Full Raised Bed And Garden Tour | The Forgotten Gardening Files

Full Raised Bed And Garden Tour | The Forgotten Gardening Files

hey guys welcome back to the channel today we're going to try to get out here in the gardens we made a video the other day after the kids had been here for the fourth of July and we kind of rushed through it a little bit didn't really catch everything we wanted to catch so hang around talk to the video we'll get out here see what we missed [Applause] okay guys before we get too tied up out here in the gardens we had some baby Tucker's born the other day and if you're not familiar with Tucker's they're a little bit bigger than a quail and a little bit smaller than a pheasant so you can you can look those up yourselves but I'm gonna put up a little clip here of some of the baby Tucker's Tina went downstairs got us some flip so I throw one up here real quick we'll take a look at it I'll be right back all right guys babies and we're glad to have them here on the homestead it'd be a nice little addition I'm going to be building some pens for them later on in the summer so you guys can come by check that out if you want to know how to do that or may even build some new pens for the quail so you guys hang around in later in the year we'll oh well we'll see about doing some project work but for right now we're gonna get out here take a look around in the gardens and we'll see what we missed the other day on the video all right guys we'll start out here by the end of the driveway and I'm just gonna ease over here real quick take a look that's up the side of the house there towards the road but I wanted to show you right here at the base of our back steps we've got a mama Robin he's in turn s there and I'm oh I'm five feet away from her so they're pretty cool with us being around I can see her blue eggs in there underneath there she's sitting right there in the base of the tree it's just been real easy so we're gonna slide on back out of here and leave her be I thought you might enjoy seeing a little mama Robyn sitting on her nest alright guys we're over here at the main garden and it looks a lot different the potato buckets are gone you saw a service those the other day we've chopped and dropped the entire sea of beans we got a 49 quarts of beans mixed green and yellow beans out of there but we chopped and dropped it we probably could have got another picking but we're getting set up for fall planting we have left our pepper plants in here we're gonna let these go ahead and run they're still producing really well we got our jalapenos here and they've got a got some nice peppers hanging on we got our red peppers over there I'm sure you can see that standing out against the green foliage we pulled out the cabbage and the broccoli down through here and pull them out we just chop and drop them right back into the soil so we've let this dry out today I'll probably get on it this evening and fill that back in but I wanted to give you a look at it and we'll go see what else we can find here all right guys I would stop over here at the blue lace red wine dots we the cabbage went into the house we made that into sauerkraut if you haven't been by our facebook page you're welcome to stop by over there but we turned the cabbage into two 5-gallon crocks of sauerkraut that's about a 40 quarts so they extra cabbage and stuff we brought out here and I give it to the chickens they're enjoying it let's see the hey I'm some monies over there they're enjoying it too we can zoom in on them I'm very good at this whole zoom game but they got them some over there they're enjoying it too but we're gonna take a look at the raised bed garden here so let me bring you back alright guys we're here by the cherry tomatoes and you haven't seen them in a while but they are loaded up with uh Tomatoes down in there they load it all through there so we need to get to picking on some of these we'll put some up for making sauce with but we're also used a lot of the cherry tomatoes going to the salads and stuff through the year so they're kind of the eating tomatoes and we've got a bunch of sauce Tomatoes but we'll jump across the arch here there's another that is a baby plant off of a parent cherry tomato there but that's a little baby clone and then we planted these Roma tomatoes in here I think the last time you saw these tomatoes they were about four inches tall now there are good halfway up the steak anyway but uh they're starting to put on some of their little Roma tomatoes there but I'm looking forward to having these here we'll add those to the sauce guys we'll just come right on into the garden here and we'll get greeted by some nice green bell pepper good-looking peppers down through there plants all seem to have something on them so they're doing really really well we're getting getting ready here the ground cherries are or the husk cherries have whatever you want to call them we call them ground Terry yeah those cherries are starting to put on their little cherries for the year the watermelon have broken out the other side over there I'm sure if you can see that the watermelon must know they're getting ready to go over there guys we have a ton of tomatoes ripening in this little bed here they have fallen over and taking their plants with them so we're gonna get these picked off and get some of the weight off of them and get these propped up and tied but there's a lot of tomatoes down through there we're gonna make use of them so we'd give you a look all right guys we're still in the raised bed garden here I would take a look there's some purple Islander peppers they're just a purple bell pepper back out through here we've got some yellow onions I also got a few weeds they're just let's take care of that these are red onions and they seem to come with a few weeds – guys we have weeds grow here just like everybody else we like to pull them and dress things up for the videos when we can but guys the reality is is we could we grow weeds here too so don't feel bad if your curtains got weeds in it ours doesn't always look pristine we we get all kinds of little weeds down through there so that'll probably take an afternoon to get all those out of there but you'll see it cleaned up again – at some point these little these little tomato plants here they were about 4 inches tall last time you saw them – these are growing right here where we grew the peas if you guys remember the peas being planted in here but the pea hoops are still in there and the tomato plants are taller than the hoops now those hoops are I'll say 18 to 20 inches tall so tomatoes are coming out they're starting to run up above it so time to start tying them back to the hoop and we'll tie them over here to the trellis but will just come right off these and more Sun and guys those tomato plants are identical and we're planted at the same time so the more Sun you can throw a tomato plant the better but those other ones get enough they're flowering and producing too so won't be as big of production but we'll be glad to have it these here are the snacker onions and the snacker onion bed they are doing really well and they're getting big too here well the onions aren't real big the tops are getting B but wait for those onions in the ball we'll go ahead and take those out hey we got some more pepper plants over here we're going to be planting these in beds here replanting those for fall so nothing really left in there to show got some hot peppers here that's some more bell peppers here there they're loaded down like the others and we got some onions here around the exterior of the box but plenty of bell peppers forming up in there glad to have them there they're wanting about a buck apiece for them at the store so can't really lose growing buy peppers we got the beets back over here beets are looking good they got a few little weeds coming up through them but nothing too intense they are getting about ready to harvest so won't be too long be looking for a beet harvest and then we'll probably pickle some beets so we'll probably have a recipe on that get ready to pull these broccoli out of here there they're obviously eat up with the bugs and we have onions planted all down through them so we'll pull the broccoli plants out of the way we were afraid this would happen so we went ahead and planted the onions up underneath up we'll go ahead and get those plants out of there and let the let the onions come on up through hey I'm going to show you that nice yellow dill there those are some giant dill heads that we've got some more Tomatoes going on down here in this box and some more on a cross over here and this one but that'll about wrap up the the raised bed garden for this this run anyway we'll bring you back when we got something more exciting to show you but for right now these guys are still just growing get ready to start picking off some serious amounts of peppers all for Center boxes of our of our raised bed garden these two here sorry I swing you real quick and the two back there in the center are all bell peppers well I buddy a bell peppers for making sauce and we've got plenty of Tomatoes playing it so it should be a good year and plenty of onions and we've got some basil over on the other side I think I've shown you that so we got about all the fixings for a real good sauce and most of it'll come right out of our garden all right guys pick you back up here at the sweet corn but as you can see the years are starting to develop really well and they're starting to swell up we had to fertilize that one last time when they started to tassel and that really helps give them one last boost to put into form in those ears and like like you see here that also gives them enough juice to do the double here so we're we're glad to have them they're doing really really well we're gonna have oh I'd say around 600 years we usually shoot for a thousand but we gave up some room on the front here to grow the squash and we gave up some room on the back to grow the gourds so we also gave up the end of the patch which I wanted to show you there's the top of the sweet corn I'm 6 feet tall that corns got to be oh it's at least 7 foot tall it's at least a foot taller now but when you get down here to the project corn you got to look up that corn is 3 or 4 feet taller than the sweet corn that puts it up around 11 or 12 feet so we showed you the South American corn over there that was probably a it's probably closer to 16 foot but this corn here is easily 12 foot high so we're glad to have it and if you don't know what we're doing with the hybrid corn it's just a it's a field corn that we're developing we want to be able to grind it for corn flour or grits or use it as a feed for our animals we're trying to make a kind of an all-purpose corn that's a really suitable for growing in our area at least we'll we'll probably eventually send some out to other people and have them grow their area but we're trying to develop a corn that's a you know just a good all-around corn that we could use for cornmeal or grits or or just a feed for the animals if we needed to but we want something we can count on so we're working hard on it we're hoping it hoping it does real well as in the past years as we've been developing it but there's probably there are at least 20 types of organic heirloom corn in there some of the strains we used were hundreds of years old the South American corn that we're raising over in the other garden is a type of maize that the grow in South America actually there's a couple different types in there but they're heirloom also so we shouldn't have too much trouble all we got to do is get them hybridized and then then we'll mix them back and forth together and until it starts to yield a more consistent result so once we get a consistent result then we'll will screen it down and we'll start looking for different traits you know good good tip fill big kernels to the things that we're looking for in our corn so but first we need to get it all hybridized and once we do that we'll look for some slightly more consistent results and then we'll start tuning it for its individual features that's kind of the hybrid corn project in a nutshell we'll get on around here see what else we can find a look at you alright guys that's about gonna wrap it up for today's video we enjoyed having you guys come by the homestead I hope that filled in some of the holes we left in the video the other day sorry we didn't get to everything but it's hard you know to do an all-around walkthrough without making an hour-long video so we're gonna try to focus on a little bit shorter videos and just kind of break it up some but we are hopefully filled in some of the holes we hope you enjoyed it if you did please give this video a thumbs up and leave us a comment down below we sure appreciate it when you guys do that if you would say hello or ask any gardening questions you might have just leave those down in the comments and we try to answer everybody's comments so and it tells YouTube the people are watching and engaging with the video and that really helps us out because it shows the videos to more people so we really appreciate it when you guys do that if that thumbs up leave those comments but if you like the content here on the channel and you're not subscribed we hope you will and down next to the subscribe button is a bell your in that bell that'll send you notifications whenever we release new videos and guys if you've rang that Bell on in the past once you go ahead and ring it again and that makes sure that you have it set for all notifications that'll send you notifications whenever we release a new video guys that's a great way to keep up with the channel so we really appreciate you coming by the homestead hope you have a wonderful day we'll catch you in the next one

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47 thoughts on “Full Raised Bed And Garden Tour | The Forgotten Gardening Files

  1. Everything in your garden is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a Blessed Weekend *HUGS & PRAYERS* from Kelly and critters at Piney Haven Homestead

  2. Thanks for this update on the corn and tomatoes. Your baby's are so cute and hopefully they will taste good too. You and Tina have done a stand up job this year despite the terrible consequences and weather. Much love and respect to you both. Peace and blessings.

  3. Everything looks great. How dense did you plant your beets. I want to grow a lot of beets next year and onions too. Actually a lot of food.

  4. Hidden Heights Farm has given you a shout out several times as they used your super soil mix ratio for their raised beds this year and have had great success. Your garden and knowledge of gardening is so bountiful regardless of what you grow.

  5. Very nice garden,..what do you use on the ground around the beds?.. it's taken 14 yrs of composting to get this NC red clay to a nice dark loam ….no garden this yr Switching gears peeling 4"-6" of the garden soil and putting in 3–20' L x 4'w x 3' h…raised beds made from roofing metal…tired of gardening on a slope plus due to a back injury yrs ago ..I just can't get down to harvest any more….you definitely got them mater's go'n for Shure… Enjoy the fruits of your labor 👍

  6. Now how in the world did you keep any of those cherry maters with those grandbabies around.lol. Did yall leave any cheeks on that new grandbaby 😘🤣busy busy.

  7. I never heard of the chukars before but there's lots I haven't heard of in my 60 yrs. too. I'll have to check them out. Your corn is looking great with big healthy cobs of corn. Your grapes are just loaded. It looks like you all will have lots of sauce with all those tomatoes and peppers. Take care guys!

  8. Glad you are getting a few breaks from the rain. Thanks for breaking out the forgotten files. You have a huge garden so understand breaking it up.
    Take care,

  9. Another great video, I enjoyed the explanation of your field corn project I interested and will be following. Keep up the great work

  10. Always love seeing your garden, as for mine, full time work comes first but make time to water and get things done. Think I found a new hobby as my wife calls it with 6 out of the ten raised beds made and ready for planting she keeps telling me she's going to get me some overalls for Christmas told her only if i can wear my Dixie cup with it.

  11. Thanks for all you guys do. I love the walks through your lovely garden. Keep up the good work.

  12. Kevin hidden heights farms)experienced a hell of a beetle issue.. you might wanna make a few house calls and help him .. love you guys .. thanks for the harvest Intel..

  13. Alright Mark you getting slack on your "A" game, HAHA I gotcha beat on the quantity and the size!!

    I know how to grow "WEEDS"!!
    You can't touch my stature in this area!! And I Thank God for that! Lol. I gotta go get busy while its cooled off some.
    Tyfs, everything looks awesome. God bless.

  14. Your gardens are really producing very well. I will be putting a fall garden so that I might at least get something to put up. I learned something new again. I'd not heard of the little hatchlings before.

  15. I hope to be able to follow your lead and make a bucket garden in the warmer weather 👍🐨🦘🐨🦘

  16. Man those tomato plants are just loaded down Mark, wow! I'd definitely call that a bumper crop! Thanks for the info on the Chukars, I had never heard of them until now, love quail though, lol! Y'all are gonna have buckets of peppers, I plan on expanding the variety of them that I grow here next season, nothing like the zest and flavor that they add to any dish!

  17. My guess is that yall haven't seen a canned vegeatable in a while! Ha ha! Your gardens are amazing and when i redo my beds i'm gonna use your super soil recipe if it's alright ! And i bet those Chukars are mighty tasty when theiy're grown.

  18. I wonder if you could stick a rubber cork inside the drain hole and pilot your own drain hole through the cork slowing down the water flow.

  19. I'm interested in your grapes. Noticed you had Concords. When I moved to middle Tn I was told they wouldn't grow here. Was wondering if you were at a higher elevation than me (about 600') or if I was misinformed.

  20. I just love how well all your crops do !!! Mine just don't do as well , and I'm next to you by pigeon Forge ! I need to follow you , step by step ! Thanks for this update !

  21. Loved seeing your garden again! I have pepper envy! I used to hunt chukars when I lived in Idaho! I had no idea you could buy them to raise! Everything you have looks awesome. I have a few sneaky weeds hiding in my squash. I think everyone has a few 🙂

  22. Yeah chickens!!! The whole garden looks wonderful. Do you do any corn grinding right now? To make meal or flour?

  23. I have never heard of chukars before . Lucky your sweet corn is about done . It looked really good even the second ears were starting to get some size . Those grapes are loaded !

  24. I heard Kevin from Hidden Heights Farm talk about some super soil he got from you. I am curious about it. Thanks for any help.

  25. I have a rather large volunteer pumpkin patch. Is it better to go ahead and get the pumpkins after they are fully grown to ripen on the porch or leave them where they grew? Love your garden!

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