14 thoughts on “FORESTT // Gates

  1. Willow's been whistling in my ear:

    Morning is coming clear

    Surrender yourself to what comes, my dear

    Or lie inside your puddles of fear.

    Your spirit it can rise. You can be free

    Reaching in to this dream, it is

    Your trembling self that one day will be

    Reaching out for eternity

    And while I am walking the gates of knowledge

    Re- bonding my step with her sigh

    cold winds are shattering tears out of my eyes.

    I stumbled on a flower its petals bowed


    I knew that I'm still strained and proud

    To her whistling

    And while we are chanting the joys and the journeys

    Making beds by the end of the night

    New dawn is waking and glitters in our eyes

    And the morning will rise

    The morning will rise

    The morning will rise

    Oh oh oh…

    Oh oh…

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