Farming’s Future – Tyler Schnaithman

Farming’s Future – Tyler Schnaithman

Rob McClendon: Well, this has kind of been
a show of old axioms. So here is another one for you. The apple does not fall far from the tree. And in the case of the Schnaithman brothers,
make that a couple of apples. Rob McClendon: When Tyler Schnaithman crossed
the stage at this year’s National FFA convention, he became only the 10th Oklahoman to win American
Star Farmer, one of the most prestigious honors awarded to a student by the National FFA Organization. Tyler Schnaithman: In FFA, my involvement
began in eighth grade and really kind of started out very small. I started out with actually seven acres of
wheat, and it kind of developed a passion in me. And from there I was able to expand my operation
over the years. FFA taught me a lot. It taught me a lot about responsibility, confidence,
being able to stand up in front of a group of people. Rob: Something his brother Travis knows a
bit about too. Travis won the national honor in 2008. Travis: First of all, we feel fortunate that
we had the opportunity to be involved in FFA and agriculture education. It’s really done a lot as far as discipline,
recordkeeping that we use every day on the farm. Rob: Travis and his brother Tyler are the
fifth generation in their family to farm in Garber, Oklahoma, an agricultural legacy that
they take seriously. Travis Schnaithman: We’re a diversified farming
operation – crops and livestock – crops mainly being wheat, canola, double-crop soybeans,
corn, milo and alfalfa. And then we run a cow/calf operation as well
as develop heifers and sell them as bred replacements. Tyler: You know, I’ll be the first to admit
there are, there are times we have our disagreements, but those are usually typically worked out
in a fairly timely manner and usually pretty easily. Travis: We use each other as a bouncing board,
bounce ideas off each other, and it’s been a great, I feel like we’ve been a great team. We get along really good for the most part. Where we sometimes struggle with is convincing
Dad, you know, and the little bit older generations to adopt new technologies and why we should
spend money on this and how it’s going to benefit us. So a lot of times we’re, we feel like we team
up against, against Dad. But he’s great to work with, too. We wouldn’t be here farming if it wasn’t for
him. Rob: A family of farmers, with two brothers
humbled by their own success. Travis: It’s a great honor. There’s a lot of people that went into making
that happen. It just wasn’t us. Tyler: I was more than excited, you know,
to receive the award, but at the same time I felt like there, you know, onstage really
should have been several other people, you know, that probably should have been standing
there with me or maybe even more deserving. Rob: Now, Tyler is not the only Oklahoman
to be awarded a national championship at the 2016 National FFA convention. As they tend to do each year, Oklahoma FFA
members came home with their hands full of awards. To see why the future of farming for the state
is in some good hands, we have that full list of award winners on our website under this

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