FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR – Forest Lawn Hollywood #2 (Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, etc.)

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR – Forest Lawn Hollywood #2 (Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, etc.)

Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard where we set out to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lived to entertain us, by visiting their final resting places. Today we continue our tour of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, where we’ll find such stars as Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, Paul Walker and many more. Join us won’t you? Continuing our tour of Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park we find ourselves in the southernmost part of the cemetery in the area is known as the Courts of Liberty and Lincoln Terrace. Similar to the Courts of Remembrance which we visited in part one, this area consists of several terraced courtyards and garden areas, however no crypts or niches, only graves. The motif of this section of cemetery is principally patriotic with statues of prominent American figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But the most impressive feature is a spectacular mosaic featuring vignettes from American history. Even if you don’t come to visit any stars this mural is worth the trip. The Liberty Court is a straight shot south from the entrance of the cemetery. We’ll actually start right across the street at the Old North Church. Just southwest of the church we find the grave of actor Tom Bosley who played Howard Cunningham on the popular TV series “Happy Days.” He also portrayed Mayor LaGuardia in the Broadway musical “Fiorello” for which he won a Tony Award. Up the hill and slightly to the west we find the grave of fitness guru Jack LaLanne, known as The Godfather of fitness Jack was among the first to publicly preach the benefits of regular exercise and a good diet, writing that physical culture and nutrition is salvation of America. And I’m sure Jack would agree that walking through a cemetery is pretty good exercise so let’s keep it up. Heading south across the street toward the Courts of Liberty we approach the outer wall. Here we find the graves of actor John Hall who starred in several action adventure films in the 30s and 40s including “Arabian Nights” and “Invisible Agent.” Moving east along this outer wall we come to the grave of the Great Stoneface, legendary actor director Buster Keaton. It’s hard to sum up in a few words the magnitude of the effect buster Keaton’s work had on early Hollywood. His influence is still seen in films some 100 years later. Alongside Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton is considered the greatest comic film maker of the silent era. A master of physical comedy Buster stood out among the rest of his visual gags and practical stunts, all of which he actually performed. His notable films Include “Sherlock Jr.” and the 1926 film “The General” which Orson Welles once said was cinema’s highest achievement in comedy and perhaps the greatest film ever made. He slowly fell away from Hollywood when studio heads wouldn’t grant him the creative freedom he had enjoyed during the silent years. He was given an honorary Academy Award in 1959 for his unique talents which brought immortal comedy to the screen. Continuing east along this outer wall past the stairs, we find the grave of British funny man Marty Feldman. His most iconic role was in Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein,” as the good doctor’s lab assistant, Igor. “No, it’s pronounced ‘Eye-Gore.” His distinctive bulbous eyes were a result of a botched operation for his Graves disease. He died in 1982 while filming the movie “Yellowbeard.” Back and up the stairs into the courtyard area in the first garden east of the Washington Monument we find the grave of game show host Bert Convy. Among the popular shows he hosted are “Win, Lose, or Draw,” and “Super Password.” Back again toward the central courtyard we head up the stairs into the next terrace level we’re on a small wall to the right we find the grave of Stan Laurel, one half of legendary comedy duo Laurel & Hardy. Stan Laurel with the lean childlike character to Oliver Hardy’s pompous rotund character. They starred in 107 films together including shorts and features, both silent and talkie. Not let’s sit back and relax with Stan as he smokes his pipe. His partner Oliver Hardy is buried two miles from here at Valhalla Cemetery. Continuing west through the doorway to the next garden area we find comedic actor John Ritter, who starred as Jack on eight seasons of “Three’s Company.” The role earned him both an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He died of aortic dissection shortly after finishing work on an episode of “8 Simple Rules.” Passing into the next garden area west, just as we enter, on the left, is the unmarked grave of comedian and TV personality Steve Allen He was the first to host The Tonight Show in 1954 and was instrumental in developing the concept of the talk-show. “In case you’re just joining us, this is ‘Tonight.’ And, I can’t think of too much to tell you about it except I want to give you the bad news first: This program is going to go on forever.” He wasn’t kidding. The Tonight Show runs to this day on NBC with Jimmy Fallon as host. Subsequently Allen hosted several variety and game shows and was a regular panelist on the popular game show “What’s My Line.” In the same garden area along the far west wall is the grave of Toto bassist Mike Porcaro. His brothers Steve and Jeff were also in the band whose hits include “Rosanna” and “Africa.” Heading back the way we came we follow this sidewalk all the way to the other side, to the easternmost garden so nice It’s a nice day for a stroll, I hope you brought your sunscreen though. Who loves ya baby? Telly Savalas loves you. Here we find the actor best remembered for his role in the TV show “Kojak.” He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his supporting role in “Birdman of Alcatraz.” Crossing the sidewalk just to the south we find a grave with magicians Penn & Teller, may they rest in peace. That bullet catching trick finally caught up to them — no not really, this is a Cenotaph, meaning no one is actually buried here. This marker was placed by them as the payoff of a magic trick on an episode of their show “Penn &Teller: Bullshit” “Grieve in the way that makes you happy. Sounds whack, but it isn’t. The funeral isn’t for the dead, it’s for the living. We thought it’d be nice when we die for y’all to get some fun out of it, so we bought a grave plot the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills, and we set up a grave marker. Takes some serious scamming to get a grave when you’re not dead but you’re not playing with [email protected]$%#n’ kids here, we’re Penn & Teller. We did all the hard work and here’s how you use it: Take a friend, a pen, an envelope, any pack of cards, and a camera to Hollywood…” For more check out the episode titled “Death, Inc.” Rounding the corner to the garden area just south of this one we find the grave of actor Paul Walker, who is best remembered for his role as Brian O’Conner in sevens “Fast and Furious” films. The franchise has earned nearly four billion dollars as of 2016, making it one of the most profitable movie franchises in history. In a tragically ironic twist of fate Paul died when the Porche he was riding in lost control and crashed in an industrial area of Santa Clarita. The accident occurred while “Furious 7” was still in production, and filmmakers had used his brothers and CGI to finish his scenes. Heading back west toward the central garden area just west of the main walkway if the grave of a man named Bob Kane. If you don’t know who Bob Kane is there’s a pretty big hint right here on his grave marker. That’s right… Bob Kane created Batman. Enough said. We’ll continue our tour by heading now to the Lincoln Terrace which is just west of the large mural, right across the street. In the second garden area on the right near the center of the lawn is the grave of David Carradine, an actor and martial arts specialist who is remembered for his roles in the TV series “Kung Fu,” as well as Bill in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series. Heading into the next garden area to the west we find, along the western sidewalk, the grave of comedian Dick Van Patten, who played Tom Bradford on TVs ‘Eight is Enough.” Fans of Mel Brooks films will also recognize him as King Roland in “Spaceballs,” and the Abbott on “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” Right across the sidewalk is the grave of Garry Marshall, the man behind several TV and film hits. He created “Happy Days” and its various spin-offs, as well as the original “Odd Couple.” He also directed the film’s “Pretty Woman,” and “The Princess Diaries.” Up the stairs just north of the Lincoln statue is the grave of Jeff Porcaro, who is the drummer for the band Toto, and the brother of Mike Porcaro who we visited earlier. Jeff was also one of the most sought-after studio drummers from the 70s to the 90s. An Allmusic article stating that quote, “…it is no exaggeration to say that the sound of mainstream pop rock drumming in the 1980s was to the large extent the sound of Jeff Porcaro.” In the south lawn of this terrace, just near a small tree, is the grave of actor William Conrad who played Frank Cannon in the 70s TV series “Canon,” a role which earned him two Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations. Finally we head east on this same lawn and find the grave of multi-talented actor musician Scatman Crothers. Scatman started out as a jazz musician playing clubs across the country before making his way to Hollywood. His big break came in 1970 when he landed the role as Scat Cat in Disney’s “Aristocats.” In the years that followed he starred in other Hollywood classics like “The Shining,” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” And that concludes our tour! What are some of your favorite memories of the stars we visited today? Share them in the comments below, and be sure to like, share, and subscribe for more famous grave tours. Thanks for watching! We’ll see you on the next one. Hey have any of you seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds?” …yeah…well, I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about…

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  1. Correction: Steve Allen's grave is just to the left of where I pointed the camera (lot 1725). Sorry, it's tough when they're unmarked.

  2. Fantastic video series. I often think of Stan Laurel when working in Ulverston, Cumbria, UK, which is his place of birth. Thank you for the lovely tribute.

  3. It's sad to see unmarked graves. I wonder sometimes if the person wanted it that way but all you have to do is go to the office and they will let you know where they are located so what's the difference? You would think whatever company they had worked for would make sure they have a grave marker since actors and such made them so much money.

  4. I actually applauded while watching the video when Buster Keaton came up. I would advise anyone who doesn't know of his work to check out his comedy shorts(20-minute films) on youtube. He is laugh-out-loud funny, while sometimes able to evoke sympathy from the viewer. Keep in mind that the stunts were all REAL, and many death-defying. No camera tricks. I would say he was probably the best silent-film star. As an aside, today is Dec 18, 2018, and Penny Marshall just passed away. I wonder if there is room next to Gary Marshall's grave for his daughter.

  5. I believe Reta Shaw is interred here. She was an actress who guest starred in a number of television and movies in the 50, 60s and 70s.

  6. love your videos and your voice is in taking .. you make it very interesting and I also love that you talk about their background and what they have done and also Little clips of them in action.. ❤❤❤❤❤ 🍀🇨🇮🍀🇨🇮🍀🇨🇮🍀🇨🇮🍀🇨🇮🍀🤗😊 A Big Hello from IRELAND ….

  7. All the other actors were too older when they passed away, but Paul Walker is unlike them.

    He passed away in a very young age, only in 40. It is so sad 😭😭 hope he rest in peace!! 🌻🌻 😢😢

    I also hope the other actors rest in peace!! 🌻🌻 😢😢

  8. Thank you ! This video was informative as now I know where Paul Walker is placed. By doing these videos I get to hear about en and women from the industry that keeps us entertained! And information and facts I would have never known. Again Thanks!!!

  9. You think those crows are bad, come up North just a little further to Yuba City. I think this is where Hitchcock got the inspiration for "the Birds". Hahaha

  10. 5:29. Hey! You missed Jayne Meadows Allen, Steve's wife with a marked grave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_Mw0o2_lE4&t=184s

  11. Forest Lawn pt1: what where the odds of Ronnie James Dio & Ian " Lemmy " Kilminster being placed in the same cemetery… If they where still with us there they would be at each other's throat…#rockonyoupairoficons ( Rock In Peace )

  12. Why so brief for so many of the stars? Other episodes give more detail about lives and deaths, not just one or two signature projects or hits. Buster Keaton is your 'tour de force' here. Was there a need to keep thus episode short?

  13. These are great videos. At first I thought that graveyard tours were awfully morbid, but yours provide some fascinating history and honor these people from the entertainment industry. Thank you!

  14. I loved the comment "Nuff Said" on Bob Kane's Batman marker! Nuff said of course being Stan Lee's (of comic book rival Marvel) iconic line!

  15. Often (and I do mean "often") imitated but never duplicated! Ain't no graveyard show like the Hollywood Graveyard show! I can't watch any others; all pretenders to the throne! Thanks for all your hard work, gents. 50% of the props to Giuseppe!!

  16. It's so sad that all this wonderful Talent has left us. But thanks to YouTube we still have there wonderful memories

  17. Love the mural it's BEAUTIFUL Wow! 😮 R.I.P 🌹John Ritter, loved three’s company! I seen the trick done for Penn & Teller marker in the cemetery,

  18. July of 2017, my cousin & I were paying our respects to Paul Walker. As we headed back to the car, Michelle Rodriguez passed us on her way to visit Paul's grave. It was a surreal moment.

  19. Great work love the videos I've learned quite a bit since watching these. Very respectful and great way to honor these people. Sometimes it's amazing that how big some stars were only to have a tiny headstone or plaque. Keep up the good work.

  20. Re: William Conrad
    He played Marshall Matt Dillon on the radio series of Gunsmoke.
    Also, on an episode of the Carol Burnett Show he sang a ballad. The man had a rich baritone voice. It's too bad there aren't more recordings of him singing.

  21. Paul walkers grave he was my favorite actor i enjoyed watching him play in the fast and furious movies my favorite movies

  22. 8:38 Bob Kane = originator of Batman, but Bill Finger = developer of Batman. The latter did most of the work for the longest time. Bob Kane died wealthy and famous. Bill Finger died poor and unknown.

  23. The South is Gonna do it again!t !!!! If u really feal me, like me, if u don't know for sure, then leave me alone. (Trump+)

  24. Paul Walker was partially cremated in the fiery accident. I don't know why his family wouldn't have just had him cremated instead.
    🕊Rest In Peace Paul🕊

  25. Can someone please explain to me why Steve Allen's grave is unmarked to this day? I love these videos I appreciate all the work that every one of you have done. The narration is spectacular and I can't give enough gratitude for this channel!

  26. Penn and Teller. Ummmmm it’s not hard to buy a plot when you’re alive. No “serious scamming” involved. That’s how a lot! of people do it🙄. You can buy your headstone too, and place it there.🤷‍♀️

  27. fuck youre useless 6.03 do we have to google when steve allen died? do we have to google how did he die for fuck sakes , whats wrong with you??!

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