gardening + pantry organisation ☀️ | vlog 51

gardening + pantry organisation ☀️ | vlog 51

good morning guys it is Thursday today it is very early but I'm doing quietly she's asleep but today's the day I'm meeting laughs listen yesterday I got my hair done through what it looks like because I've got yellow lights it's making it look really warm I'll show you in different lighting I'm never up this early okay guys that I'm all ready to go I'll try and show you my hair and like I don't know if you could see anything anyway I'm just wearing jeans converse this body suit from C pray and they stack it from zebra or factory really I'm really nervous so every day you meet a sibling you've never met before you know just Julia making things we are asked to mate stop calling read hey guys so I am just about to head to work now it is Friday today sorry I didn't vlog anymore yesterday because I was just enjoying the time meeting my half brother so I just want to quickly come on here I'll do a full in-depth video later but I just want to say it went really really well and that him I met his fiancee and her family we Skyped his parents and all chatted and had a really good time and my battery is flashing good but that's okay I'm gonna talk to you later anyway it was just a really good time I'm very very happy you know we're really well I'm gonna go to work now and I'll talk to you later so I didn't film introducing what I was doing for the day so in the clip you're about to see I headed over to Glory's house to help her build some flat packs that she got from Ikea and to go to Bunnings and buy her some plants I always have bought some plants I haven't even started yet are they going buying more plant so these are the plans this is glories I've got one so far we're gonna go grab some pots and I'm gonna paint my fur glory Julia's settled for this honey mix because I'm on a budget today I'm gonna go for this one two dollars you're the cheap one meanwhile being a good friend I am I am doing Glory's flatbacks just my legs just your way I am the flat-pack queen let's stop building I also have my little kitty pack of Doritos Thanks that's not that's that's what we voted mr. pritter quick hey guys sorry it is Tuesday today and I have a day off it's literally like 2 p.m. I have done nothing but I didn't upload a video and then just chill the heck yeah I've been doing it nothing I've been in bed I've literally only done 780 steps today cuz I've been doing nothing but now I decided I why you why you looking the fan what you doing Leia what's up so anyway I decided that I will really pop my plants so they're still in their original little things and I thought some pudding mix and start someone put them well I'm out of breath so I'm going to put them in pots I cannot English today you know what I'm trying to say let's go outside though I've never done this before so I'm gonna have to YouTube how to transfer a plan so don't judge me if I do this wrong I think that worked it looks pretty good to me my neighbors are probably like hey I just go talking to you alright ease they are all freshly repotted and I need to go clean my hands and yeah I think I'll leave them out here just until they stop dripping everywhere it's the same lay out community this world the time shining does take the chance Stormont stale good morning guys it has been a while since I've vlog I had family over Mitch's mom and her partner they were here for Kobe's decided he really likes to eat flour and we have a big bag of bread flour on the floor pantry and he came out looking like a coke head the other day so so yeah I haven't really involved because I've been busy with that I took everyone to Byron Bay which I had never been to Byron Bay before but we got some really cute Polaroid and it's one of Mitch and I the water all of us at the lighthouse another one of all of us at the Lighthouse there we are a waterfall that was just completely somewhere else and more of the water so they're really really cute I love those I've been using this I got this new Polaroid camera and I'm obsessed with it it has self timer as well don't mind the chewed up dog brush and it's amazing I love it so today I have a day off of work which is a lovely and the bags under my eyes are intense because my first day off since the fam left it's the first day of just me myself and I I look like a toad but it's it's fine I thought I'd reorganize my pantry because it's a little bit chaotic so that's what I'm gonna do right now I honestly don't even know where to start maybe I should start at the bottom because that's just um it's just bags we've had to put a bag of potatoes on top of the flour but then we've got all these garbage bags full these bags we'll use bags rubbish why is there rubbish in here obviously I decided to do the bottom last so I really like to have things in containers with labels obviously I am a label fanatic this is empty I find it's just a lot more efficient to have things in containers with labels and everything it looks a lot nicer and it stays a lot fresher because it's nice and sealed so there's not too much I have to do with those ones pretty simple shelf and everything so I'm just gonna start putting them back as I'm doing that I might throw some stuff out and this side is where I keep the dog food and then here I just put the oil this is not really a nice place this is kind of the random shelf so it's like cereals dog food oil you know cuz I've got room I'm also going to move my vinegars and stuff from other top shelves to down here so that is basically that shelf done easy-peasy probably get rid of these cuz I never eat them and they're probably like well over year old I'm just gonna get rid of it so with my empty ones I'm just going to wash them and then put them in storage and stuff until I guess something that I can in it this is all the stuff from that shelf we have a lot of herbs spices sauces all of the above what I always forget those we have a PowerPoint in here and thinking and maybe I put the coffee machine here so it's not like on the bench so with my herbs and spices I like to put them in these little thing things pretty short they're from Ikea it just makes everything look nicer rather than looking like this some of them are still in their original packaging I just haven't put them in here so I'm going to do that also we do have a lot of bulk stuff like oh why is that pepper in here we have a lot of bulk stuff as well from Costco so that's why we have like a lot of this all the empty one so I just use a knife to pop this off because that shit's hard so I think I'll actually not have these big ones in the container because I'll cook just the ones that don't have these yet you know I'll just organize now I'll just pop the extras in Gion herbs and spices done I'll put these style probably shouldn't because that means so this will be my little coffee and tea station so put coffee right next to it the tea behind said I often have tea I will use one of my bigger containers from before to put my father I just fit thank goodness that will be the little coffee station inside the pantry I kind of like it like that kind of kit kind of also weird alright so these two shelves are done we're progressing very well I think now I got to quickly get rid of this rubbish I know there's pesto no I'm all right it's fine this is the next shelf so this shelf is pretty much my baking stuff like flour all that stuff and then all of my seeds and nuts and everything I'm not gonna put new labels on just yet because I just want to get this done I'm gonna do labels though for ones that I won't know what it is so like oat bran if I put that in a container I'm gonna completely forget what it is oh no I thought this was transparent why open this is also a really good way to determine what you gotta buy at the grocery store like I need to get flour icing sugar and corn flour not so much these two I don't really use them often and yes I'm aware that that's a white label and that's clear it's very very annoying but you know you're gonna get it not be so stressed about these things probably gonna use a smaller container so that is that shelf done now as well now onto this one got two left and then the bottom oh my god so you can see this is a mixture of pasta just other random cooking stuff and snacks you have a lot of spaghetti from Costco so I just popped all this stuff in it's kind of just a random whatever so I didn't really film that part I just kind of threw it in and I don't really need to do the top that's just all my protein powders there's like chapito and then some random other brands from the store honestly I'm not gonna bother with this right now because OB get out because I can't be bothered so let's just focus on this so this is the finished product thanks for watching if you liked give it a like and subscribe and I'll see you next time bye

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9 thoughts on “gardening + pantry organisation ☀️ | vlog 51

  1. So so so satisfying watching this! I tidied my room while I watched this! Where are your containers with the grey lids from?

  2. Seeing you organise stuff is so therapeutic 🥰 love seeing your face again and seeing your vlogs xx

  3. hahah I'm literally addicted to bunnings too! #plantmum
    I'm about to post a organising video myself, really enjoyed this! xoxo

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