lots of everybody typicalgamer with your daily YouTube live streams and more into day for you guys I am back with the forest the action survival kind of horror game that takes place if you couldn't guess it in the forest if you haven't watched the series at all make sure it's sure to start from episode number one this is episode number 7 now links will be on my channel and we actually did 7 days to die which is kind of a similar game if you want to check that out after this dream and link will be in the description below as well but today we've had enough with these freaking cannibals alright we've had enough with these mutants coming at us destroying our home and destroying our lovely lovely things that we set up and built so we're gearing up and we're we're taking the fight to them kind of not really we're just gonna gear up we're just gonna get some weapons and see what we can do and see if we can repel any of these attacks from these freaking these freaking freaks so if you watch and enjoy this ladies and gentlemen make sure you smack that like button and if you are new around here make sure to hit that subscribe button as well we're gonna get this started let me just go ahead and knock down this yeah take that I'm gonna put some I gotta reset this trap over here last time before we logged out there was some mutants around the corner and stuff I don't know if they're gone or they do spawn or something hopefully they did we also realized yesterday my fault that we built all these traps the wrong way so we gotta rebuild a couple of these traps but besides that we we got this trap these traps set up over here perfectly great we got look at this entrance over here our base is looking fricking to fly if you ask me but we gotta gear up we gotta craft up we gotta gear up and do all that jazz that's what we're gonna be doing today I hope you guys are excited let's get this started they grow back they grow back so fast don't they I really do how did you do that how did you um quick question for you how did you attach so it's booze and tree sap right for the axe if you want to make it more powerful okay I go ahead and put these how do you put these you'll have all the fishies you can't really see the glass when you put it on Kenny oh kind of just yeah you can't I see that I'm just I'm putting a bunch of glass shards on it there we go I think Oh how much can I put on it Oh bless you know oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy like a couple more bottles on you oh that's a lot of shards glass shards Bertha Oh gives you like ten glass shards per thing got you okay all right so now I've my modern axe with a bunch of glass shards on it you can hardly even see them though others immune there's me there's me yep yep yep good good good good oh my gosh I'm gonna read them to the trap hopefully you are a one ugly mother trucker aren't you come on come get me son come get look at you a little little walk over here come on come on you wait smart oh he just got frickin Rock oh no he didn't get killed he didn't get killed by that can you set up the trap again oh yeah I think I watched another one Oh again he got guilty you run through two traps and they die I know you did you did you look at that see we learned how to deal with them you just run them through traps they're so so good they're incredibly good they're incredibly good okay so we got to find but I want to do today is we got to find um as well as the katana we also got to make the rabbit boots and stuff so we got to kill rabbits today that's really important we gotta you up today we should that would be helpful oh my strength is out I also learn about the strengths that are there now here's the freaks oh my gosh I just rocked the ones world why won't you die this one has another person's face on him literally has another effect oh there's one company oh these are differents man they have other people's faces crafted on today I'm trying to they are now messing up my life oh gosh I'm about to die too I just oh my gosh oh oh I'm gonna die I'm gonna die Oh or he's dragging his buddy he's dragging his buddy I see so many okay I'm gonna try to shoot them with the arrow button I hit one in the knee hit him in the knee oh gosh I'm running into the base attacking our base brokeback this guy this guy's running away oh I really won't find anybody oh my gosh I just rocked this world cheese okay I really need bone Arbor I really need bone Arbor I'm gonna go ahead and yeah we we got it we ought to go ahead and craft these so we said the traps are so useful time and time again I'm gonna see if we can make bone armor I wouldn't mind bone arrows as well we need more bones in general yeah I don't know how we're gonna get more bones but this trap needs to go to win you better weapons this modern axe is good especially when you're hitting them with the heavy attack but you just need a speak yeah so those guys had how do I put this they had other people's faces on them other faces asthma maybe you know what made their enemies of each other maybe they're like the cannibals enemies holy shoot you're really carrying that one good well they could be we don't know they could be they could very well be yeah okay when we get the content I'm definitely gonna be using that I'm gonna draw this body up over here I'm not gonna put it in the thing yet let me see if I can I'm gonna reset the trap the traps is so good somebody gets stuck in that one yeah I'm not sure either I'm gonna put some sticks down because I have an excess two sticks while waiting for these bones can we go collect more sticks real quick yeah I didn't put some on the fire just because they I don't want them to like overcrowd there you know all right so once we get a catana we can attack really really quickly so that would be really good you didn't take all the bones did you now we got a lot of how much cloth did we get I got 66 spots so not bad from that run that we did the other day give to armor I have to armor as well so collect it's a free-for-all now just collect as many beds it's a free-for-all as long as we have some bone armor I'm okay with it so I have oh I can make two more Bell Harbor I have four Bell and armor they go away so easily in fights I don't know it's a flare gun unlimited ammo that's five five yeah the flare gun looks good it's just that I think that's that I have three bounds well you killed one with that didn't you how many teeth you have I have I have a hundred and eleven put them the modern axe is good but it's not like the end all be all right oh I think I gave away my spear to Samara do you remember how to make a spear like I made a regular spear and then what do you have a one bone or two bones I could have you can get put them on the little dish wait three bones one spear two cloth wait I think three bones one spear I mean I don't think you can upgrade the I don't think you can upgrade the katana so so that will be a trip to say the least and I just learned about strength and stuff I didn't know about that until today yes they even well eaten good keep our calories up we should build more of those turtle things in here as well like the water do we do we have that I wish it we should do that right here I don't recall you're gonna put the water collector right underneath here though oh they can't break water collectors by the way so it might be a good idea to put it like yeah this is some people say like just lighten your base with water collectors I'm gonna put a right at them gonna put it like right over here at the front yeah right over here oh here we go I have a turtle shells do um turtle shell do you have a newt are you sure cuz I'll put it down anyway and then we can yeah okay so you know okay so I can make the rabbit shoes this well I think I think I have enough to make the rabbit shoes and then we also we can make like I think it's too like rabbit to whatever they're called I mean they shouldn't be drying cuz it's literally raining now but the fish is drying real nice aren't they Crafton guy that's my wife all right so how do you make the rabbit shoes so two ropes with three rabbit fur I don't think I have enough I only have one rabbit fur okay so we need three rabbit fur though so when you kill more rabbits that's a hundred percent without a doubt yeah let's set up a few then let's set up a few they are way too fast we never tried it out here I'm gonna pull it out of rusty axe oh it's actually pretty good it's faster yeah and does more damage well right no no no plain ones faster I like the plain one just because it's fast I don't want to be a bad idea they do they did quite a bit hey I'm gonna make a rabbit trap here real quick simple bomb what the heck you make simple bumps one circuit board one boost one coin one watch circuit board moves coin and watch where's coins that summer do you know are coins are at I'm blind you open up pyramid oh yeah oh yeah what else do I need I'm missing one thing oh my gosh a bomb yeah well you know what okay circuit board booze oh I don't have any more booze looks no that's fine we're good okay let's make these rabbit traps real quick let's make this rabbit traps yeah be careful you don't wanna you don't wanna do that we need 31 sticks here I'm gonna put some right over here that's where one is I'm gonna put another one over here you're like gonna put one right over here you see it I'm gonna put one a little bit further over here well we need we need a lot of rabbits up right do you think that food will be ready soon or should I make some good yeah hard for me to tell what color it is I know but I don't know it's hard for me itself it was just the lighting or something i'ma kill it it is all in the game pretty didn't we kill that whatever are you putting your thumbnail or not this game is no joke but we're learning gonna play it so that's really good yeah I wouldn't mind doing like a second season of this game if we beat it it's like then we could do things a lot differently we'd beat it faster though I'm sure we found sort of hints sometimes definitive Norris on us he's gone I hopefully he's not dead cuz that would be a real bummer we're going alive that would be very depressed oh I see a rabbit rabbits yeah but but the what I was reading is that it's very low chance of you to actually get them to breed okay yeah I built two of them so far we have two so far yeah we need one more how do I get no sticks from that can you get food when get them fish one of these fish huh oh there's a lot of sticks that just failure sorry you're kind of starting to get kind of dark out here right so how do you stab the rabbit through because I think one got caught how do I stab it there we go that you ink perfect I'm gonna reset this last darkness I can't say the other one you don't let me anymore I'm banned guys I'm resetting this one cuz I got one okay so all set to go all right perfect all right let's hit the snooze button I think person should we work through the night we need yeah me either I mean be honest yeah let's close that door up it was the dog we should make a bench and stuff too because apparently what I was reading is that that affects stamina as well we can also have lights up here so we don't have to always have her lighters out 25 there we go all right let's hit the snooze button hit the snooze button we need to remember I don't want to die and I feel like that's a very high possibility yeah okay so let's go down here I'm gonna it's been raining this entire time really good yeah I'm gonna drink some here so I'm gonna eat one of these fishies let's put another one on there there we go oh I put the only one that I cooked on there are the only one that's there we go oh it's really raining here it is really raining do we have can we get a fire give me a warm up oh there's another drying rack here what ah I didn't know I didn't know that's crazy okay more the merrier yeah that'd be dope yeah we're being real self-sustaining squirrels here I go the squirrel hey I ate a squirrel what oh I guess there's like a barrier something right underneath this girl okay dude none of these none of these traps went off budge all right so what else do we need here I only have two rat oh I might have three I don't know I have three rabbit first yeah go ahead kill to your heart's content oh they're walking through the trap are they gonna face people again look you guys are annoying coming back ow ow ow you're running through here running through here right career howdy Titan again really no one just got wrecked yeah I may know what not Kobi Oh Mike I just absolutely ruin them all though oh this one's upset you'll run an estimate right through run through son this was just eyeballing us I'm trying to get better with these heavy attacks kind of hard to it honestly okay we got out yet bone armor you hold down the attack button putting them on the new trap or the you know to me I don't know I am throwing their bodies on kind of bloody so I got to go wash off as well did you find another body I think when you have you attack sometimes I think there's a glitch that where you make Hrunting sense I think all right let's go by the beach and see if we can put more sticks down but whatever sticks or rocks in need by here maybe I'm gonna go wash up and see if we can get more Turtles made some more cloth as well oh there's a fire dummy yeah my part I think so yeah oh yeah oh I remember don't you worry I remember they came at us okay crafting guide so I'm gonna make these rabbits shoes so two ropes and three rabbit fur two ropes and three rabbit fur one too I mean I made rabbit shoes how do I equip them equip dude do I look like I've rabbit shoes on do I look like a rabbit shoes how about now yeah I do right all right sweetie that makes us stealthy right thank you yeah yeah I am not killing him somehow other way okay so get a shell so we can make more of these things my mother she'll just goes whoop and it flies into the air sounds like you just don't care yeah buy tree trunk by tree yeah be careful don't go too close to it try to see if I can knock out this what is that oh it's a pedal Oh somebody's on us oh there's quite a few this isn't good coming in Oh somebody got hit by something I'm gonna go I'm gonna build this thing real quick I mean I guess if we have to I'm gonna light this thing on fire and go whack some of these dudes how about you bite me huh I'm lighting all the mud fire yeah give me a sec come inside maybe no getting getting good alright really breaking in as well oh they're in oh they're in I throw a Molotov at him they really didn't like what we've done here all right we're gonna have a lot of bounds at least you keep stabbing him I'm gonna try and get I'm gonna try to get there we go oh my god oh my god holy shoot attacking with his axe is so hard oh gosh I'm gonna die to this person Marissa Marissa Mayer of this one I'm gonna go down I'm gonna go down I literally have to I'm down I'm down I'm down yeah yeah you gotta take him out okay I'm a quarter of the way dying oh my goodness thank you jeez they're all talk ouch stupid alright alright make a fire make a fire yeah they really really really really oh my gosh god I never learn how to block cuz I haven't been blocking a hundred percent anyone learn how to block you just right-click right-click this block make a fire pit let's start throwing names go yeah I guess no I dropped as many as I had there's a lot of dead things out here all the rabbit cages are like taken – no no like there good good I have a bit more oh boy okay so I gotta I gotta learn how to oh you made it okay we should I went down one of them was really strong the white one was really strong now you have like crosses on them and stuff who's really weird we got it we got to keep this out here okay so we got to get that we got to get that how did they run by these traps that's my question they ran by these traps unless you did you pick them up the ones who read by the chaps did you get all the rabbits you kill all the rabbits or no ok then nevermind they didn't go down then no apparently not we gotta repair this base – don't forget no thank we good all right I need to get some bones here because I'm on the borderline of death this is why we need so much cloth guys because they keep breaking our armor and we making it yeah well when you go get the samurai sword I know where it is hey my fish I'm gonna drink some water here oh we need four sticks we need for six more what guys oh my gosh like more dead guys or one of the big ones got stuck here yeah just reset this is an upgraded spirit no nothing okay so we gotta go get the katana we'll go do that in a second you nor it is it's actually by the cockpit not by the plane so by the cockpit no nothing in the cockpit was like in the middle of the water and like we saw the dead pilots and stuff remember maybe we should make us should we make a few more birthday traps before we leave or what am i and they're definitely not gonna come here well I got no part of it oh my gosh I just killed a bunny like straight-up I kill the bunny straight up two logs yeah I go where is it left right all right so let's go saving then I think we should go rinse off and go for the katana I hear one you guys don't want to leave us alone do you he's by the trap over there yeah if I can Snape yes okay I'm gonna go beat him up oh my gosh this is frickin wreck I need help so in this section I think hey builder I killed her wow that's a lot of blood on me yep and you go inside you are you're a dead body like this the Flies around it an airbase we haven't picked up one oh there's a body right under a gate that's where it was yeah I was here in the Flies so I knew there was a dead body somewhere I gotta wash off insects here well cause like we've been killing them all so it makes sense I have a bunch of snacks and stuff I should be get on that bunch of rocks how many bones do you have armor f45 all right so we should so we got the bench down we got a bunch of water oh there's one running after you running after you in the water oh give frickin rekt son stay thou prick down I got him I got Nora I can take him out easily 1v1 I gotta learn how to block that's the big thing because I take most of the damage I feel like I should get more armor you know what I mean cuz I'm the tank alright so let's go ahead and we should probably go we've taken most amout got the logs over here alright let's make our way towards the plane all right let's go okay so get hungry before we head out to the water turtle shells our beautiful ones that's great our base is looking fly honestly we'll get to a point where we're still like self-sufficient and probably don't even we should put like actually we hold on hold on we should make shelves probably in the base up there and then we can put like I think we could put like pop cans on it and stuff so we could leave him here and go get more so is there like here let me see it storage storage yes so large cabinet eight logs this should be good when we just put it like right over here maybe yeah go get some logs I'd rather have them protected but you know what it'll do tank your way in they're not gonna be the most supportive place though right all right Oh see so you can put stuff on there so I'm gonna put I'm gonna put pop drinks on there and then I'm gonna put some snacks I'm gonna but snacks at the bottom yeah so we got to be careful so eventually I think we should build like a house in here like a proper structure I think they'll work out better for us I need these feathers smack this bird and the feathers just flew out at the wind the wind is like so loud do you know what is wrong with that oh there's a freak over there it's okay okay how do I miss him how am I missing him make sure to block block if you need to right click right questions I got knocking down knocking up oh my gosh give him the finishing blow there okay he's dead so you go get the other body go get the other body and load up the trap again that's traps see the trap although I built it the wrong way it works sometimes it works sometimes right I can't like this ok I threw the bone zone there we go I have 6 total or 5 yes but I'll take the damage so no thing you can do look I didn't know you're using the spear 100% I think the plain ones better for you honestly the plane the plane axe not if you upgrade it I don't think I don't think if you upgrade I need one more Bell oh yeah all the rest of bones ears it's almost nighttime too so it's not really gonna work out for ya yeah well weights up for tomorrow so uh I guess I can throw some meat on the fire here if I wanted to there's a lot of fish might as well put on like grab like a bunch of fishes yeah might as well carry as many as you can probably tomorrow we're going until tomorrow but might as well just because we have so many so many can you do it can you take your like jerky out of the other meat come I gotta wash off myself water you too and then what else can you do here we need it we need get more rabbits so maybe we could see if we could find any rabbits real quick this trap is down as well did somebody get down here oh yeah there's dead body there was dead body but he's really dead you can bring it back yeah I'm just quickly tapping the water and coming back here to bring them to the water bring into the water feel like well then don't worry about that and don't worry about them okay so we're pretty good this episode so far I've seven armor so I'm feeling confident pretty frickin good if you ask me are you running around right all right okay I don't have any more of those alcohol bottles that's what I need gotcha okay cuz I want to make one bomb just in case those music oh I like our base we actually have like a compound going on this mini ish space now I don't want to call it mini because it's still like a legit size but and then we have that one that's just like the creme de la creme although I feel like if we wanted to be serious I feel like a bass with only like one entrance would be the best if we built towards that tree eventually and like lined it so they can only come from one side but then we'd have to have like a series of zip lines that setting logs back home you know okay so let's hit the snooze button actually make one bomb okay so you can put another so I need booze let me see if I remember anything I don't know how to make it so one circuit board circuit board booze coins watch circuit board no I'm not sure why I can't make it oh gosh I can't see anything coming alright so we're gonna go for the katana now wait so we go do I can't you know what I mean I'm really glad we're not going tonight Oh snow snow snow snooze swear I heard something going on trap okay well then that happens you meet this dried fish and I'm gonna go get water from there's no water here no it's all drink Oh what there was one there I'm gonna go to this side and get him it was so good that we built all these by the way now let's make our way over to the of course I eat a mushroom box and no rabbits got trapped apparently I'm gonna go grab one fish as well find out this one secret that rabbits hate all right come on follow me let's go all right so remember to keep your I don't know I would use the plain X if I was you just because blocking helps so much people are saying it might be worth it honestly okay so this red I'm not sure oh you need SAP for the bomb let's get moving apparently you can also have seen that you can like become kind of their friends the cannibals kind of like if you don't kill any of them and if you leave them alone and if you yeah yeah yeah it's way too late for us I don't even know if it's true I just something I was watching you don't become one they're just like decide they don't want to attack you anymore really yeah live peacefully okay there okay I guess there's a couple more we can kill him if you like no I don't I don't want to kill him I'm just I don't know open up these suitcases oh there's a bunny here oh my gosh I almost got a bunny Baxter oh you can climb up here they're like watching us but they're not yeah they're like watching us but they're not doing anything so oh there's TNT's down here hold up – I've TNT fudge I could have got another part let's remember this okay let's move let's move let's move remember to collect the rope off the walls you see there's something here I took it so I don't know if it shows free yeah yeah let's keep going let us go let us go did you kill yourself red oh yeah the severe there's a cave entrance can I just go in here to mark I'm just gonna go in here to mark it on the map I'm going in here to mark it on the map okay okay oh actually this this might be the one that's uh this might be the one where you can get your modern axe back yeah if you want to come back in sure I don't think monsters responded I'm not sure like I think in case once you kill them they're dead which makes them extremely extremely safe to be in right yeah I just think there's some rope here money coins that's running in and right I think this might be it over I'm not sure try to remember exactly where your where the modern axe was kind of difficult they're like you're passing them yeah okay I think it was down there but I'm not sure that might be it here I'm gonna go down if you apparently paint yourself red and don't hit them for a long time they'll kneel to you are you serious yeah this looks like the spot right like how long we were going down very last time we went down like a lot to go to the hole oh wow this special Lakes here we went down here yeah this is a visit yeah yeah yeah the spot medicine yeah responds a TNT look all the TNT you want in life and more yeah this is so great I love this game I love this game oh we should paint herself red again we can paint herself red again another modern axe I found a bunch of Quivers let's do it I just painted myself ready there we go I'm good too all right so that was right away we know how to get it easily then it's pretty close to modern axe and stuff well we just need you to save so that's the only thing you can only upgrade it so many times so I'm going back up it takes so much stamina to climb ropes holy smokes right by mere UPS is no joke should we go back to the team tea place and grab the weapon part it was like right there the TNT remember I saw the TNT place near the rope that I told you collect yeah I loved the caves are legit it's so funny because you're so scared to go with them at first but then they turn out to be the most resourceful best area to go to in the game like without a doubt cave runs are legit billion cannibals out there in the caves save the game as soon as we get somewhere I can say we just gotta find a way back up I don't know I think it's ready that's right through this slit its date wasn't a date time outside oh oh no no I don't think this is right way okay give me a sec I'm coming back I can't see squat that way hey right there yeah I was like uh dark outside was it I'm coming through use your flashlight I'm gonna switch to moderate or normal again okay and where was the there's like right here yeah I found it I'm gonna use TNT on it come to me if you like to see the TNT explosion I'm right here I gotta throw it the fuse is gonna blow up in my hand I think yeah I'm throwing it careful don't get too close okay we got oh we got another piece of it another piece of it is there anything can you collect anything in there no yeah yeah there we go collect that like that so we got two we got two in three parts well that's what he gets for being too close all right let's go let's go let's go we had a move we gonna use daylight I feel like we're becoming amazing predators in this game you know really pop isn't too good for you over yeah I kill the bunny oh my gosh I've done that twice today I've done it twice today absolutely destroyed this bunny all right so I'm trying to remember oh we can you get you a map and stuff right because you lost yours okay oh right near the area yeah I thought I did oh I did oh it's just nice weather oh my goodness did I apparently I dropped my axe no I didn't did I Jax I don't know if I did it's so hard to tell no like I have my modern axe but maybe I replaced it with the other one by accident no no yeah it's the same one still still a bunch of glass shards on it I have like a billion I have like a billion I have like metal shards and it just doesn't even make a visual difference really yeah hello praise us don't attack we're gonna tackle I'm block block block luck Hey look look Lee okay lady prayed to us okay she's like okay there must be the leaders Leiter's are good lighters are good oh here okay there's all your this is where – all right ladies first all right I thought you want to get out of here with mutants here around here oh it's nice and light down here oh and load a half way down here I'm gonna turn on the blockbuster there you go this is a deep deep hole all I remember people saying is you turn left in the katana cave so we go turn left turn up come on okay it's pretty far down this place I don't know if she's pretty far I'm still having stamina – holy shoot no just keep going it's faster than waiting oh okay I'm done I don't but they might have just been pre-opened no oh oh oh see there's Timmy's robot we found his robot and there's crayons I think it's part of it oh oh and there's drawings oh there's like oh boy look on the right there's like crosses on wood did we pass somewhere with crosses on wood yeah maybe he went through there I think he's drawing places he's been Timmy's he's a smart boy so I'm you're like I was hearing growls do you hear that no I hear there's a mutant somewhere okay hold on okay so me arrows do I have okay if push comes to shove we need to throw molotovs Adam do you have maltose all right we'll just be careful do you hear him I hear him I hear something yeah I see him we don't have to go that way but I mean we should kill it it's down there he's right there in the middle of the water you don't see to the left of him swinging his arms Oh interesting should we try to kill it oh shoot get the Molotov ready I think we should kill it yeah I think so yeah wait how would I let me see something let me see if I can make a fire arrow how do you make fire arrows that's the render distance yeah let me see if I can make firing poison arrows with one cloth on one Blues do you have any booze can you give me a boost oh my gosh where's Rico it's up top like where the trailer was originally you have to combine it with the thing oh it's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming Marit Marit it's gonna punch you it's gonna punch you I'm gonna die can you fire it oh now you missed okay I'm gonna try let me try let me try my hand at okay laying on fire hi Adam don't don't throw it twice I think you can only get it once light another one just in case I'm gonna take my bone arrow oh nice shot beautiful shot keep backing up keep backing up I think is that I think is that yes let me get owned frickin get own son good job Samara nice nice aim pick up my arrows again come on yeah okay let's go through here I know this the wrong way here but I want to kill the rest of these guys oh shoot I just shot him in the heart I don't know how you're living still that's your heart I'm gonna light my thing on fire just come to me come to me Tamara this two of you the money [Applause] this guy is constantly on fire I don't think it likes his life but love an arrow in your head sir make sure you block with it die I chopped off his hand oh that doesn't look good it's a dead dude he's watching stuff oh boy circuit board booze coin and watch why can't I make it can you try to make it circuit board so I was trying to do circuit boards reset some other stuff yeah don't worry about it we'll do it after how can we burn them real quick we make a little makeshift campfire oh yeah a little hand we're doing really well versa mutants I gotta say I'm hitting suitcase and Bloods coming out of it that's normal I don't think that's what's supposed to happen but I'm not a scientist so I don't know I don't have booze like I'm seriously out of booze sab sir no you're missing watch coins you need watchin coin okay let's go get this katana it's the other way all right let's get the bonus so once we kill them you see how we killed those guys there they never respond again I'm pretty sure so that's the great thing about that's the great thing about the caves all right there I have enough to craft with one bone armor you know blocking really helps to know I have to give you hey come on let's go give me our calorie intake tell them there's a gun part in this cave as well people are saying check it looks like a mushy substance all right I need more booze I really don't have enough booze people said there's no enemies down this way but you know what others fingers oh here we are here we are oh my look somewhere this is where it is the katana now look at it look at the katana it's stuck in him it's stuck Aidan where do they even get it I don't take that as well go ahead and equip it look at this thing so cool little far left side far left side oh there's Airport there's a plane food here gonna be one of those oh I don't know why were they on our plane oh circuit boards let me try to do this so I'm so confused how to make a bomb once oh I think you need more alcohol what's the other part no you can't upgrade it you can't upgrade we got the katana though so crafting good circuit board booze coins and watch I don't know how to make it I don't say don't oh there we go okay it's duct tape circuit board booze watching coins I made one explosive it's to the right of it's under tree sap duct tape circuit board booze bombs and coins bombs and coins yes I'm sorry booze watches coins I made two bombs I made two bombs how does this thing look oh how did you you combine the other thing too right what are you combining with a tree sap oh my gosh I bet he's sticky Bob – no I'm not gonna use it I don't know I don't want it so this is cool this guy really died unfortunately though grab those circuit boards – oh jeez well at least we got a cool katana out of it I'm gonna replace the spear with a katana okay I said I don't know why don't you just do it so you put your backpack and then you put the item and then you just click which slots yeah combine the backpack with one item and then you yeah you can do up to four slots of it Donna okay Donna what do you mean what do you mean no it doesn't come off the page okay so is there anything else left to this game yeah there's little others boxes I'm gonna drink my soda pop real quick some more sodas more sodas more sodas you should never die down here as well oh my gosh oh gosh like watch like and one booze yeah we should honestly just live down there it would be fine to be fine just fine I think that's it to this area though I think that's it to this area yeah it looks like it can you sleep here things up I love thee I loved how you there's a fire though right like I didn't even have to put that down that's great there's more airport food er neat we got the katana thanks for the katana and sorry you guys had to like die well thanks thanks for the katana I really do appreciate it you should make a small camp and save oh we should let's see see if we can do that one sticking five feathers hold up my feathers do I make more arrows you can make a bow do you want to make a bell I have 30 years everything requires booze like a lot of make fire arrows but you know what need booze surprisingly underrated so we need to get we have a temporary shelter we can't really make a temporary shelter in here we need more sticks how many 60f I have none I have four at 410 we don't have enough can we break anything to get six what is it so this guy's like a like a koi fish on them that's crazy this Maps really helpful I went back through let's just check the other way real quick we're gonna see if we can get everything in this freaking cave cuz I think it's gonna be nighttime soon outside I wish we had a watch like I wish the watches worked so we could see the time you can get a compass but you can't use the wristwatch I come on some of these wristwatches are powered by movement in your hand like they should work I want to test how this katana to know you can oh let's see you can go through here though I'm still red I'm still red checkmate freaks tricking me Oh sticks here six on the ground I could make a temporary shelter if you want it'll just random sticks oh but I can I die I can oh I thought I heard something too that's this alright you're that right have us not an owl you don't know what that was but it's not oh fudge yeah other stuff here well fudge looks like we're just gonna have to get more paint eventually there's coins here that's more juice that was like one or two left alright let's go left I'll go you said neither away Oh oh there's the drawing here Oh oh no oh no that's not a good drawing methinks Timmy witnessed the murder Timmy's gonna be a prime Oh new item added to your to-do list hold on let me check this what is to our to-do list here Oh keep exploring handing cave no let's go through the other way the other way who constructed these like little you hungry your honor more dried fish I'm like bolting down this tunnel I have like no fear anymore like what can kill me down here those bats probably let me just tell you in real life I would not go anywhere near caves there's boxes here boxes boxes are lame sticker boxes this is the underwater okay I don't think so others suitcases kind of hit a mother floating yeah you kind of go underwater while you're doing it but Oh careful you missed a view you gotta like aim down to hit him there we go snack bars and stuff more juice holy shoot how about juice do we need right just a billion snacks oh boy well we definitely got our paint off time is so fast holy smokes what were they holding back well I just want to see if we can find an easy way out I don't think you can come through here Kenny I'm gonna throw a Molotov Adam might as well kill him right is it on fire is it on fire is it on fire I can't come through I can't hear you I think I'm telling you though it's dead that's afraid to get away to kill him I hope there's more here because that would be easy right excuse me sir yeah no they're around this to the right somewhere sounded like it no we're sorry I got distracted is a big freak tried to rush me now that one's a baby one though let's hit with a katana let's do this katana do I look Atanas amazing holy smokes I hear something lat oh it's not dead it's a bunch of dead passengers oh so noise do you this noise sounds like the cave is collapsing that's great that's super great oh wow honestly don't know where we're going I am literally just follow saw a leg fall so uh here maybe oh there's some people here what's up boys no come on summer are you ready it's a Frick oh my gosh it's so good how are you a fan those uh there's a rope up here it goes to the surface like a bonfire or something I sure hope so oh yes you can Oh some rope here there's like a retainer oh that's not a retainer nevermind it's not a retainer did you find this what's that noise I know I found a picture though I hear it too I don't know what that noise is I don't know enough about caves but I think is just some cave stuff going on you know I'm saying oh this looks like a miner like I collapsed was here we found some more passengers oh there's a lot of coins I made some headlamps yeah who's gonna accept these coins yeah we have these ancient coins that's enough cave exploration for there let's give these bones yeah from the little I need six films oh they do yet let me go get that body back there keep ourselves safe down there yeah some weird noises over here though can you block with the katana Samara you can't block you can't hold right click II can't do anything oh yeah you're right you're right so you can block but it doesn't do anything you can do the ocean motion but it won't do anything into the ocean motion motion all right so my maps looking pretty proper here now I can see a lot of a lot of this cave system I'll write super checks yes so we explored the dead cave that's what we just did okay that we're just completing our nice little journal so bones thank you that doesn't sound right at all I don't think that's a real I think they're trying to scare us okay let's try one more thing I just wanna check one okay okay I guess we're going out everybody okay you read that and oh you can see through the world for a second I am NOT getting collapsed on we are going to the surface I like how you said that and then you just started going up legs yeah late legs are real strong the block does work I don't know it shows has some zero blocking ability though so where did we exit here it's my question Smith who wants to exit over here oh I know no wait no I take it back nope nope really don't know where we're we're in the middle that's always safe right oh okay I kind of know where cuz we got the weapon so we can go back to base now right so run yes alright so base is this way I'm gonna turn up blockbuster yeah you're right so you need the pouch and then you can make stews and stuff out of them yeah really cool this katanas dope in the daylight nope not dealing with this today I'm just gonna log off by somewhere stab bit I stabbed it yeah I know I know damn well I'm very uncomfortable with this thing attacking me yeah well I have none so it's comforting to know you have like something so right when it stops running that's when you hit it that was a Kobe oh my gosh oh it's still not very happy oh wow I just me show me what them legs do I'm coming to you oh my gosh oh I'm he has to be wrecked oh no that doesn't do anything yeah probably you know when you say why do you need bones why do you why do I get more bone armor I think I killed her oh yeah yeah yeah I'm getting all my rows back you stupid ugly thing goodness gracious I think it was the opposite effect there all right it's dead samara instead let's go back to base let's get back to base use dynamite oh I shouldn't use dynamite or a bomb oh well we just need more booze I need to go on a booze run it sounds so weird I mean the katanas dope as well but I feel like I didn't want to get too closer but for those like you need like he need explosions or ball Taub's or traps it'd be so hard to kill the solo though because imagine if I didn't have you like I can I can run it around in a circle but then maybe if you hit like inventory pauses the game because then that would make it easier but like when you're multiplier it is not positive game put as number four but I ran out of Molotov so I don't really have the boot the boots are actually becoming one of the most rare ones for me this is bunny here just running oh I see your base I'm actually like looking forward to people attacking us with these katanas right because like I feel like we could defend our own now most definitely like I was daytime too did a day pass I don't even know oh there's one here oh there's a couple here somebody I come to all the plants don't is dope tell me help me help me careful they're like behind you and stuff I'm gonna use my modern axe I'm free to recover your teammate Oh nobody get back up stay down stay down oh that one was struggling to live still live move I hate you I think you gotta be careful all right I was hitting him in the walk there I don't know I mean I blacked out I'm putting the I'm putting the dead body in the get off of him please get off of him cannibal bird this meats like I think we gotta eat or something cuz it's like in the way I'm bringing the bodies to the campfire didn't work I can't light it ablaze can you how do we get rid of it I guess so just eat it we need some burnt meat all right I'm late now see if I can light – I was trying to light it but it wouldn't go it's it's late it's not lit you know the meat eat all the meat I think that's a problem eating black maids yeah try to lighten it I'm gonna go get the rest of the bodies all right there we go yeah I think me if you have too much stuff on it the katana is good but it doesn't do much damage it feel like yeah my crazy so like as the days pass are these the new cannibals that are taking over over the other cannibals no I think they're like we've taken over we've taken over now there's one more body can yo grab it is there water here for me to drink it didn't didn't freakin rain once I'm gonna drink a can of can of coke or whatever what's my stats looking like oh my smite my uh my weights up or down infected I'm affected find a low to cure smear how do I do that can you make me a cure yeah I'm infected I'm infected is there any way you can make a potion alright I'm killing the bunny right now I don't know my sanity is 23% Oh smell like yeah I need I need a cure I'm infected I need I'm gonna die I need I need a cure you oh there goes my lamp so I really need to hear my sanity thing here you ain't a foot – why aren't you crazy I need a levira just please heal me heal me please okay I'm gonna have to go find a LaVere and die if you want that to happen and then who's gonna save you from the big monsters huh not me not me did you make me thanks is that what cures me I didn't ask you for y'all I asked you for a cure lady I'm still infected come to my less use out of your sleep so just give me a low do you have any a low left give me a give me one yes all right my sanity is in yellow thank you take yellow where's the aloe where's the oh there we go I was a tit oh my gosh I'm not infected anymore you're you're a legend thank you huh it hasn't gone up I'm still crazy I can't like why can't I light fires half the time yeah that's the reason I'm so crazy I can't light a fire believe it broke one of my lamps the body right now well that's not a good look is it I'm coming can you leave her alone please she's new you gotta just run them around just run back to the base keep blocking use your modern accent really – oh my gosh there's so Jack Wow there goes all my armor I just worked on that I'm sure you get inside the bag inside the base trapping me and said inside blocking like Loki destroying our base trying to kill is good gosh they're so annoying you're getting so much more Jack – it is a struggle I just want to get some aloe and flowers I'm gonna reset these traps the caves are worse at honestly right why are you in this world why don't we just stay in the caves that's a good question too stressful wait there we go resetting all these drops good there we go we gotta fix the walls – there you go wash myself or else hanging me unaffected again does repairing your base free or what you know reset this trap three bunny traps two are active you can get that is quite quite the disappointment I have like an elbow and armor come on how much fun armor do that's also not good is it I have five bone armor now okay so we need more traps that feel sorry I feel like we got to be at I like traps right in the front might be a good idea you know I mean oh don't kill it or release it I don't care well well darn NAB it here we go I'm coming back gonna wash off the blood gonna wash off the blood so where do we need I read it wash it off so where do we need more birthday traps all the places everywhere that's just a bunny into the forest that feeling is a bad idea I didn't kill it though don't feel too bad for it knocking down trees if you wanna we should make another log cart so I can have like five of them ready to go okay so we're doing walk of our traps should we just put it around the base or what like a catch-all or should we cuz they often come to our front door right because that's where we chase until there's a way that we could sort of keep them you know what I mean it's a big ol tree Spooner saying the chainsaw or where do we find the change we'll have to get the chainsaw eventually we just don't know where to find it so I have to do research know all I need was a low all you need is a hello for the Saturday I haven't checked yet I'm just trying to keep saying bye you know working on the working on the ranch here I'm dropping the tree they're dropping the tree where you are can you help me quite dark out here with the chainsaw be good to kill enemies I wonder how much gasoline Oh videos alright so we should have a lot of wood – or we should have a lot of oh one of these traps are down there going to use it rabbit traps yeah the flowers over here they don't always respond right how do we make a log card again the allo oh my sanity is going down I'm infected again okay I figure you got to go to sleep to be uninfected summer can't care anymore rabbit fur how do you make no I'm not gonna say no yeah boys your boys get an insane I'm 19% can we go to sleep I'm gonna get this little bag or whatever crafting good how do you make a berry pouch – Rabbit Skins how do you do you guys know how to make like stick bag let me see some real quick one route for two rope three cloth give enough that one rabbit fur – rope three cloth oh yeah sweet stick bagging pieces stick capacity and then how do you make berry bag I think that takes two rabbit first house so that is two rabbits canister straight up is a very touch Oh can be used to collect berries and mushrooms perfect excited for my berry pouch alright we're gonna go to sleep yep cuz I'm frickin crazy I don't know I don't know how to get my sanity back up let's just sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep leave they'll be less insane in the world let me check oh I'm 28% infected find a low to heal I'm still infected I'm gonna turn into the one of the main ways cuz I'm just drinking pop and eating fish I'm just my character my character is just like he doesn't it's enough for me no thank you why what he's like why do we have to continuously do this why is this a thing whatever you're just so frickin sane okay I need some sticks if you have some reason thank you this fishy there and there we go was there water what do you mean no no I'm just drinking pop yeah so same guys we're so saying you're so saying I'm just a little frickin crazy that's why I run into battle that's why now we could put it a little reason to it all right into battle does stupid cave making noises how many sticks can you hold now if we can make another couple log carts so I could just stack like 50 Locker I'm gonna make a third one too yeah I got that one you have this one too holy shit it's a good wholesome sound good wholesome sound before he makes you insane I would never do that from here huh don't you want to eat some cannibals Samarin cannibals can you push carts over here please can you find aloe vera all right go find aloe vera please and thank you don't help Mick I need aloe vera no just give me one I'm gonna be insane don't you don't you know how I'm gonna be crazy fall apart honestly all right you want a libero yes please come here yeah I'm not crazy anymore not crazy me I told you I'm not crazy yeah I think crazy you're crazy if you don't want medicine you just poppin pills right pop Molly I'm sweaty you haven't even eaten one of my scrumptious natural no I haven't you just you keep them all to yourself what do you I'm gonna do I can't do anything you're just keeping them all I'm down to share but you're just not interested I am I want I want to be a vegan in this wilderness land scary very suspicious very I have three log carts ready to go somewhere this is how sane I am I'm so saying I'm insane you're so special really do you use it that much oh yeah you don't know how how I feel about berries alright so number three is gonna be our berry pouch I probably won't use it that much but we're gonna have it for now do you see how many logs have collected of course I'm insane do you see how many logs have clicked of course I'm insane I don't know I did this man the red man told me to I don't know so we can build birthday traps so if you want to push some of these back I don't think berries go better you're going insane because you think you've seen things you can't unsee well that's is completely correct so Oh Oh Samara there's a lot of them I need you back here Samara please okay like we're friends now we're friends we're cool we're cool a dog this is nice are you collecting them while I'm about to die or what it's man hey buddy yeah I need you hey buddy huh how crazy are you huh Frick back son oh there's a bunch of them caught in the he's dead I'm barbecued them a little bit fine you just don't stab me and we'll be good really you take out one of my bone armor you stupid little head yeah I can you make your way back to the base place oh they attack each other you're adopted they adopted him they weren't loyal there's a lot of distress I have no stand I'm just swinging thing they do is just I can't even move him stuck in his body how you think you can straight their attacks a little bit if you move left and right when they attack well we're gonna have like infinite bone armor after this they're going for me anybody else all right well that didn't go as bad as I thought probably I'm probably infected got a little blood on me little blood never hurt nobody I don't know Samara a little more important can we get all these bodies in please and think what poison arrows oh yeah I'd love poison arrows but like not right now sitting on this bench can't have enough of this it's a tough day sometimes you gotta yeah just sit on the bed no I don't need one I now a poisoned katana do you want a poisoned katana you have poison katana that's pretty dope can you put all these berries in okay I didn't say they're stupid I never said that doesn't sound like something I would say I don't know mm-hmm can you bring in all the bodies I'm dropping three on a pile at a time put it put the rest on them just the side so leave that one there kill quite a few right there's like one in the pond I'm sure – I'm all bloody I don't know oh there's one in the trap over traps are actually really great I mean they took it three people out of the fight for us for the last melon oh no oh no do you have them all tops yeah maltose fortunately it looks like we might have a big guy here oh yeah they're breaking in all right I'm going out with my ex who is it this time oh wow you are large and in charge oh I sent him on fire but he's gonna kill me oh I'm so dead oh he just knocked me over I think it's in Saturday's oh you just not they're so cheap I can't even move item with some sauce I need those bones thank you you're like inside here I'm like estimate need those bones that holds up in court lady I'm bringing this body in here I know you just run are you buying them too like a precious oh I think you killed both of them you can both read about that I say I think we got him in like a there yeah I can't move oh my gosh we got to fix the the whole base to bring some bodies in here though well guys just a stack of bodies we're out throw them in the buy up no arms oh my gosh oh yeah there's one over here yeah so I bought all those I brought all those logs that we can make some more traps so I think that's a good idea you know just for coop think of everything that happened I can respect that I can respect that for sure we need to go fishing somewhere when you go fishing somewhere as well I wouldn't mind different rained as well I'm living off pop drinks right now all right sanity is still 100 I'm still good all right my bones oh there's a lot about probably affect it at this point you know I'm glad that we could deal with the mutants though and have only some difficulty makes me happy yeah I mean not enough where it's like just impossible is somebody there bringing the big guy doesn't nothing guess I think we built our base right on their path I'm gonna be honest I'm twenty-seven percent sane I have no blood on me right I have no blood on me oh you do I'm clean it doesn't say that it doesn't say to wash off or anything the traps the traps are part connected right oh yeah there's bunny in it oh my gosh I broke the trap wasn't very smart how do you break it without one I don't have this beer anymore so there's that not in my hotkeys I mean I mean I guess I can replace it I need like a rock bag can this game be completed that's a good question I'm not sure what the answer is so I got a stick bag I got a berry bag what else is there I just have a very big well I'm saying I'm telling you what I got so I got dick bag berry bag stick bag berry bag what else do I need yes big bag little bag oh there's a what's a rock bag three rabbit fur 3 rope these two before they disappear I made a rock bag haha get a rock bag Master Yi Oh repair the bass we got to repair the bass as well man I love this game no I'm not scared now playing it but I think that's a good thing because then I do we do more cool stuff which ones so is it good to poison them I'm curious how much that's to protect you yes we got three log cards do you want to push push some logs in how do you collect them with your berry bag by the way oh oh okay so let me go ahead and take my berry my bag there we go I'm getting some snowberries okay did you collect any mushrooms yet did I collect anyone yet mushrooms be on the lookout cuz much I know you can collect mushrooms with this thing you can make students they are we lookin Tama dating in hand we look freaking intimidating oh can you can you bring one of those things here pull out cuts I'll take this one you take the other oh oh you crashed into me you're stuck out a little longer all right there so we got a ton of logs ready to go for days so where do they usually come from where is the most that they come from so should we build because they always start like breaking the base from that side so look why don't we do this there's a trap set so so me if I put him like so they come from the forest right yeah they were attacking like these walls over here yeah so maybe like over here where I'm standing because they come through this little crevice right you want to push one of the logs so we're over here so like because how many traps do you want to put up anywhere here so I'm gonna put that down we play a bunch of rope oh how much cloth you have how much rope do you all right so I'm gonna need you to put the Rope down on these traps the logs won't be a problem sticks won't be a problem really either so we really we really geared up this live stream so far honestly like with all the bags and stuff it's all the bags and stuff too like I can hold so many of everything yeah yep yet sticks while you can as well because they need 26 II can't carry anymore throwable rocks I've never thrown a throwable rock you know uh rabbits with the rocks by the way so they're actually pretty decent I can hold so many sticks now how many sticks today an old 18 right now push the logs over push the logs over and I'll just to take care of this yeah push one of the log things over cuz I'm gonna go ahead and make another birthday trap here we're gonna do it like landmines like they have to go through we're gonna get them alright there we go now we're done so I've seen you to do the Rope portions of it the birthday traps are by far the best wrap I think apparently they like the swing the rope swing ones are really good for killing the mutants but we really have that luxury I hear myself with mud that's good perfect let's put one more right over here right against the wall because you're gonna reduce my sanity that's really mean so I mean don't I will take action to save my life smash I will take action to save my own life go bring that car back all right actually put the business of the can you put the putting mud on me yeah you can make it make it up I used all my cloth making Boehner me you need a New York minute I found out though found ello neato I I put more dirt on me too there we go alright mother truckers try to get past us now I dare you I double dog dare you can you put a light here I can't see squat just like walk with me I'm gonna live big sled team it's better with the lights here but you know what they took away our lights they took away our fucking life my whole chat is saying to kill you now only one person survives this man Oh trust me as someone who's insane as sona's insane I don't care yeah 26% no thanks come up here we gotta sleep sleep helps my sanity I get to recoup think momaday me cuz I was infected I'd never noticed look I'm covered in mud I think they're really inconvenient that you're doing this hey be sleep kami sleep let's just try let's just ignore it Oh works I think so what's that now why do you care so much about myself I'm 34% 34% I will become one of them if you talk about my sanity anymore I will become one of them I will become one of them and eat you now there we go alright well perfect I think this is a very successful last room what do you think Samara I think it's very very successful and if you guys think so too make sure you speck that like but need three – what like spike and if you're new around here make sure to hit that subscribe button as well we definitely got to put more of these traps up I feel like on this side smear like I feel like okay I'm gonna set them up where I think we should put them next time yeah these trips are great did you just I feel like this like right here like no I'm talking about so hard to see well I mean what you know where they are yeah we can there's just one little path right here Ryan look so just remember this will be the only place we can cross so how much can you be are you able to make the rope so we can actually make them right now cuz I can get all this we need four ropes four ropes if possible no okay so we can make one of them and bring these logs Oh perfect bring the logs over I can't indeed you know what everybody asks why I have my lighter out during the day I just feel safer with it out oh my gosh she calls them bloops again all right put the ropes in and I'm gonna go get the rest of the sticks or if you want to help me get sticks too early apparently the sticks are need 36 total f5 yeah f10 total hit the long twigs the last melon can I have some of the health mixed to because I feel like in my pee effect in my I do not recall oh I just ran to a trap I just ran to my own job all right I just ate a bad barrier mushroom or something it's not a good day for teaching like it's something I don't know we need eleven more sticks by the way I hear some freaks since we built the fences on this side I think they're congregating on the other side these four more sticks four more sticks that's what you get for going in the woods I need you to come back they Center scarily closed for more 60 F for six that last route stupid oh my gosh you're a minefield I look like a guy oh they're coming the boys so back in town they're coming come and it's bro oh no oh you almost got this come on come on okay come on what else you got gonna reset this trap over come on what you got what are you yelling at look at them they're like the squad like Power Rangers I'm gonna entice um oh look he's like I'm going to go check what what that's so cheap I hit him I hit him in the junk he's there oh they're dead oh I love these traps Tamara we've done such a good job yeah you better run away stupid ed oh I hit him with an arrow they are so good yes in a berry stick let's grab these bodies we need like a body car can we drop them on the cart no that doesn't work that did certainly oh my gosh they figured it out I think this one just work on the elements I just destroyed our fire oh oh he's there in here get your little girl should you get Sun yeah I broke it just make a do it I'm gonna go clean up the rest of these guys I guess I'll look I'm your friend just get by these are the easy cannibals these ones are the easy ones brought another body here last melon since the gather locks how do I need rocks trying to get these bodies okay they're kind of dumb those those are the weakest ones I think I want to eat him like it listen lady nobody's gonna eat me all right so I have four bodies here which I wasn't able to four or five I can't even count there's a lot of them there's a lot of dead things let's see alright well I think it's if we just make a minefield of them I'm like that's just the best defense bless you because they can't break the traps I don't think how's your sanity doing I'll check in a sec probably less after that fight can you come get it there's one row buddy I just need you be there 32 so they say probably not get to get me to like pick up bodies and stuff though I feel like that's what you shoulda you just gotta have your priorities straight you know have strong moral values all right that's enough out of you I need some more bones what listen what I eat in my spare time is none of your business I didn't go on a cloth run next time by the way I'm one bone armor away from max like how the wind just overpowers every noise in the game for like a brief second this pond was a great idea let's do this we just got like a perfect system going on yeah edible rabbit Ross spoilt rabbit I'm gonna drop that dried fresh rabbit oh I just ate it it's lit you don't anymore cloth yeah cloth run next time for sure we got these fishes ready to go dr edible innerview is there I mean kill them not a big deal oh one of the traps went off ho bunch of traps are going up and one of them made it through now they they don't look they look kind of starved like they look like I kind of feel bad telling them are you dead dude there we go oh I'm gonna take that I'm gonna take that head if you don't mind oh let me take that arm because I built the the cannibal shrine thing maybe that's why I'm a little less yeah I think that might affect you know we have just the most amazing base I think like I've been out getting berries making health mixes you were like cutting off their legs you know what there's bones here I can't carry anymore by the way Glaus me either so we gotta go on a clocks run next time but yeah there's gonna be a bunch of bones for your I don't have enough to reset the traps either fudge come on give me some sticks one stick collected I wish I just had fifty sticks on me right now really tall things give you two sticks which is pretty mean no no the billy trees that those there we go Oh some more traps or reset oh my gosh why do you all just die oh yeah you do how do a good idea this one's ineffective this trap we have never I think one person got caught in the noose once those it but it's definitely not one of our most the birthday traps are where it's at the birthday traps are where it'd be a draining to the one with the big log oh yeah now what's good for killing the mutants I think um I think I brought it in most the bodies are you a bunny the bunnies so fast I'm gonna wash this dirt off though I think I'm getting a little insane from having dirt on me if we can find more turtles as well I don't know I just don't think a sane person wears dirt I have a hankering maybe I see a turtle oh one surface thing well there's two surfacing can we come and grab a shell quick this game just captures you I really killed it oh I didn't kill him like how you kill them and they still just continue on to shore they like we must not falter oh I see like a giant fish in the water holy shoot I don't think I can get a shell de we can come back and get it shel if you want oh look at this look at this that's a good idea do I keep backing up here hold up where's that where's the back of the ramp here come on oh it's working oh it's stuck in this Login come up come on come up I got the turtle shell no don't roll down the hill budge can you help me I can't get it up here okay here I'm gonna I'm gonna bring this one put it down and then I'll come get the other one it works for a little bit so we can build three right if we get all three of them there one more well that would be perfect so we never have to do anything and like for stews and stuff I guess we can use fresh water I don't know I just know they exist I don't think they actually show in anything just gotta know how to make a proper stew where's the turtle show I think it disappeared I think the turtle shell disappeared all right well this has been a really epic episode samara if you guys have watched and enjoyed this wanna see more of the forest make sure you smack that like button don't forget I hit that subscribe button as well so you don't miss out follow us on Twitter links will be in the description below we tweet out before we do the for us and before any other live stream as well so make sure to go follow us over there Samara I'm gonna go read sponsors and stuff like that gonna hit save so anything we do I haven't slept so twenty-eight what's yours that nice yeah I gotta figure that out I gotta figure that we gonna figure it out no you don't have to kill me I'll kill you first don't don't even think about it exactly see don't mess with me off grace I'm crazy okay I gotta go talk to chat I'll talk to you later bye Sara bye bye alright thank you everybody you too didn't truly appreciate all the support we had a bunch of extra support here through super chats and sponsors so I want to shout out a bunch of you guys we got two new sponsor X tricks thank you so much for sponsor friend welcome to the TG ly truly appreciated the support and everyone give them a warm welcome link will be in description below if you guys want sponsor as well we have Akshay hey what's up for the daily stream we'll watch this when I get home from work love your vids is always and keep up the good work bro hashtag last mail and shut up to you bro appreciate it Akshay it's Akshay isn't it zero they use so much for that and appreciate the support we also have Shawn none I love you and I've been with you for four years shot big shout you and thank you for the constant support man really means the world to me thank you so much and shout-out to you we also have noodles gaming after this can you play seven days to die I'll let you guys know over on Twitter whenever we do that I know a lot of you guys are enjoying that series we just started it if you have to watch that go watch it right now link will be in description below below you can also click up here go watch it let me know if you guys want to see more of it and if you do hit like on that video and let me know with a comment on it as well Michael tally this for your TG for being awesome thank you Michael tally big shout out to you thanks so much for the super chat appreciate that you're awesome too bro we also have stephen tamp you should block by holding down the right mouse button when being attacked building a club or rusty axe when the gate all damage taken with the modern axel protects you from most of the damage well big shout out to you Steven thank you so much great to see you in chat and that's cool to know that building a club or rusty axe will negate all damage that's insane good to know Thank You Steven appreciate that Michael armor for company something red paint they don't attack you they still attack you just like I think they can like praise you somehow I'm not sure how because we've never done it but we got to figure that out shout you for that super Jan my friend oh we have ty Ward's shout to you also talked about the red paint shape Francis I really like your videos and are you gonna do a zip line at all because I really like to see what it looks like best of luck to you thank you shake big shout to you and I feel like we will do a zip line at some point so stay tuned for that we have a minefield right now that's what we got going for us right now we got a we got to keep making more minefields I feel like that's where it's at tattoo Jabba's croc shout to you backup account Bobby B thank you for the huge super chat dude really appreciate that thank you so much for the support you do man we have Travis Muldowney love watching YouTube plays glad glad you enjoy watch it because we love playing a mad big shad to you Brandon Hayes combined cassette player and cassette then equip Oh cassette player oh okay so we got weird and listen to these next time cassette player restores energy oh wow that's awesome tell me my sanity goes back up please how do I stop it now there we go okay that's pretty sweet that is pretty sweet thanks for that too bad big shad to you Thank You Brandon Hayes we also have Jabari McGee shout-out to you for the super chairman put leaves in money to keep the fire burning longer thanks for letting me know yeah we figured that one out it's a good definitely a great way to keep the fire going David Backes gotta wrap thanks for the soup chat Carolyn : Chad do you smear squadron just got home from work have you guys got in the katana yet we have now sorry don't read the soup chats right away it's kind of hard sometimes but I hope you guys understand and thank you sue berry squadron for that super chat ready for Freddy calendar if there's no log in the cart you can transfer cannibal corpses and rocks on nice to watch you play the forest hash like road to seven mill ready for Freddy thanks for letting me know I was wondering cuz uh you know move from these cannibal bodies is a bit tiresome so thank you for the tip really appreciate it and again thank you for the super channel you guys have kids I always enjoy streams no matter what you play that means the world to me kid J thank you so much you know I want to play a variety of games and people like you make it possible so big shot too and thank you for the support and then we also have Randy Taylor new spot sir welcome to the tee G Lee truly appreciate the support enjoy those emotes my friend and ever we give them a warm welcome if you guys want a sponsor again like will be in description below any suggestions you have let us know in chat and that is gonna be wrapped for this one ladies and gentlemen I'll see you guys in the next for us and in the next life shrimp really really soon thanks for watching hope you've got some day and peace out

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  1. I don’t know why but I just thought of how you would look like if you had no hair, eyebrows, glasses, or beardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. You need to use the other ax the modern ax is only for chopping down trees that's why it's so slow when you get it.

  4. Lol…this is not something for you kids to play because most of the cannibals are not wearing any clothing…………

  5. A man comes into McDonalds and says he wants a job and his professions r hunting six legged creatures and throwing cannibals in pits of fire, what do u

  6. its been a year but the faces of the new ones looks like the face of timmy. They have used it when they killed timmy? Idk

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