Evs in Norway – Salmon Hunting, At-Çek Balık Avı (Eng. Sub.)

Evs in Norway – Salmon Hunting, At-Çek Balık Avı (Eng. Sub.)

Recording Action cam.. Recording Yesss Hello everybody, good morning today i will do firs time spin fishing two days ago i borrowed my equipment from BUA fake fishes, spin, fishing rod etc. i will do it for the first time in Norway I watched some videos from YouTube before came i learn something For example my fishing rod 2.10 meter for 10 or 30 gr fake fishes i mean it have to be between 10 or 30 gr for bait I don’t know nothing about my spin I did not have time for searching something I hope it’s enought I wanna hunt small fishes I think this is will give me some fun by the way Fishing rod is a light action rod as far as I know for that quite flexible i think small fishes will make me so exciting My baits are here and by the way time is now when i looked last time it’s was a 08:30 I wake up at 07:00 and i looked outside everywhere is white glazed frosted every where now weather is 1 or 2 celcius degrees no wind, rain til night sky it’s will be clear i mean that’s good weekend it will be like that tomorrow we will do kayak on opposite costline i will evaluation this day very good anyway ouv this place totally fine for fishing Bedad! 5 different kind a bait i have a 5 different kind a bait let me show this is 18 grams blue and silver this is 25 grams green and silver these are 19 grams each one This is number one, what is number one ? Sea fishing Number two for lake or rapid discharge number three for river or etc. maybe for shallow water this is for windy and wavy waters today i will use these these are don’t have ain in inside sunken type ? hanging type or swimming type ? i don’t know. if you know something abour spin fishing let me know i will be happy because i wanna do this in this winter let start firstly this 18 grams i wanna take off my gloves but also not because they are cold so quick weather apps says one celcius degrees but i feel -3 / -4 celcius degrees maybe for i’m not moving i didn’t feel when i’m coming with bike now when i’m staying stable i’m cold yass after that why i came to sea for fishing or why didn’t i go to a lake much more beatiful or in forest much more silent, not the beside of road why not better quality places actually here is a qualifiead, let don’t speak about quality let me explain why i didn’t go to lake because you have to buy fishing license for fishing in the lake or river in Norway i don’t know how much this lincense but should i hang this there. yees but it’s free fishing in the sea or ocean (just with fishing rod) so I’m doing my first experience here if i said yeap it’s in my blood to spin fishing i will buy license. Because who i talked to all of them told me fantastic place for fishing i would like to go there maybe set up a camp last time probably last time i catch some fish one years ago and without fishing rod actually my all fishing experiences all of them it’s like how it’s gonna reeve here and again how it’s gonna reeve from here to there i didn’t think this now fishing is ending here i did anymore with certain intervals yes cold! i will check to knot with certain intervals for is it loose or tight now pinprick on my finger yess tied up yeap i can wrap now i opened the spin i dropped the bait i took the rope to my finger lets go i take up shortly before one fish took the bait i don’t know i think it was a small fish maybe for fishing rod but i felt soo strong at that moment when i’m trying to spinning i left the spin for one second for pushing record button i did and i lost the fish i think i missed awesome opportunity and fish so i’m still trying to be successfull for cast a fly i can’t succeed The sunrise and it’s good shortly before my hands. fingers and all of my body was cold sunrise out of my face, i’m lucky i choosed nice place if i went to opposite coast, i will unable to see the sun all the day good to come here but next time there is a lake on mountain top i will go there (Fossevatnet) i think it’s gonna be wonderful of course after the taking license look i can’t cast a fly! now time is twelve o’clock i came here at eight o’clock it’s took 30 or 45 min for preparing breakfast etc. lets say since 09:00 o’clock i’m trying to catch some fish since from 09:00 o’clock sometimes i changed bait but just one fish took to my bait and i miss that when i’m trying to shooting video nothings happend after that i will take a break and i will eat something i will continue after the break but i knew that and i said to myself “probably today i can’t catch anything” so i brought fish with me yes fillet fish with tomato sauce and black pepper so delicious would be great dinner with two canned on this and half bread so yes, i ate and filled my stomach now time to feeding fishes after that and again i will filled my stomach but i don’t know i think fishes are clever so that, they are not taking my bait at least lets talk something about while i’m casting a fly Norwegian language more difficult than I thought before the came here i thought it’s easy i said i can learn so fast but not like that That was one of the shocks sometimes it’s up to accent but sometimes i perceive as a german sometimes hard to distinguish is that Norsk ? Bokmål ? Swedish ? Danish ? it’s not clear yet. I’m still far away for this I hope end of the year i will reach B1 an other i got stuck moss why you are catching moss not a fish ? do something catch a fish. Why the fish are catching you? Use your charm. I quit smoking before I came two years ago i stopped smoking before came here two month before the came Is that a fish ? two month before the came, after the smoking menthol cigarettes ı used to different kind a ciggarets so that Catch Up! Catch Up! Eat That! Camon! It’s huge fish!! Stay here, stay here. It’s coming! Watch this, Watch this!! Look at this beautiy! I changed the bait. I set out the bait of 25 grams. Green and silver. I catched fish in five minutes. I’m using this first time. I hope all the magic on this. I wanna catch 3 or 4. I said all the magic on this bait and rope is break. I knotted of rope. Like that. Same like before. I hope.. It’s not to effect for swimming without middle material I hope it will swim like real. But i’m so sad about loosing other bait. I was catched second try. as well as beautiful fish. Extremely white. I’m finishing the day here. I’m thinking to go my warm home before sunset. I catched two beautiful fish. I lost two bait. They’re gone. so I enjoyed well.It was awesome. Tomorrow i will try again spin fishing on kayak after the buying new bait and middle material. So i will clean the fishes and i will grill them to night. See you later my next fishing experience/adventure. I think i can’t find and again beautiful weather like that. See you!! Thanks for watching!!

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  1. Kardeş birkaç sorum olacak; sen evs yaptığın yeri evs databaseden mi buldun yoksa farklı yerlerden mi aradın? totalde kaç euro alıyorsun, yetiyor mu ? videoların hepsini izledim güzel yer tamam da çok ölü bir ortam var orada gibi, bitirdikten sonra ne yapmayı düşünüyorsun

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