Fully automated charging of EVs with a robot

Fully automated charging of EVs with a robot

Do you ever wonder if driving an
electric car is even fun? My answer – yeah it is! And it’s also really comfortable
and has tons of power. Speaking of comfortable. What about charging, while in a parking space? Is there an easy way? Yes, there is!
Thanks to the KUKA automatic charging assistant and autonomous parking. It’s
magic. Let’s go! It works, the car is finding its way on its own. Your electric
vehicle drives completely autonomous and parks right in front of the KUKA
charging system. And the assistant does everything for you – automatically – or
shall I say automagically. Open charging port cover. You don’t have to worry about
anything and can just relax. Whose idea was this costume? Though anyway, what was I talking about? Right, the KUKA Charging Assistant recognizes your vehicle and
automatically starts the charging. process who moves right true but cucas
thought it at – thanks to an intelligent camera the charging assistant knows
exactly where the port on your vehicle is and it all happens automatically now
your electric vehicle has enough power for the next trip boom thanks to cookus
automation expertise and innovative ideas the charging process is now
completely safe and reliable parking and charging at the touch of a button how
much time does that save you could use that extra time to get
some work done or not or celebrate wild parties whatever it is you want to do
the cuca charging assistant gives you more time for the more important things
in life and the great thing is it’s suitable for one’s many car brats got it
go I have an important date and my electric car is already fully charged
anyway perfect timing but the Cougar story isn’t over yet
we’ll be seeing you always electrifying order intelligence

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7 thoughts on “Fully automated charging of EVs with a robot

  1. Haben euch nicht vor paar Jahren die Chinesen gekauft? Oder waren es Japaner? Wirklich schade. Ich will nicht wissen wie viel know how schon nach Asien geflossen ist. Tragisch

  2. Er kommt rüber wie der Bengel von Sohn des Geschäftsführers. Er steigt als 'Head of Marketing' beim Papa ein und muss jetzt erst mal zeigen, dass er auf der EBS nicht nur Weine für 600€ die Flasche getrunken, sondern dabei auch was 'gelernt' hat. Leider eben Marketing und nicht Maschinenbau, wie der Herr Keller Senior.

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