Environmental Sustainability and Decent Work

Environmental Sustainability and Decent Work

Current environmental activity is unsustainable; greenhouse gas emissions, diminishing biodiversity, using more resources and
generating more waste than the planet can absorb
are putting livelihoods under threat. 1.2 billion workers have jobs in farming, fishing, forestry and other industries
that depend on the environment and services such as air and water purification, soil renewal and fertilization, pest control, pollination and protection
against extreme weather conditions. The world of work and the environment
are tightly linked. With climate change, extreme weather events are
becoming more frequent and more intense, destroying livelihoods,
economic activity and jobs. As temperatures rise, more days of the year
will become too hot to work. By 2030, productivity losses
due to temperature increases will be equivalent to the loss
of 72 million full-time jobs. And it is the world’s most vulnerable people, those facing poverty, inequality and discrimination who will suffer the negative effects
of environmental degradation the most. Promoting environmental sustainability is compatible with employment opportunities.

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