Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service: How do tags work?

Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service: How do tags work?

Narrator>>On the top left corner of your
tag, you will see the year of the tag’s validity. Underneath you will see the type of tag you
possess. For this specific tag, it is a 2019 Ontario
Resident Deer Tag Your personal information and licence number
listed on your tag must match what is listed on your Licence Summary and Outdoors Card. Your tag will include validation information,
for example: this tag is valid for one antlerless deer in WMU 99 OR 1 antlered deer in any WMU. It is illegal to alter, modify or copy a tag
or to possess such a tag. The new licensing service will record when
tags have been printed. To learn more about the new regulation changes
and updates, please visit [Fish and Wildlife logo]
[Ontario logo]

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