yum-yum-yum-yum-yum are you doing I'm just having some bags well you know there's already cooked I thought I'm not gonna waste it's aa pity in it I'm not gonna lie and I've been squashing the cards on the table you've seen I've been testing my strengths that I've been squashing them with my hands I mean is he that yeah I see that yeah yeah there's some way you whoa oh oh God have you got some Oreo there's like some me Oreos on the table oh I've loved them for you know for me yeah thanks so Andrew someone's been cooking human look right out see oh look inside the oven oh it's like a child table sighs it's tidy yeah that's a good point mmm we're gonna do some investigating I'm looking down looking about you oh nice job you could tell right no II just can't quite get over that last bit the way oh I always flattened a little bit oh I ain't gon stop moving like a bit of chocolate I've got loads of skulls in my bag I like a bit of war no name termite where's the turtle coming from your backside well okay then so we're gonna go yeah I'm gonna go explore the caves so the first thing we do is at subscribe meets to take bubbles so six of dried meats there we go oh god this month i guess not the wet meat i meet you just took wet me why don't take the dry to me I will take dry meat yeah oh one of these nice beautiful looking birds on my finger come on whistle more everybody birdie birdie look at that make my accent Oh misty like open the Gucci bag of my yah yah this clothes on keep up right behind me ago so scared I was too busy watching you get your clothes up and then I just had aa behind me and I got a jumped up my skin oh my oh yeah baby oh oh are you talking then [Laughter] then a spear that's skinny this one oh my god oh I drew can't hopeful yet I screamed all the others here get away from me – I drew down again unless you got no help that's what it is yeah take some mess make some mess okay yeah we'll do it you should do this rope Andrew come on giving him it I've given that earwax clean ooh run run run run run run run road I'm hiding in a bush hide in the bush oh wait run run 10/10 off all your lights and run let's get a bush get the bush get a bush parts to the bush quicker get your lights out I didn't uh-uh-uh we're not railroad the cave and the cave and okay we go in what it a new indicator way spawned over here I'm troubling you in a migrant roof they gave mad let me get it to get it down oh yeah I'll go so dark down here where's my light oh man oh my days this is our first cave we've ever explored so jealous God punishes a parents full of their children I mean what does that mean look at this guy's looking at me oh look at this guy yeah this has been flattened oh he's been squished it says his head is actually like yeah flat was it screeching this motion does not feel good on my feet what is on liberal sorry Mac I hear something yes Oh God look at his head it's composed austere breathing sharply listen oh oh it's too fell out you're not this tea for you always to do your hair for you yah yah yah did front yard okay no I'll turn around though oh I'll do your hair again for you get down crouch and punch you know yeah hold control I'll take the one on the left you take the one on the right okay you ready to tell me when you're ready Wow how deep is this without ya Oh found some good supplies as loads of supplies in here Andrew spent tons of supplies sir tons of tons of supplies in here haven't oh there's no hot here good one what good axe one modern axe oh nice and you get out of here quick get out of here quick I'm about to Molly all those Dynamite's to blow up all the boxes get out of the box Timmy Timmy's head Timmy's toy head we're on the floor TV so yet it might be down here maybe we may be getting closer and closer oh wow look at all this chocolate on the floor I can't help myself enough to eat some make you get rich come on – yeah get your weapon away miss G let's just see what happens let's just stay still do not move do not move they should be okay do not move oh he's on his knees he's sinking it's sinking is it yeah come over oh they do they think is wearing her master oh my god it's all go rug I'm bowing to him now they're all just standing still looking at ya while I just shoot them in the head well I sort of get workout – good did it you didn't think I was his boss for very long there's a picture always goes this toy is missing in a leg in an arm they've been dismantling the toy that's what it is oh Jesus you'll find out you'll find out when you come up here is it the butt yeah say to you but you want to give me some scary yeah [Applause] oh I fell off of the full enough yeah you have noses heebie-jeebies only black thank you Jesus no wait wait don't doubt him I got flour crack open a flame for a fruit flower yeah I'll come pick it up and I'll do for ya baba oh my gosh what is that free flavor cracking it open yeah many nowhere well you didn't blatant thank you I'm ready like the next one angry it's a spider it'll look like a spider ro easy throw a shot dead stead stead stead funny messy I calcium look a fake funky kid funky kids it must be yeah you might want to eat that like you eat those toes get it off there hey you thought your food son Shiloh what I love I love truck these not swing around I love wait no I'm gone I can't traveling travel I look troubled oh he's already came a long way yeah let's build this where are they all what we yeah get up there all right a time how little ice let's leave this cave that's a discount real quick oh yes the hospital in Lewistown cuz this looks like a really really dangerous place to be Wow quick I was a lot of bodies and stop yes you don't want to stay here for that long get all the cans yes I'm not interested in the ball right now I'm trying to get out of here another box all over the cans how does more passengers over here so only things will be put on the island now we all know a third night we've been on five days we've survived from the island Oh days mm-hmm I'm not getting along idiot though he's cute five days five days sure I've been noting it down in my book every day we serve been you know tallien s over five or fifty fifty yeah Wow for the style for this this is a beautiful island oh nice this is really beautiful over here oh look at that nice Sun glazing down on us it's just you can only hold Center mommy alright f12 to Roberts before we were serving we come back out and be nice and tried the only sticks probably Oh beautiful yeah let me get my wrap it on there as well yeah I uses old bands hope yours is good to eat eat my turkey Boulder just ride up oh yeah always carry out there yeah we're getting this cake now yeah all that out first comes brave brave man right there without you

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  2. light the arrow on the bow with the match it should work based on all the other stuff u can do in this game

  3. i dont play this game but why dont u use that can u used on his hair with the match to make a flame thrower

  4. Tanqr I have a challenge for you if you can carry people 50-60 lvl in dungeon quest I will give you 50k robux

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