Fitzmagic Goes Ocean’s 11 to Win the Bucs Job | Gridiron Heights S3E4

Fitzmagic Goes Ocean’s 11 to Win the Bucs Job | Gridiron Heights S3E4

I’ve assembled the greatest con men in the NFL Do just well enough to get the money then your talent disappears But Fitzy, you’ve stolen millions from the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans, Jets What else is there? I’m going to steal the starting QB job for the Bucs Here’s the plan I cause a distraction in the media Ahem- I went to Harvard but I’m wearing silly clothes Wow! Look! Next we need a QB controversy That’s where Sammy Sleeves comes in Whoops maybe you should start the rookie! Dalton, Marvin I need you to get people excited but still lose a Wild Card game The AFC North is really up for grabs At this point no one will know what it takes to be an NFL quarterback And if I play one good half, I’ll get the job Now eventually, I’ll be exposed Uh, sir you’re going to want to see this Only I get to be overpaid Get him! Tannehill that’s when you confuse everybody Uhhhhhhhh- they are 3-0 uhhh And they’ll have to start me anyway Any questions? Why don’t we just play great football all the time? Because that’s so hard

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100 thoughts on “Fitzmagic Goes Ocean’s 11 to Win the Bucs Job | Gridiron Heights S3E4

  1. Poor Tannehill, part of being a great QB is you are expected to play great even without a front line, you would think they would look at every good game he has ever played and see its simple when he has a decent front line and some time hes lights out. Look as soon as he left that front line played the best game of there careers but its fucking Brocktober fans are blind.

  2. Something bad happened to all of these QBs after Fitzpatrick got the starting QB job Dalton and the Bengals started loosing Carson palmer got cut Ryan tannehill got injured and then Fitzpatrick lost his job again

  3. If you saw the beginning of the video, the blueprint said, “Alfred Blue Print”. Alfred Blue is an NFL RB that, I think, plays for the Texans.

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  5. The Dolphins just did Fitzpatrick dirty by trading Tunstil and exposing him so soon after stealing the starting job fair and square

  6. I mean,Fitzpatrick graduated from Harvard.
    This sounds realistically like a great idea and only a person of Fitzs caliber could probably pull it off.

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