EPA Earth Day Event

EPA Earth Day Event

Before the creation of EPA, more than 40
percent of our nation's drinking water systems failed to meet even the most
basic health standards. Today over 92 percent of community water systems meet all health-based standards all of the time. The new two skimmers that you see
here – named by the DC residents as Flotsam and Jetsam, it's been commissioned in
2017. We spent over 1 million dollars for commissioning these two
boats and you know it's been serving us exceptionally well since, removing almost
500 tons of debris a year. Earth Day is an appropriate time to focus on the
issues of marine litter. Our rivers, bays, and oceans are critical to life on Earth. We are committed to ensuring all
Americans can enjoy and benefit from these blessings for generations to come.
This means highlighting the important work that folks like DC Water are doing
so it can be replicated around the world.

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