Esperanto Trump Tweet – La rezultoj #neperfekte [In Esperanto with English subtitles]

Esperanto Trump Tweet – La rezultoj #neperfekte [In Esperanto with English subtitles]

Hahahaha Hi, Thomas speaking here Just over a week a go, Donald Trump made a video. Ha ha! Hahahaha Hi, Thomas here. Just over a week ago, Donald Trump tweeted the word “Esperanto” and I made a video about it. He wrote “Mark Esperanto” Secretary of Defense, “The ceasefilre is holding up very nicely.” Why did I do that? What was the result? Right? This is part of my series of five imperfect videos. So today I am aiming to shoot at least 5 videos The episode that I’m shooting now is a thing about Donald Trump Whether about Donald Trump or the tweet or about my video about all that right? The goal of this series is that these videos should not be perfect Because I don’t want to hesitate while looking for the perfect idea because I just want to do SOMETHING and improve over time. “So, this morning Donald Trump tweeted about…” “Esperanto, our language.” “And I want to thank him for doing that” There’s an Esperanto speaker who called himself KriZe He saw the tweet and posted it in the group “Esperanto” (on Facebook) The main “Esperanto” group on FB. And he said “prepare for many searches about Esperanto” And on that, he was right Even now, 7, 8, 9 days later, more searches for Esperanto are coming in Many people even changed the name of their twitter account to include the word “Esperanto” And – Why is this important? Is it a good thing? Is it not a good thing? From my point of view, it’s a good thing. Donald Trump tweeted about Esperanto Many people heard that and asked “What is that? What is Esperanto?” That’s actually a common thing A few days ago – yesterday actually For example, yesterday I was watching a livestream about making YT videos And I just commented – I asked a question And the host read the question And the guest speaker said “Ah yes, Esperanto, I know Tomaso I know that channel. Esperanto is a language. And that was that… … but an hour later … A third person came to my channel and asi “ah, great. I’d never heard about Esperanto. I heard on the livestream.” So if we want more people to speak Esperanto We have to put that word in front of as many people as possible. SImply “Esperanto Exists” or “Hello, we’re here.” So, this video which I did about Donald Trump or rather about the TWEET from Trump I just said “he mentioned the word Esperanto.” I didn’t say anything positive or negative about it … well, really This video got 5-times as many views as typical for my videos. I think that there were 8 new subscribers (10 actually) Many people watched the video and heard that Esperanto (and EVS) exists. (Thousands saw the link and heard the name Esperanto) Will some of them learn Esperanto? I really doubt it. But at least they will have heard about it. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts of Trump’s typo. There are other good “Mark Esperanto” videos on YouTube.

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