FFA: The First Step in Leadership – Alex Schnabelrauch, Michigan Milk Producers Association

FFA: The First Step in Leadership – Alex Schnabelrauch, Michigan Milk Producers Association

For me, I was involved in a lot of clubs
growing up like lots of the students that we see today in
today’s high schools. But FFA was so different. It was a place that I really felt
like I could be me, and I could belong. You know, you get around a group for high school students that
believe in the value hard work and that really, you
walk into a room and they all honestly, 100 percent believe,
that they can change the world and they know that they’re going to. And
they can break it down into action steps on how that’s going to happen and you just
don’t see a group of youth, or group people, for that matter that has
that vision and that belief and that optimism and drive to change the world.
I think one of the coolest things about FAA is that it
really instills that work ethic that you don’t learn in a math
class, or a science class. It’s not a tangible take away from
those core classes, but when it comes to hands-on
education, that is agriculture education, work ethic is just expected and it’s something that
is demanded from your teacher and it’s very interesting when I had
jobs in college a lot times they would say, “Gosh you know we always get FFA or 4H
workers in here because we know that they have that work ethic.”
The coolest part about FFA is that it teaches you to be
a leader and and the true meaning of leadership which
is servant leadership. And taking on those qualities and those, those standards of excellence and living
those day-to-day. It’s not about bossing people around
it’s not about the fame, and the glory, and the spotlight.
You learn very quickly that leadership is doing. Its action, and I think that has really changed my whole focus in terms of what I wanna do with my life. how I’m a leader, in my workplace, in my home, in my
community and you know what I aspire to that
growth mindset that I have for the future.

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