Garmin Sport Pro vs Educator Ecollar Upland UL-1200 PART 1

Garmin Sport Pro vs Educator Ecollar Upland UL-1200 PART 1

okay there seems to be two colors and my research that come up in that kind of mid-range educator type of an e-collar we've got the upland series from educator and then we also have the sport Pro by Garmin they're right about in the same price point 249 verses say 269 and I want to go over quickly the features right out of the box this is basically what you get a lot of packages and connectivity must be for all of the different things lots of joints and everything a little bit harder to put together but you can figure it out it's all mini USB and then we've got this that attaches to some points on the other side of the Garmin ok just clip that on like that so pretty easy to do just not as conventional probably because of a waterproof feature there this is the obviously the collar portion and this is the controller the sending unit ok and over here we have the upland series this is what it comes with you've got the case a belt clip lanyard comes with a separate set of points and a skin-changer little tab there where you can change the skin to camouflage if you want it also comes with this light that allows you to find out whether or not the collars operating the unit here has two point they're both exactly the same so in charging both of these units you can find the spot right back here for this one and then on the collar it's right here this doesn't actually look as waterproof as the Garmin from that standpoint but otherwise they're both you know the garments got the same thing it's got an open plastic port here with their micro deal so to go over the features real quick the collar here has got a three quarter inch it's a pretty flexible collar I'm going to show you though that the the educator series this is the 1200 up one series has got a much tougher collar wider strap and much more visible I kind of like that some people might know that this is flexible so that's kind of nice in this case the Garmin starts by pushing the button you can see you can hear the tone now I've started this collar and now I'm ready to operate the collar using the sending unit strap this on the dog making sure you got a fairly tight connection to the points and then we can go on from there this also has a unique feature that talks about the when you set it on auxiliary mode you can go to a light to find the dog at night or in the evening when you're looking for them or you can turn it off the buttons and features are pretty simple to control on the Garmin if you look you can go to momentary stimulation I started out at one you know we're at two now with our Labrador it's eight months old here we're stimulating you can see just on a momentary basis here is a continuous button that will allow you to continuously stimulate the dog if you want to you can vibrate or you can tone this device will also let you control two other collars red collar and a blue collar so you can change that with that mode switch and so this is basically a three dog collar on the instructions will tell you how to operate that it also has a bark limiting mode so you can switch this and go into bark limiting mode and what that does is allows the collar to accelerate and do bark limiting feature and that means when the collar is on blue now you see I held the button down that's now blue and when the dog barks it's supposed to put it on a low shock and then raise the shock the more the dog barks there's even a feature that allows you to count the number of barks – it tells you by beeps and so forth how many barks the collar received I've heard that they've had limited success with that but it's a nice additional feature by Garmin so put this down and I'll show you the educator series the educator series has a different set of points so you can tell that these the points are different on the Garmin versus the educator these are the longer points if you had a dog with a really thick coat the Garmin might fit a little bit better these are the points that that came with the unit these are the taller points and they work great for the lab these are a little bit tall I think kind of dig in time so I like this one just a little bit better for that it also has a button here that you press to get the collar going and hold on here make sure all right and then we're going to turn on the sending unit kind of a unique design you can tell that the BART collar is working now because it's blinking and you just push the back button here to turn this one on I should hold I guess and now it's on so this has a very similar simple button set there's a little more programming to this one uses a rheostat dial rather than a click dial like the Garmin okay this is just

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One thought on “Garmin Sport Pro vs Educator Ecollar Upland UL-1200 PART 1

  1. I have to say, I'm a bigger fan of the Garmin. I just bought a Sport Pro bundle yesterday. I used the Tritronics Sport Basic G3 for many years, and felt now was time for an upgrade.

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