Epic Container Competition Update! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒπŸŒΏ// Garden Answer

Epic Container Competition Update! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒπŸŒΏ// Garden Answer

hey guys how's it going so today we wanted to give you an update on our true drop containers that we have planted here along our fence line and this has been such a fun project to watch unfold because if you watched our initial video you might remember that Aaron and I are kind of doing a plant competition there are 14 containers here Aaron have planned and planted seven of them and I did the other seven and they're all different which at first I didn't know if I would love that to see all you know whole bunch of different colors along this fence line I kind of tend to want to do everything the same so it's one big striking effect but I actually think that this has been a little bit more striking than doing them all the same um so we just wanted to walk through and show you what they all look like this is the first container let me show you what it looked like in the beginning and here's what it looks like now now this one is my container and their every other so my containers first and next one will be Aaron's and then so forth this one I planted three two cans scarlet cannas in here look at this about ready to bloom if you look back here you can see what the blooms look like this was the biggest stretch for me in terms of color because I used red which for those of you who have watched our videos for a while you know that I don't use red very often Benjamin's also here with us for this video playing with his airplane anyway I just thought you know if Aaron and I doing a competition I just figured he would use a bunch of really warm colors and so I just decided to do something completely different and up my game a little bit and I've really enjoyed it you can see the mix of colors really well especially on this side of the container we've got super bells tangerine punch supertunia honey and super beena scarlet star and I'm really happy with the way they all look I actually like the red down here on the very end because it shows up so well so let's head to the next container so this is Aaron's container this is the before and this is what it looks like after and he designed this one without a centerpiece which this has been really interesting it's actually very beautiful because you can see so many more flowers without the interruption of having a centerpiece in the center there is a blushing princess sweet alyssum here lobularia that has just incorporated beautifully with the other plants there supertunia a trailing Rose vein were mini rose rosemon but i love it it's a little bit of a smaller flower on the supertunia side of things but i love it looks like a mini bordeaux with a little bit more of a pink hue and then there's supertunia royal magenta so here's what this container looked like in the beginning and then here's what it looks like today and this one has had a little bit of a struggle because I didn't realize that the drip tubing was actually pinched we actually ran on drip tube into the self watering reservoirs so that we could turn on and I'll explain it when we get closer to the hose so we could turn it on and they would all fill up at this very same time and we wouldn't have to drag a hose around but that drip tubing was pinched and so this one went without water for a while and so it is struggling a little bit the super veena large lilac blue see some flowers over here beautiful color but they I think that one was the most effective of all the plants there's another super junior' trailing Rose veined supertunia royal velvet so this is the delightful lively lavender I think that's the name of it if it's wrong we'll put it up on the screen but these dahlias there's three of them this Center beautiful color I love them along with the other three plants in here they just went through a huge flush of blooms I came out and removed most of the spent blooms and there are a ton of buds all over them so I think this one just kind of flushes in and out of color throughout the season and it could be because it struggled with that water there for a little while that's why they're kind of out of color at this point but we'll give you more updates as the season goes and hopefully this one rebounds we did fertilize it and fix the water to it so let's head to the next one all right this one's errands here's the before and here's what it looks like today now this one has suffered some hail damage when we had that big storm come through so the poor leaves you can see I mean they just got nailed just tattered I did cut some of them off just because they were like flopped over on top of the lemon coral but they're putting on new growth you can see right here they're coming out the center there's a new leaf coming here and so I do think it'll rebound now Erin only used one canna in the center here look you see it it's a helicopter baby up I so yeah he only used the one cannon in the center which it made by the end of the season fill in and do wonderful but he's had to come out here and cut the lemon coral away from the center because this is such a vigorous plant I mean look at how much it's filled in it's starting to kind of go over the sides here and you can see that when it gets a lot of Sun it does turn that kind of lemony color but you know it's really fun just to kind of see the striking contrast and foliage color so it's been a really interesting one this is actually Benjamin's favorite because he loves the canna he'll come up and just do this to the canna pre cute so on the next one here's what it looked like before and then this is what it looks like today and I've been really thrilled with the growth of this one overall I've got playing the blue salvia in the center I used three of those not only are the blooms amazing because even when it's out of bloom the calyx that holds the petals in place still has really beautiful color so you don't feel the need to deadhead this one ever which is awesome but I love the foliage I love that kind of soft stagey green and it almost has a velvety appearance so pretty then there's supertunia limoncello supertunia Bermuda Beach now camera this is snow princess or white night lobularia we'll put it up on the screen but it's doing great now that the Bermuda Beach supertunia is definitely not keeping up in terms of vigor I may have done better with like a Vista bubblegum in this situation I may have had a little bit more pink but I really like the whole blend of color here this one is Erin's and I actually really like this is one of my favorite ones that he did so here's what it looked like before and then this is what it looks like today in the center he used an orange blaze new fovea or red-hot poker which he has recently come out and did some deadheading but it usually has these big spiky bright orange blooms on it but even when it's not in bloom and this is the beauty of this plant it still is a beautiful spiky grass centerpiece so you don't really necessarily need those blooms in here there's a Sweet Caroline sweetheart red sweet potato vine right here so a nice little weighty color there supertunia honey which morphs I mean this is all the same plant look at that all those really pretty warm colors and this one will go right into fall with no problem super bells tangerine punch and I think that's pretty much the mix here but everything's doing really well now there is a tiny bit of budworm damage on some of our supertunias we have sprayed BT on them and something that we normally have to do every single May in June to keep on top of that in fact I do need to come through and spray one more round probably in the next couple of days to make sure we don't have any consistent damage and usually it shows up as like little holes eaten through the buds of your plant so we've done a video about it before we'll link it down below before we move on though I did want to show you our water setup because it's different than most other years we put a Y on here so that we could hook a hose up but we really don't need it out here anymore because we adapted this one to half-inch drip tube which this is just a plain black poly tubing with no holes in it we came down here and put a tee in and then round black poly in a trench right behind all of the rows of pots here and then when we got to each pot we would tap in with quarter inch black drip tubing and then we ran it up into the reservoir like up over the side of the pot into the hole that fills the reservoir so all we have to do is come out here and turn the hose on set our timer for 10 or 15 minutes and then come back and turn the hose back off so that's all it takes to water these which is awesome and we do that about once a week and then we also fertilize once a week and that's all the maintenance other than a little bit of deadheading that we've been doing so here's what this container looks like in the beginning and then here's what it looks like today I love this one this I used a topiary form with a lemon appeal thumb bersia or black-eyed susan vine right here in the center now we had a really cool unusually wet spring and it took a while for this one to start taking off as it did for many of our annual grasses because they really thrive with a lot of heat but it's just starting to put on I mean you can see this growth up here at the top here but the other fun thing and that's something I didn't really think about is that it's actually growing down as well and becoming a Spiller as well as a thriller which it's really fun to see that bright yellow popping through we've got the luscious berry blend Lantana right here really tropical kind of vibe supertunia royal magenta and then super Belle's great punch so on this next one this is Aaron's here's what it looked like in the beginning and this is what it looks like today isn't that amazing amazing growth on this one and he used three Prince Tut grasses in the center which I'm really proud of him for doing it looks so full and lush supertunia Bordeaux which is one of my favorites alternated with the Sweet Caroline lime green I think that's a really beautiful beautiful contrast of foliage and bloom color so here's the before for this one and then this is what it looks like today and I'm really thrilled with this one it's so cheerful and bright this is a toucan yellow Kenneth I used three of them as a centerpiece and look at how bright and beautiful those blooms are and there's five or six more buds coming up all the way around like really uniformly so I think in like the next week or so it's going to be a gorgeous show of cannibal oomph but these plants below are gorgeous this is a sweet Carolina lime green sweet potato vine I just did one of those in the front and then we've got super bina white out which is an amazing plant I love how clear white that is without any yellow it's just very very bright which is a gorgeous contrast to our super Belles lemon slice which is it's always a favorite it's so striking and so bright so I just kind of alternated with those and then there is some diamond frost euphoria in here which is just kind of a little accent plant which you know hindsight I probably didn't need it in this container because you're not really walking up close to these it's more you're driving by so you don't really see like really little detail like that like it looks gorgeous right here but you know probably wouldn't use it again in this particular situation this one's Erin's another one without a centerpiece here's what it looked like in the beginning and look at it today it's just amazing now there are three different kinds of plants in here we've got super venus storm burst which is gorgeous you've got kind of those really beautiful lavender flowers with white margins and then there's supertunia lovey-dovey I think this is a beautiful blend together now there is the angel face cascade blue angelonia in here which is probably a little bit unnecessary now that we've planted these together you can tell that they're not keeping up vigor wise with the other two plants I mean you can see it here and they're just very lightly but you know you never know what's gonna happen throughout the season now that we're getting really consistent Heat and not as much rain maybe it'll catch up you never know so on this one here's what it looked like in the beginning and then here is what it looks like now so we've got a skyrocket Pennisetum in the center which is now just starting to put on lots of growth supertunia lemoncello super beam up peachy-keen and there is some Goldilocks creeping jenny in there which this is another one that was probably unnecessary because it's not keeping up with the vigour of everything else there's also super bells tropical sunrise in here you can see it on this side and you can see a little bit more of the Goldilocks too now one could come out here and do some trimming on your supertunias and superbee nose and kind of keep them a little bit more controlled so everything else has a chance to kind of compete I don't really want to have that kind of maintenance on these containers so this is a really good learning experience for me to see what works well together sometimes you're surprised by something and how well they keep up with each other and sometimes you learn like you know I probably won't pair these two plants together again or you know that sort of thing and that's kind of the fun for me in gardening it's just experimenting and seeing what sticks and this next one of errands is really interesting here's what it looked like before and this is what it looks like today isn't it amazing so he planted in blocks there were three pure white butterfly Marguerite daisies which have just recently boomed once we got really consistent heat it just I mean it was amazing to watch this thing grow and you can see all of the flowers at all the buds that it has now this one does not have to be deadheaded as most of the plants that we used other than like the kannas most of them don't have to be deadheaded in fact you don't have to deadhead the kannas either in order for them to keep reblooming and that's a wonderful thing about all of these plants these do what we call burying their dead so what they do is the plant grows to a certain point and then it blooms and then after those blooms are starting to fade it kind of puts on more growth and blooms again kind of on top of the old blooms so you don't see them and you can see that right here see the old bloom how it's kind of buried in there you don't even see it and so that's what this one does I mean if you had to deadhead this it would be a total maintenance nightmare there's so many blooms on it and so it's so nice that you don't have to up there are three Sweet Caroline green with ant bewitched green with envy sweet potato vines which is a total mouthful of a name and Erin was kind of questioning whether or not three was too many in here but I think they filled in and they look great super Belles yellow so it's just a really interesting planting concept for this one this one is mine here's what it looked like in the beginning and then here's what it looks like now there's not an enormous amount of change this one gets a little bit more shade than the rest so I tried something different I did a clematis this is a brother Stef and it's being totally eaten alive by something right now look at this I need to get out here and do something I need to bait I need to figure out what's going on I know we've been dealing with earwigs but I'm not sure that those would actually climb up and eat the blooms so I just need to do some investigating on this to see what's going on but you can see how many blooms it did have it had this like few weeks where it was just in its full glory and it was just gorgeous but it's growing the leaves are healthy we've got dipped in wine coleus down below which is just now starting to put on a little bit more growth again we are dealing with I think earwigs and and a little bit of hail damage so anything that has this bolder leaf suffered a little bit of that damage when this storm came through we've got Goldilocks creeping Jenny and diamond frost euphorbia and this last container is Aaron's and he was just about ready to come out here with a white flag the other day and put it in the pot but I came out with my pruners and I cleaned it up now this one has had it's like been through the wringer so first of all we had the hailstorm and it just tore up our hostas all over this whole property and the whole thing was just battered so I got rid of all that foliage but then shortly after that hailstorm we have a huge mulberry tree right above us a branch that had I don't know like a diameter of 10 to 12 inches huge branch it looked like a small tree fell out of the tree it felt kind of over here but this had some small branches that fell all over the top of it then we had the guys come to clean up the branch and then to do some pruning in this tree and of course it got a little bit more damage from that I think it will do okay though I noticed when I was pruning that there were earwigs running around in here so I baited for those I put more slow-release fertilizer in here and then with the prune job I it'll just take some time but it should rebound so this one will just be an interesting one to see progression I know that a lot of us deal with stuff like this it just happens you know not always do we have perfect looking everything in our garden so anyway I thought it might be encouraging for you guys to see this to know that we deal with stuff like this just like some of you guys do and you just have to roll with it it's part of gardening and the plants are this is coast to coast hosta and I don't even think here's the before let's show you that what it looked like in the beginning and then of course what it looks like today so coast to coast hosta this is a wild berry heuchera which looks great still it's got a bloom stuff that looks really pretty and then a diamond frost euphorbia which this will actually do a little bit better I think now that the tree has been so heavily pruned up above it it's not getting near the shade that it did before so I think that diamond frost will eventually fill in this whole front area so anyway you guys that is the update on our tree drop containers I hope you enjoyed seeing them kind of mid-july seeing what they look like we're gonna go ahead and throw pictures of each one of them up on the screen with a number and we would love to know your guys's top 3 which which three are your favorites just leave it in the comment section down below and we will be updating you later on as they grow and as the season progresses so we will see you in the next video bye

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30 thoughts on “Epic Container Competition Update! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒπŸŒΏ// Garden Answer

  1. 8 is my favorite, then 6, and a tie between 9 and 10. Love the friendly competition and hope you do it again next year. I completely changed my pots this year planting different colors and plants. Change is good. I could have replicated what I did last year but it’s so much more fun to try new pairings. Also I’m a big fan of Aaron’s less is more planting. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

  2. I love 1,2 and 9. I think they are so pretty. And then little Benjamin running around has so much patience with mom and dad. He is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are all quite lovely. My top three favorites are number 3, 6 and 7 if you need a fourth favorite it would be number 1 πŸ˜‰ love what you do.

  4. We are going to need a follow up to the follow up so we can see how the damaged ones respond and how much bigger they all get.

  5. I love them all πŸ€— but 1, 6, and 12 are my top 3!
    Keep up the great work, you guys rockπŸ‘πŸ½

  6. 5, 6 and 9 are my favs! They all look great. I love these update videos! How's the circle garden going? πŸ˜‹πŸ΅οΈπŸŒ»

  7. 1,2and 10 are my favorite , love the lemon sedum too. good idea the watering system, you definitely have enough work to do else where with such a huge garden. Very inspiring and excellent quality videos.πŸ‘

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