Garden Weasel - Flower Bed & Garden Preparation

Garden Weasel – Flower Bed & Garden Preparation

looking for the perfect tools to build your floral or vegetable garden this season there you go creating a flower bed is one of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your yard front or back and you can count on the garden weasel family team to make every yard project go faster and easier here are all the tools you'll need to turn your patch of ground into a beautiful flower garden okay let's get started first use your garden hose to plot out the area you're planning on clearing next take your garden weasel edger and carefully and precisely cut out the frame for your bed the extra wide foot plate and carbon steel blade make quick and accurate work as you define your flowerbed space once the parameter is established dig in with the garden weasel round point shovel the soft egg anomic grip provides comfort and excellent leverage and the carbon steel head and shank can take it when you put a little extra muscle into the job now it's time to break up and loosen the exposed dirt the sturdy garden weasel garden claw is the perfect tool for getting in there and breaking up hard soil it's sized just right so there's no bending needed to get good leverage and the t-grip design and padded handle makes every move you make more comfortable the spiral turn action of the garden claws 4 carbon steel prongs really gets the job done a few twists and the soil is already looking more like a bed ready for planting to prepare the soil even further nothing cultivates like the original garden weasel the scissor like action of the tines breaks up the soil combining the functions of both a hoe and Spade with less effort and faster results the easy back and forth action of the garden weasel tills cultivates and aerates the soil now it's time for the topsoil and plants and that's where the garden weasel garden glide comes in handy this handy helpmate makes moving up to 200 pounds of lawn and garden materials fast and easy and glides over grass concrete brick sand or mud without marring the landscape now add nutrient-rich topsoil to your freshly cultivated flowerbed area next grab your garden weasel steel bow rake to mix and blend the new topsoil with the cultivated dirt the patented economic handle system allows you to stand straight while raking eliminating strains that lead to lower back pain the fixed tines mix the dirt with ease congratulations your flowerbed is now ready for planting your garden weasel tools have prepared the dirt and made it ready for hand planting of your favorite starter plants just scoop out and plant after all of your plants are placed make sure you lightly water the area immediately then stand back and begin enjoying the beauty you've created with the help of your garden weasel family of products for frequent tips on other lawn and garden ideas become a friend of the garden weasel on Facebook click here to sign up

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19 thoughts on “Garden Weasel – Flower Bed & Garden Preparation

  1. "…the patented, ergonomic handle system allows you to stand straight while raking…"
    And the video shows the guy bent over almost halfway as he uses the rake. Stand straight while raking. Yeah. Sure.


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  6. And while I don't completely understand your specific needs, for digging you may find other tools on our site that may be of some help – our smaller garden spades, etc –

    In any case, good luck on your project, and thanks for checking out our YouTube channel!

  7. Our diverse suite of tools are designed to provide so many different functions in the garden and around the yard – it would be pretty challenging to create a one-size-fits-all tool with so many different utility needs. But we love inventions and new ideas, so feel free to tell us more about how you might see tools being combined to provide something we have not thought of!

  8. P.S. I'm just trying to find something to help me dig out embedded flagstones on side of 50's house shrouded by overgrown trees. It's heavy duty labor due to huge tree roots everywhere. I was using my teeny fork, trowel, & ancient ice pick which is all I have. The result is that now my arthritic knuckles, right hip, and liver are in pain – the latter excruciating.

    I often search hi & low on the Net & YouTube for info, only to find video's by people in kushy situations far removed from mine.

  9. For crying out loud, is there any ONE tool which can substitute for MOST of those tools? Not everyone has the wherewithall for all of those – I don't own a car, and my legs/feet are too short/painful to use a recumbant bike.

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