GET 10+ STRENGTH IN ONE DAY! - S3 EP3 | The Forest 4K v0.73

GET 10+ STRENGTH IN ONE DAY! – S3 EP3 | The Forest 4K v0.73

Oh everyone its pocket here and in this episode I plan to finish off this boat get it all stocked up so I can get the hell out of here and start building something but I'm gonna go up there first and get some and get the cash eh okay I'm up here I'm gonna blow this open dynamite it's so much chicory up here can't even use any of it might actually use some of it to get some energy blow this open destroyed my chicory Oh finally a watch guys being so hard to get watches so many ingredients of bombs I'll check us up on the one and there's a pot down there at this blue tent so I'm gonna go grab that so there's cannibals here waiting for me I'm not really they're taking off yes what happened to my last episode I made this Juve forgot to pick up the pot as electrical tape there Niram screaming this is another good space to UM oh good I can use those small generic meat for stews later on you can use this tent to sleep if you're gonna round on the boat with that idea I've got for a good start and I think with this anchor all the booze that was here is being removed I can't see it anyway which is most unfortunate but it was a good little easter egg a little stash of things to collect those blueberries here really hoping I get some blueberries seats I like to make it garden ASAP it makes some blue paint because I'm gonna be needing if the targets later on I'll be making the prison trap so you have to make sure stay on top of my blueberries use them up using the squirrels from now on a small generic make will come in handy well cannibals on the horizon good go away hopeful there's no trailers ah they will they're gonna jinxed it go away didn't even follow me weird ice s new blueprint system makes it easier to place things inside of the boat because you get right in there like that build another one get some meat ah I must have been able to put so I wasn't completely blocked out okay a slip during the night I'm gonna try out something new I'm gonna see if I can get like ten strengths in one day and it's gonna be absolutely grindy as hell but it's a test to see how much strength we can actually get in one day I'm gonna drink a lot of soda so hey cans sign the blueberries to number four so I've got energy to top up and I'm gonna use a bone strength so I said 27.4 it's going up I got five thousand six hundred and sixty-six calories to burn that is a lot eight some more meat blueberries 6,800 let's see how well this works got an auto-attack key let's go do a quick check honey halfway it's got plenty time to go soda piers that there's a to strength cap goes also 27.4 then I was at 29.4 and now I'm at 29.4 hmm well it's good to know this but well it didn't you generous in the patch notes forest developers well I certainly just placed around the skittle debates and also finish it now I've got a bed there oh my god the first time it's rain since I've been here geez rain so greedy Oh No oh there we go can I go through the water yep there we go and back to getting sticks do some calorie loading we'll go from there what am i hat 3,000 yeah a little day for the rest today it's good I want a total spawn spot so I'm just getting the meat from that screw then the frickin hell is that my pots all sunk to the bottom of the water happy to be careful the shark is around there somewhere and it's really weird leave my pot there and see what happens this time okay the fire's dying and kicking the pot off it I don't know what that's about so I'm just gonna kill the fire I'll kill both fires actually and I'm just replace them because it's kicking them off and it's not supposed to do that I don't know what's going on there see my pots down here hmm unless they've changed something riding in a bush sale well this works now a family went straight to me I was a lot here I'm not gonna engage that I'm pretty much almost finished there's a few more to do I can't see there it's not showing me the building thing I can't see how many is left on them it's not showing for some reason I don't want this I have to get closer certain angles and such all we need to be careful yeah push of the boat that's weird could always drive the boat doing that what if you couldn't set it up in a position that would just constantly driver and it's the last one done I still load up this fricking thing is gonna take forever but I better check my stats that's over so better sleep just come back to that spot where their son I found those three rabbits and it looks like this is a good spot to get rabbits though I don't know because it's easy to see them there's another one right there god it's cuz I've got the grass density up it's really hard to see him back at the plane I've thought why not grab what's here all response trying to find the deer because I need another one to make a water skin god I forgot how much stuff actually spawns here it's great there's another suitcase I must have missed another electrical tape god I'm having a little likeyou in searching for ages and I still can't find a single deer guys this doesn't look like a bit of a mess isn't it get rid of the rope they want to complete any that's a lot of right back oh that's great found another suitcase maybe this more than I thought I just don't look hard enough hey might as well make orange paint I use it for anything gets rid of some of the merry go maybe used to change the color a few weapons an orange is just not my color I might get the gun part while I'm here these up some miss Donna my mom watches me give me watch us might as well make a throwable rock bag so little I'm having zero like trying to find an animal song and I bike down the grass density down below I'll be able to see things a bit better hopefully I see some mushrooms or something like that more herbs I'm finding so many it's a good way to get rid of them little bastard I've a feeling the throwable rocks or the slingshot actually alerts the animals if you don't hit them okay wandering around aimlessly I managed to find the film crew game that's good cuz there's um mushrooms here I kind of maxed out arrows so my I can't make a rabbit pouch so I might leave these in case a despawn wannabe I'll pick them up later on lots of mushrooms here I keep finding Jack mushrooms I see any mushrooms I'm finding Oh finally a frickin deer go on a throw mine sitter arey spear go that would be I think it burns the skin off I'm not sure finally you know I can make what a skin I took a long time to get the blueberries keeps respawning here I thought it was supposed to take ages no that's good this is really helping for some reason I'm not getting cold in this game even when standing in the rain still not getting cold okay that should be enough I'm gonna go sleep after I just quick check a stupid book shift in the boat I can't even sleep yet might make a repair hem out while I'm waiting I'll set two rocks stick tents up to two sticks there we go there's a repairman covered in blood okay that was weird the game seems really buggy at the moment I'm not sure what's going on with it hey that was odd I couldn't use my drying rack there was a reason behind my madness of making the repair hammer now it's because I could damage it and then repair it and see if that would fix it strange now I can access my meats and stuff again okay so I took a break from recording and cut down heaps of trees here and filled up the boat I've driven it it works well there's a little bit of choppiness – it's strange I'll show you later anyway so I did a bit of research on strength and I got some comments about – so view on it turns out that you can only gain two strength per day but you can gain more and what it does it gives you a leeway you can gain two strength or lose two strength in a day that's how it works but in the game files towards obi-wan setup registers as a count and you can reset that count by saving and exiting so if you're going to strength you'll be capped if you save an exit it restarts the cap and you can continue on raising strength so going to strength save and exit gained another two strengths save & exit' gained another two strength save & exit' it removes the cap I'm not sure if it's a bug I doubt it is though it's just something you have to work with so it's good if you want to avoid that not gaining strength on a day to day basis you could just spend a couple of days just raising like almost ten strengths per day it's easy enough you can do it so hopefully I explained that well enough it's making some more herbs so getting a lot here and what can I do with this nothing anymore cane flower guru with the addition of modern arrows I'm starting to think that it's not really worth getting feathers anymore this has so many modern areas like you go to the film crew camp you can get fifty arrows just save and exit and response it's just using the forest at that Zebulon made to gain two strengths you need two thousand nine hundred and eighty two calories and 426 swings so I've got a fair bit I'll probably most likely kept my strength for the day I hope not cuz I'm just gonna keep doing it it's kind of sucky how it all works cuz you're gonna have to cap your strength cap your calories I'll by the way that cat kind of resets so that cap is an exclusive meaning you can gain through strength but you can also lose her strength as well there's no real way to win with this what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go and set up to do some swings I need to time the bone because the vein can be swung unlimited times it doesn't deploy your stamina so to work out how long you have to swing your weapon to for to gain strength you sign up auto key just raise it while you're away from the computer though I must admit this new system is a lot better than the last one Soph always responds when I come back here I'm not complaining now that's lovely so here we go okay went over the mark just a bit just say it heaps of stuff what I'm gonna go do is I'm gonna go raid the main cannibal village for a lot of soda I want to load up on heaps of calories se10 strengthen one day fourteen thousand eight hundred and ninety-six calories and 2128 swings that is a lot and I'm not sure if that's even possible in one day but I'll give it a go and sit around wasting time here because I have to travel to the main cannibal village and deal with any obstacles in my way uh-huh did expect to get that one ran right at me one if the slingshot kills even one here yeah I do okay gonna drink ten cans quickly and OH how did you get out of here that's a lot okay so I'm just gonna do it down here might upgrade my weapon first so I'm gonna go with what I said eighteen glass and eleven teeth I think that will be good oh well let's get this party rolling need to bring my calories dancer 3,800 they're not save and exit okay off burr 3341 should have only needed burn about 3,000 but that's swinging my weapon only doesn't include the running I spent to get here so we're gonna do build shelter save exit reload okay so I've reloaded I'll need another 3,000 to raise the strength again so that's perfect it's a little bit over but it's continued on okay that's enough when I save and exit again you go from there okay so I'm back in check how many calories I need I need two thousand nine hundred four hundred eight hundred twelve hundred sixteen hundred two thousand two thousand four hundred and that should take me up enough okay thirty-seven point two remember that let's go again okay yeah that's very close let's gone up to so I'm gonna do take an energy mix go outside check the weather report because it's probably nighttime now cuz I've gained six drinks since I've been down here it does take a bit amount of time yeah it looks like it's nighttime so wait here to get my stamina back before racing out psychos I don't want might be out there but because I mean saving and exiting everything respawns I can get all the soda again god I hate how they explode it's so annoying okay I'll load up so 4 8 12 16 20 to 40 to 80 that'll do ok I had to save an exit first I forgot to do that it's pretty important ok it's barely nighttime so the heaps of time the moon was finally out that helps a lot when it's going up I mean certainly halfway so let's go if I take some blueberries just a case okay 40.7 I check the time of day it's probably gonna reset very surely okay yeah so once that gets down to there I'm gonna race against time just drink more soda now save an exit see how far I can push this workout how much strength I can get quick okay quick check out the stats yeah let's go oops I accidentally broke the rock sorry if I break in your furniture now I don't know if I'm gonna keep using this method of raising strength I think it's good for everyone to know if they want to grind it because some days you just want to play the game you don't wanna have to worry about it so you aren't gonna raise your strength on Sundays and he can always catch up later on and also this would be a terrible method if you don't have an auto-attack key assigned so figure out a way to macro and I've got a video Logitech only but you can do what otherwise there's also third-party software that can help you do it because this would be terrible to do said they're clicking non-stop and also there's an ethical issue whether this is glitching through the game but it probably is but as always say it's up to the individual I still quick check all right still got time wondering if I'll lock up I can't tell if it's daytime or not I don't want to lose all the strength I just game but it's safe down here I can get at active from up there that's the time this game really needs a watch I think they should have watches in it like he start off and you get like a real basic watch then you can find better versions that gives more information like temperature compass that sort of stuff or maybe fine watch parts so you can upgrade it's not really realistic because that's not how watches technically work but it would be a good little system maybe it could belong to the Sahara people make upgradeable watches and you find parts he can find a compass a lie a decibel reader so it tells you how much noise you're making in terms of keeping yourself good because the noise to speak when it comes and you know compass calorimeter time that sort of stuff that would be cool okay so it's reset and I got it at a good time so forty two point five I she can't remember how much strength I had originally but I'll have it up on the screen but that's enough for one episode I think I've done pretty well it's good you could always come in here to get the booze as well but please don't make this much of calories you always use it to upgrade the modern axe anyway if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe Cheers

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37 thoughts on “GET 10+ STRENGTH IN ONE DAY! – S3 EP3 | The Forest 4K v0.73

  1. Hopefully I explained it well enough. Theres a 2 strength max, but it can be reset if you save and exit. I think with the method I used in this video, you could raise up to 12 strength in one day as there is just over 36 minutes in one day.

    Though what are your thoughts? Is this an ethical way of raising strength, would you do it? Let me know. Cheers

  2. I agree with the watch. Plus if we're talking about it being unrealistic then why do we have an infinite use lighter lol?

  3. I would think that of all the watches one can pick up, they could also be wearable. Even if they loose durability. There are so many in the game.

  4. May i ask if the brightness if from editing afterwards? how is it so bright at night and in caves, i cant see anything 😛

  5. I've just discovered your channel ; I like the fact that you're just showing the interesting parts of your playthrough, it makes the videos really dynamics. 'Cause this game can be a bit slow when you're just gathering ressources around the map.
    Plus, you have a great radio speaker voice (don't know how to say it correctly, I'm not English) it's really pleasant to listen to you. ^^

  6. I am not typing a comment to correct your strength statement. I am submitting this comment to correct you typing "over come" instead of "overcome."

  7. I like your vids-just started playing The Forest and so I appreciate the info. Btw, the E is silent when pronouncing cache.

  8. I noticed you had a gun in your inventory
    Can you make a video about how you get it
    Because I can only find the flair gun

    Ok I realize now that it takes parts but please, please make video or comment on my comment.

    After watching the video: thank you so much farket

  9. Does this method still work on V1.05? Calorie stats dont appear.

    All i do is carrying log around and swimming to raise stat.

  10. Imo, you're in the best spot in the game for a base; that shorelines forest is teeming with rabbits, birds, blue and black berries, medicinal plants, ponds and of course the beach has turtles for easy meat.

  11. i was wondering what your opinion was on treehouses, on my solo play i've enjoyed the relative safety of the altitude but i'm not conviced it's the best option

  12. The pictures on the thumbnail actually show an increase of less than 10 strength. Not to sound rude or anything, but it does kinda bother me for some reason. Even though it shouldn't bother me at all..

  13. I tried all this but I do not have a macro, I still lose strength, no idea wtf I am not doing :/ Stil love your videos you have some great ideas

  14. Newb question, what is the purpose for getting strength up, why so important?, more damage with melee weapons?, more stamina?

  15. Hey quick question, why is your underwater vision so clear?

    I cant see shit if i enter a body of water, even with the rebreather and the ocean quality on flat i cant see half as much as you do and i also cant find a console command or mod that fixes this 🙁

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