EVConnecticut PSAs: Honey, We Should Get an Electric Car!

EVConnecticut PSAs: Honey, We Should Get an Electric Car!

JULIE Ooo, there’s Jonathan in his electric car. COLIN I’m surprised it made it this far. JULIE He drives it all the way to work and back everyday. JULIE We should get one! COLIN I don’t think they go far enough on a charge. JONATHAN The average driver travels less than 34 miles a day well within the range of all electric cars. COLIN Whoa! Long drive! Sounds of tires being changed at garage JULIE Oh, there’s Jonathan getting his electric car serviced. COLIN It must cost a fortune. JULIE Hi Jonathan! JONATHAN Hi! COLIN How’s that expensive electric car? JONATHAN I’m just getting my tires rotated. Electric cars cost much less to operate and maintain than gas-powered ones. MECHANIC Your car’s ready. COLIN Ouch! JONATHAN Here. It’s on me. JULIE Look, they have an electric car charging station here! COLIN That is first one of those that I’ve seen. There can’t be many around. YOUNG WOMAN Actually there’s a lot of public chargers and the number’s growing. JULIE Now can we go test drive an electric car? COLIN Not until I recharge. JULIE Aren’t electric cars fun to drive, honey? And they’ve got great safety features! COLIN Well, it did have a smooth ride and it was peppy, but the sticker price is a little high. SALESPERSON But there are federal tax credits and state rebates that really drive down the cost. COLIN Wow, okay then! I guess I’m getting an electric car. JULIE We’re getting an electric car!

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