EVS, a journey

EVS, a journey

OK Juan Nice to say you hello eleven months after the recording of this video Hi future me! I hope you’re OK Hey Noelia! How are you? I hope you’re fine Hi Antonio! How are you? I hope you are fine You are not dead? I hope so You are more beautiful than now I am Hello motherfucker from the future! I want to congratulate you ’cause if you are watching this means that you passed one year in Vukovar And, if not, if you didn’t support this year in Vukovar it’s alright, nervermind Hello, I’m Diogo I’m 25 years old and I’m from Portugal And this is my moment of fame Firstly, I would like to know that you have enjoyed this experience, this unique experience that you are living right now… I’m living right now, actually, because I’m the past of Juan I can’t imagine where you are right now… …living I don’t know if you are back to Coimbra I don’t know if you are in Porto… I hope so I guess you will be in Spain right now… Maybe not But I hope you will be happy I started this project because… I really needed to move for one year, away from Italy Because I remember that all my projects are pretty short like two months, three months… Probably, you are now looking myself and saying Wow! It seems that was yesterday! But just remember that for me it’s gonna be a very long time… … a very long winter But if we pass it that will mean something great In one year, I will feel… …great Because of the experience – the cultural experience, the personal experience and the professional experience For now, it’s pretty good I need to sleep more maybe I guess that you have enjoyed, that you have lived this experience with a good attitude I hope you had learnt a lot, that you challenged yourself Learn a lot about projects Or maybe things that didn’t seem so easy at the beginning ‘Cause I really know that we can help a lot of people with them We have a lot of human potential I hope that this experience has been such a great time That you worked a lot, learned a lot and have lived a very productive experience I hope that you tried to be… … more communicative and open That you continue making new friends and that you keep those friends that you made here And they will be not just friends for one year but friends for life And I hope now you will try to keep in touch with all of these people I also… will know… a lot of… more countries and I will learn a lot about the culture It’s weird for me to talk with you in English because I usually talk with me in Italian so I think now… Maybe after this year I will think in English because I have to I hope that your English will be better than the English that I have right now I have to improve my skills in English and I hope that you are pretty good I guess that you now speak Italian, you speak a good Italian By the way, how is your Croatian? “Dobro”? Yeah, I know it’s tough, I know it but, please, tell me that you learned the basic things So I will test you in the future if you, for real, learned Italian Also, some words in Croatian Just to say “hello”, “how are you?”… “good morning”…. That stuff. At least, that. Well, I’m really hopeful that I will travel a lot The whole Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia… I don’t know if you succeeded but, at least, you tried I hope that you really have got that tattoo I hope it’s awesome In one year, we can talk about that, OK? And… I hope I will be feeling great I hope that you succeed in that Mostly, I want to say to you that I hope you’re… … wherever you are… Even a bit depressed or not, I don’t know… I hope you’re happy and I hope… …that you remember this as one of the greatest experiences in your life Carrying on doing what you like, carrying on doing what makes you happy Don’t forget the important things in the world And life is going very fast so… Enjoy your life! Keep enjoying your life as I’m enjoying right now Thank you

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