Family Dirt Bike Ride up in Forest Lakes (Day 1922) |

Family Dirt Bike Ride up in Forest Lakes (Day 1922) |

– Good Morning. – Good Morning. – I have a helper. Making some
breakfast on our first day. – Getting myself with bacon. Is that it? Can I put one here? – [Tiffany] You can put
another one in there, yeah. Smell it. – Mhmmm. – Mhmmm. (bass notes) – Smells good. – Good morning clan, welcome to what is it Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday, it’s Wednesday. I think I said Monday yesterday, actually now
that I think about it (laughs) I think I said
Monday yesterday. It’s Wednesday though. We are here at
Forest Lakes at my dad’s cabin. Just got done eating
an awesome breakfast. Props to Tiffany
for cooking it up. Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon. We don’t eat
breakfast very often, so when we do, I appreciate it. Out here in the garage,
getting the bikes ready. Mike, changing the oil. – [Mike] What’s up, what’s up? – [Clintus] Here’s a
closer look at Tyler’s new quad. I know I didn’t really
show it to you yesterday, but I kinda peeked at it. It’s a Kawasaki Kx8 400. What year is it? – [Tyler] 2003. – [Clintus] 2003, mhmmm. So the vlog is
uploading right now, once that’s done
depending upon what time it is, I’m going to try to do an
IRL stream online on Twitch. You know, it’s been like a week since I’ve streamed
so I’m like itching. And then we’re
going to go riding. So, like today’s
plan is just to go riding. And depending
upon how far we go, and how long we go,
and how we feel afterwards, it might be one of those ones, where we ride for a
couple hours come back to camp, eat, chill, go
back on another ride. Or it might just
be one long ride today and that’s it, I’m not sure. Tomorrow we have
to go back into town to Payson, to do some things, and then we might come
back and do another ride, all totally up in the air,
totally up in the air. I’m going to let Mike,
you know, lead the pack and if he wants to go
riding, I’m gonna go riding. If he doesn’t, no big deal. – [Tiffany] Whatcha doing? – Well my bike is
susceptible to blowing fork seals.
– [Tiffany] Fork se, yeah. – Fork seals. Hear that? – [Tiffany] Yep. – Yeah, so too
much air in the tubes. Pressure change, so
I had that moment of like, I popped it a couple of times, must prepare my
forks before I go riding. – [Tiffany] Smart. So I’ve been told that Papa’s going to get on
one of the dirt bikes. Nothing too serious,
he’s just going to put around a
little bit, but we’ll see. (engine roaring) – [Tiffany] Oh jeez,
just be careful Papa. (laughs) – Go Papa, yeah. Wait don’t get copyright. (engine roaring) – [Tiffany] It’s not working. Oh stalled it. (Papa heartily laughing) – Think he caught
the grip in that piece. – [Tiffany] So close. There you go. (engine revving) (engine roaring) Oh Papa, oh jeez. (engine roaring) Meemaw is probably a
nervous wreck right now. Whewhoo. Oh gosh, I’m nervous. (bike roaring) (bike roaring) – Yeah. – It’s nice that,
that there’s enough room out here on the property. That they can just go
around in circles and stuff. And that’s Tyler’s
first time riding the quad, so he’s kinda
getting the feel for it. – [Sierra] Yeah. – And Sierra hasn’t
ridden in a long time, almost probably ’til last year. I don’t think that
she’s been on a quad at all, since the last
time we were up here. – [Sierra] Quad? (laughs) – Or dirt bike. She hasn’t been on a dirt bike since the last time we were
here, so it’s been a year. (bike roaring) – [Tiffany] Everybody’s
getting geared up. – Huh? – [Tiffany] You excited? – It’s like
everything in my life, when I stop to think
about it I get excited about it. (Tiffany laughs)
Whatever it is. – [Sierra] I wonder, the same
thing that makes it pop out. (barking) – [Tiffany] What, you
don’t have to talk, silly. (engine running) (rock music) – [Tiffany] Boy’s are back,
at least Bryce is. Baby’s going to play. – Yeah, so. – [Tiffany] Why were
you so far ahead? You okay? What’d you do? – Here. – [Tiffany] What? Did you fall? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Oh, you
have a nice little bruise. What’d you do buddy? – Like on the
rocky parts there was, it was super bumpy.
– [Tiffany] Mhmmm. – We were going
doing and Uncle Mike didn’t want to go
any longer with Tyler,– – [Tiffany] Okay.
– going down it, so we had to go up it and it sucked. I fell like three times
in the rocks and stuff. And one I fell
and scraped my arm. – [Tiffany] You, okay? – I think I scraped
down like the side of a log or something,
like a sharp piece. – [Tiffany] Does
it feel okay though? Like cause
– It burns. it’s kinda like swollen. – It burns. – [Tiffany] You good? – [Joy] Are they on
their way back too? – Yeah, so my dad, Tanner
was like the first one there. Like out of the trails and
then he was waiting for us. And me and my
dad got there, and then, and then, we, me, me
and daddy went back here. Daddy, just went
back to get them. – [Tiffany] Oh, to get them,
okay, okay. – I don’t know where
Tyler and Uncle Mike were. (engine roaring) – [Clintus] So we
went dirt bike riding. Same trails we
went to last year, minus the rain, minus the hail. It was good times though,
it was good times. As you saw in the
first round of clips, we took Bryce on the 110, and we took
Tyler on his new quad. And you know, obviously
Tyler, being his first ride he was a, he was slow. Bryce on that 110, it’s slow. So, there wasn’t a whole lot of opportunities
to really tear it up. So, we took the
kids back to the house and then just Mike,
Tanner, and myself went for another ride. Where we can go a little faster, and don’t have to
worry about stopping and checking on the little ones. My GoPro on the top
of my head eventually died, I think at this area
right around here, it died. I managed to turn it back one, one more time, to
just get one last clip, but the remainder of this
is just the handle bar cam. Which is the first
time I am using it, so I actually opened
the package, and mounted it. I like the angle,
I like the angle, I kinda feel like I need to
maybe like change the angle. Maybe see if I can find a way to mount it in the dead center. I think dead center
would be kinda cool. You know so it’s
always an upward angle, but I’m trying
to find other angles other opportunities to shoot. Because I feel
like just the standard, on top of the
helmet GoPro, it gets old, it gets boring,
right, you’re seeing the same thing the whole time. This is actually me
attempting a hill climb, and as you’ll
see here in a second, I don’t make it. But then my GoPro died and
I made it the second attempt. So you don’t get to
see it, but I made it, I promise,
I wouldn’t lie to you. (engine roaring) (engine stalls) This sucks. No fun being stuck on a hill. Ahhh. Well guys, epic day of riding. GoPro’s actually ran
out of battery juice. I thought I charged
them completely. I don’t know if my
laptop like went to sleep and it stopped
charging, or the battery is just getting old and crappy. One of the two. Both GoPros did not
last the entire ride, but we ended our ride
with an epic hill climb. That you saw me
the first time attempt. And it was right
before the second camera died, I tipped over and fell
over, I didn’t fall over, I like stalled on
the side of the hill, so I had to like back it down. I did end up going back up the second time and
making it so, we did it. But, I’m like exhausted,
like my arms are fatigued, my legs are fatigued,
and I’m like, (groans). So, hopefully,
hopefully tomorrow I don’t feel like crap and I can actually
go on another ride. For now a shower and we’re going to start the grill,
and start cooking. We’re doing ribs
and Tri-tip tonight, so I’m really
excited about that. And as you guys saw,
Tyler did a really good job his first time riding the quad. He did a
really, really good job. Sierra did a good job riding
around the property here, and she wants a quad,
she wants a quad. So, I think what we’re
going to do is to sell the 65, we’re going to
sell the two strokes, since neither one of
the kids want to ride that, just sell it, buy Sierra a quad, something
comparable to like a 140. Whatever like
size quads there are. And then we’ll sell the
110 and buy Bryce a 140. But before all of
that has to happen, they both need new helmets. Both of their
helmets are just like small, old busted up like,
we’ve gotta buy some new gear, so in the next coming weeks
that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to
buy some new gear, so that when we do go riding
at least they have good gear. And again like I said, we’re
going to start that process of selling the 65,
then buying Sierra a quad. Then selling the 110 and
then buying Bryce the 140. That’s the plans. No time table,
there’s no reason to even ask in the comments
section, in future videos, when are you going to do this? Because I have no
idea, it’s literally just when one thing
happens after the other. Dinnertime, we’ve got Tri-tip, we’ve got ribs,
we have potatoes, there’s a salad
under there somewhere. All on this little baby grill. Oooh, it’s a mess. Papa didn’t clean his grill. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Time for the cornhole. We got what is it
Tiffany and Joy versus, – Me and my brother. – [Clintus] Oh, Tiffany and
Mike versus Joy and Mike Sr. – Well guys it’s the end
of the day, end of the vlog. Hope you enjoyed it. Dirt biking was a
blast, looking forward to doing it again
tomorrow at some point. Hopefully, I’m not too sore. And, hopefully you
enjoyed the footage. I will admit, I think
that dirt bike videos are more enjoyable in
video form when someone is standing like
third party and shooting like the rider
versus all GoPro footage. I think GoPro footage
gets boring after a while. Especially since,
I’m not doing anything. Like, I’m just like
trail riding, right. But at least I had the
two different camera angles. Tomorrow,
I’ll change it up again and maybe like put one on Bryce, and maybe like, you know, put a chesty on or
something like that. I don’t know, but anyways stay tuned for that and vlog on. – Hi Clintus, my name is
Donell Copeland, vlog on. (upbeat music)

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