Fortson 4-H Center

Fortson 4-H Center

>>Girl: This summer I’m
going to camp at Fortson.>>Girl: I’ll go swimming.>>Boy: I’ll get to
go to Stone Mountain.>>Boy: I’ll go zip lining.>>Girl: I’m going
to go wall climbing.>>Boy: I’m going to
walk a nature trail.>>Girls: I’ll hang
out with my friends.>>Girl: I’ll make
some new friends.>>Boy: And I’ll get to meet
some awesome counselors.>>Female counselor:
You think I’m awesome?>>Boy: There’s so much
to do at Fortson 4-H camp.>>Girl: But no
matter what I do…>>Girl: I know 100%…>>Boy: Without a doubt…>>Boy: Totally guaranteed…>>Girl: That I
will have a blast.>>Girl: That I’ll
have a blast.>>Boy: That I’ll
have a blast. [ Music ]>>Johntavis: What’s up guys?>>Ashley: Hey y’all,
what’s up?>>Johntavis: I’m Johntavis.>>Ashley: And I’m Ashley.>>Johntavis: And we’re
Georgia 4-H summer camp counselors.>>Ashley: And today we’re
going to tell you all about summer camp at
Fortson 4-H Center.>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: Yeah, that’s right. Fortson 4-H Center.>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: That’s what I
said, Fortson 4-H Center.>>Johntavis: Oh,
Fortson 4-H Center.>>Ashley: Are you done yet?>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: I can’t
take him anywhere.>>Johntavis: Basically what
she’s saying you’re going to have the best time of your
life at Fortson 4-H Center.>>Ashley: Fortson 4-H Center. So as soon as you get
to Fortson 4-H Center, all campers will be
divided into color crews.>>Johntavis: Yeah, like,
red, yellow, blue,>>Ashley: And orange.>>Johntavis: Yeah, that’s
my favorite color. But all the groups
will be competing for the coveted Fortson Cup.>>Ashley: Which is almost,
actually it is, it’s better than the Nextel Cup.>>Johntavis: Oh boy, I’m excited! Fortson 4-H Center is awesome,
but since it’s so close to Atlanta, you actually
get to leave and go off to other cool places.>>Ashley: Oh, yeah, like,
Stone Mountain and White Water and even the Atlanta
Motor Speedway.>>Johntavis: The daytime at
Fortson 4-H Center is jam packed with fun stuff to do.>>Ashley: Oh, yeah,
like, archery.>>Johntavis: We
have archery.>>Ashley: Oh Yeah!
You got some swimming.>>Johntavis: Swimming.>>Ashley: Go canoeing.>>Johntavis: Canoeing.>>Ashley: The ropes course.>>Johntavis: The
ropes course.>>Ashley: What about, what’s
that herp…herp…herb…>>Johntavis: Herbert?>>Ashley: No, herp…>>Johntavis: Herpetology.>>Ashley: There you go.>>Johntavis: And guess what?>>Ashley: What?>>Johntavis: Guess what?>>Ashley: What?>>Johntavis: They
also have a farm.>>Ashley: A farm.>>Johntavis: Animals.>>Ashley: Animals. So what kind of animals
do they have at this farm?>>Johntavis: They have sheep.>>Ashley: Oh, sheep.>>Johntavis: Sheep.>>Ashley: More sheep. Chickens. I love chickens. Chickens. So Fortson
has more animals than Old McDonald
had on his farm.>>Ashley and Johntavis: Oh Camp Fortson had
a farm, e i e i o.>>Ashley: You know,
Fortson is close to Atlanta. So you know they have
to have a good time.>>Johntavis: Right. They have a variety show where
the counselor get up there and do all kinds of crazy
stuff, and you scream and shout your heads
off all night long.>>Ashley: Oh, yeah. We’ll sing, we’ll dance.>>Johntavis: We
will, we will,>>Ashley: We’ll act a fool
just so you guys have a blast. Well, guys, in case
you can’t tell, Fortson 4-H Center is
all about having fun>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: You guys
get to meet new people.>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: You get
to try new things>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: You might
even learn something.>>Johntavis: Fortson
4-H Center.>>Ashley: But the most
important thing is we want to make sure you
guys have a blast.>>Johntavis: At
Fortson 4-H Center.>>Ashley: Do you want
to say anything else? We’ve only got, like,
10 seconds left.>>Johntavis: Actually I do. And we can’t wait
to have you at>>Ashley and Johntavis:
Fortson 4-H Center. (c) 2014 University of Georgia
College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences
Georgia Cooperative Extension

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