and make like a tree and fuck off

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