Get to Know Us: Taco Bell Mukbang + FAQ (who are we, where do we live, what’s next for the channel?)

Get to Know Us: Taco Bell Mukbang + FAQ (who are we, where do we live, what’s next for the channel?)

how would you introduce us? hi in a sentence…personality-wise how would you describe our personalities you do mine I’ll do
yours yeah yeah let’s do that you have a very
high capacity to dislike things and I have a very high capacity to like things okay hey guys this is a little bit of a
different video for us I am interrupting the Costa Rica videos because we have a
lot of new faces around here and I thought an introduction was in order in
real time in real life we are actually back in the United States and I am I am
editing the Costa Rica videos as fast as my little fingers can go if you are new
around here I upload Sundays Tuesdays and Fridays so Jesse and I are sitting
here at the dining room table at my parents’ house and we have Taco Bell for
Taco Tuesday yes so grab a taco and let us introduce ourselves as quickly as
possible before this food gets cold it’s already cold I like to consider myself
somewhat of a Taco Bell connoisseur yes we have one of everything that all the
good stuff from Taco Bell so Erin has the vegetarian
options a seven-layer burrito I’m not a vegetarian right but she has
the vegetarian options that are good a seven-layer burrito and a cheesy bean and
rice burrito both of which are delicious all right so something that you need to
know about us is that Jesse loves fast food and I do not love fast food so this is
how we compromise to keep our marriage intact so then the other things we have
that are great are the chicken quesadilla which is the thing that tastes
the most like real food at Taco Bell the beef Crunchwrap supreme the only thing I
like the beef in at Taco Bell we have the loaded potato griller we have the
shredded chicken quesarito so that’s all the stuff that I would recommend at
Taco Bell I just got one of everything so Taco Bell’s best salsa was verde and
they stopped offering it for some reason so now I have to buy my own tomatillo verde sauce at the grocery store in order to eat with Taco Bell
and yes I have rolled up to the drive-thru with it in my little cup
thingy many a time and yes they do offer the Taco Bell brand stuff at the store
but this is more legit and they actually sell this in Mexico yes so speaking of which
where do we live? Mexico. We live in Guanajuato City in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico
that is where we live in the mountains mm-hmm are we moving to Costa Rica no
next question on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you miss Mexican Coke Mexican what? Coke. Coca cola. yeah yeah it’s it’s very different here you’ll see that I’m not drinking coke here in America there’s a reason hey how would you introduce us hi in a sentence in one sentence who are we I’m a professional visual effects artist
who works on the Internet I’m professional visual effects artist
who works on the Internet then what comes after that and our
family we have a three year old daughter and our family doesn’t live in the
United States we live in Mexico okay so hello we are a family of expats
living in Mexico and I am a professional visual effects artist who works on the
Internet and thus we can live anywhere we are three crazy gringos two crazy
gringos and one little kid okay whatever so I have a video about why we left the United States I’ll link that here I won’t get into it in this video
but in 2017 we decided that you would go fully online and we would move abroad
and it took us about a year to choose a place and plan and save up money before
we took the plunge in summer of 2018 we’ve been living in Mexico for six
months when our visa ran out we went to Costa Rica for a short trip a couple
weeks and then we came back to the United States to spend the holidays with
our families and eat Taco Bell did you know somebody said that Taco
Bell got ranked the number one Mexican restaurant in the United States
I find that deeply offensive I know you don’t you know it’s so wrong this is not
Mexican food to be fair though I’ve had I’ve had refrigerator burritos from OXXO that tasted very similar to Taco Bell okay that’s another
question is it OXXO or OXXO because I say OXXO so I don’t know yeah so this is not Mexican food it’s
close to gas station food in Mexico though that’s what it is mmm it is close to the reheatable refrigerated gas station Mexican food
yes but I still love it it’s okay we love what
we love you shouldn’t apologize for that cuz love is love people love wins that was about Taco Bell right this is your dad’s
sweatshirt it is I don’t know anything about Hemis I think it’s an engine
Jesse’s dad is no longer with us…hemispherical engine that’s what it stands for hemisphere
what does that mean it’s the engine layout is different I don’t know
anything about cars what’d you go to school for I just took a
very big bite so I need a second what’d you go to school for my bachelor’s degree is in
English creative writing and I have a Masters of Fine Arts in creative
nonfiction creative writing it’s a highly lucrative in degree demand in
demand degree yes my bachelors were both kind of like a hodgepodge
do-it-yourself mess of Computer Arts and computer technology there’s kind of some
of both I ended up with the BA and a BS somehow after five years um and then I
went back to school in 2012 online to animation mentor dot com to learn 3d
character animation a la Pixar Disney and stuff and then bailed on that
program the semester before graduating here we are. I’m getting full
there’s a lot of food here I ordered about twice as much food as I needed. why? because I wanted to represent all the good stuff from Taco Bell to the good people of
YouTube and also the crazy people of YouTube we love you too
what else should they know about us our kid is obsessed with dinosaurs, she’s three and a half uh-huh it means more at this age you know
percentage-wise mm-hmm you have a sister they’re gonna meet her soon oh yeah
mm-hmm your sister and your mom speak Spanish
and I took French in college so that was no help at all
no we’re learning Spanish in Mexico yes we want Harper to learn Spanish it was part of the reason we wanted to go to Mexico was for her to learn Spanish so I came
over to Mexico with zero Spanish nothing nada I’ve taken a month and a week of
Spanish classes I’ll link and I told myself and I actually made the mistake
of telling other people that I would do a video fully in Spanish before the end
of the year so I have to do that now now they’re twice as likely to not forget so and now I’ve said it. You’re digging your own grave. Oh it’s bad, very bad, muy mal I didn’t say how long the video would be
just completely in Spanish completely in Spanish it may be 15 seconds long
My sister and I are in a band together oh yeah we dress up like reindeer and it only
makes sense in December so welcome to the narrow window of appropriateness you only really see her in December anyway so exactly personality-wise how would
you describe our personalities you do mine I’ll do years yeah yeah
let’s do that you have a high capacity for grouchiness but you can also be very
funny and goofy and you love fast food and you tend to get sick a lot in these
videos because I do that in in actual life as well all these comments like
gives advice for like chicken soup home remedies yeah I think it’s sweet. you like music you
like building things doing stuff tinkering fixing and
modifying things you are the consummate A student you know and follow the rules
you are detail-oriented now I can think and you can cut this part out, that’s right you are competitive driven and creative I think
personality-wise we’re very we’re very opposite I think we’re very you have a
very high capacity to dislike things and I have a very high capacity to like
things and so the truth of any one particular thing is probably in between
us because like I will always look for the good and overemphasize the good and you will always look for the bad and overemphasize the bad yes so if you want
know the real story about something look at my face look at Jesse’s face
somewhere in the middle is what it actually is I mean you could draw this line and be
like you know optimist pessimist yeah yeah I think we’re both fairly likely to make dumb jokes yes we love we love dumb jokes, dumb jokes are great we love corny humor. favorite type of movie? science fiction I like I don’t know documentaries I
think are my favorite type they’re my least favorite type yeah my favorite least type would be horror films though I love zombies ok we’ll end this now
because my dad was watching the news and we made him stop to film this video so
we’re going to let him get back to the news Jesse’s family is coming here soon so I
will be filming some Christmas stuff for you guys I will film a video with your
sister I will film this Spanish video and there
will be lots and lots and lots of Costa Rica content and then next year 2019
which is like so so close we will be going back to Mexico so there will be a
whole slew of Mexico content ok so if you are a new subscriber thank you you
are awesome if you are an old subscriber I love you as always and if you are not a
subscriber I’m just here for the food this is true this is true well that is
something that I would say about you is that you are the least likely person to
be in a travel vlog on YouTube in like in the entire world I don’t watch them
he doesn’t watch–well you watch ours well yeah but that’s just because I’m I’m nice I think sometimes people don’t know what
to make of you because they’re so used to like look okay so the kind of person
who usually makes travel videos like we’re very like “Ah! Travel!” wait here let me try to take this bite like a travel YouTuber, let me see mmm. no no no. oh my it’s so good! that’s terrible. that’s not even a good impersonation no, just cut that whole thing it didn’t work but yeah most of us are kind of bubbly and then
there’s Jesse things have to earn my appreciation it’s true like I said you
you have a very low like if so Jesse says something is good it is like off
the charts amazingly good I also tend to be more
subdued when a camera’s pointed at me this is so true like I just edited a
video and I kept this little clip in because you’re smiling in it and I’m like
people need to know that you do smile it’s it’s usually not when I’m putting a
camera in front of your face which happens a lot it’s true it’s true so
thanks for going along with me all right guys see you later
happy holidays see you later bye

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100 thoughts on “Get to Know Us: Taco Bell Mukbang + FAQ (who are we, where do we live, what’s next for the channel?)

  1. Such a cute idea–loved it!!

    Daniel doesn't really like the camera pointed at him either but he's getting used to it haha

  2. Nice hearing from you again. Lovely funny video. Merry Christmas and happy new year. Looking forward to that video in Spanish. I like your appetite. I wish I could eat like that,lol. Don’t forget to introduce your cats😻😻. Miss Lupita 🐶🐶🐈🐩

  3. Happy Holidays! Welcome back to gringolandia! You scared me at first when you said you were having Taco Bell! Don’t know what TB is like in CR but I needed a TB fix when I was in Guatemala City and it was PÉSIMA! Had the same experience with Domino’s Pizza in Santa Marta, Colombia. Sometimes, our fast food brands taste very different in other countries! I lived almost exclusively on TB for years when I was early on in my career because that was all I could afford (dollar menu!). I think they hid the sauce when they saw me walking in because I made all of my food look like chile rellenos, covered in sauce! Are y’all in FL or WV?

  4. Hilarious! Video was too funny 😂. I don’t find Taco Bell offensive, I actually enjoy it from time to time, sure it’s not the best but when there’s nothing else, it’s not bad. What I do find offensive is that it was voted best Mexican restaurant here in the USA!! Now that is pathetic 🤣. Any ways very much enjoy your videos

  5. Come on Jesse!!! Stay off that delicious but fattening food!! You lost so much weight in a year!! At least 30 pounds!!

  6. Erin and Jesse
    Everything feels so different when we return from Mexico I personally have to make home made Mexican food for at least a week, can’t wean of the good stuff so quick! Love to see you guys so happy being with family. Enjoy your time with them.
    Do you think 🤔 ( when you have time) that you can explain the Visa process, for visiting Mexico, and living in Mexico 🇲🇽 Interesting information for viewers

  7. I'm eating some mexican food from a little taco shop run by a family that came from central/south mexico. It's americanized but way better than Taco Hell…. But we don't have any chain fast food restaurants here in Gold Beach, Oregon…

  8. Hello, enjoy the holy days in the US. And come on, i bet you guys that there are a Taquería Jalisco, Tacos los Amigos, Tacos los Paisas, or México Lindo in Virginia, or maybe just was the easy mexican food to get. Cheers from Guanajuato, 20° C, now.

  9. First time comment jesse would you trade all of your Taco Bell food for one torta cubana rightnow? Yes or no nice family greetings from Raleigh nc

  10. Im mexican and dont think taco bell is bad, i think of it as just another food option that helps get rid of the urge to eat mexican food if there is nothing else available. But i will add my own homemade salsa that helps a lot👍

  11. That was fun episode. You and Jesse are opposite but in harmony. You both have good sense of humor(somewhat dry which I love). I love your philosophical approach yet light hearted. You are adorable. Jesse reminds me of my husband. He is not too excited about things but attentive and loyal. Cool guy!

  12. Like I said before I like the videos with the two of you, glad Jesse agreed. Okay but Taco Bell, really, come on, it is like you are cheating on Mexican food. Happy Holidays and enjoy your time with your family.

  13. I just recently found your channel and am really enjoying it. My husband and I are also moving to Mexico! I'm thinking of changing my niche on youtube so that I can chronicle this adventure, and hopefully show people that it is possible to learn a 2nd language, play an instrument, or do anything at any age. After many trips down and much research we chose to at least begin the adventure in Merida because of the culture, safety and proximity to beach, but you have certainly given me a reason to give Guanajuato a 2nd look. When I do, or should you make your way to the Yucatan it would be fun to connect as hearing more about you and your husband confirms the impression I had from your videos that we seem to have a lot in common. Have a wonderful holiday.

  14. LOL….well with Jesse and you being opposites, opposites attract! Loved seeing the both of ya in this COOL upload my dear Erin, hoping ya guys have a GREAT CHRISTMAS,…hmm…trying to imagine the all Serious Jesse dressed in a reindeer costume, celebrating and/or singing Christmas Carols, this I gotta see! Maybe besides Taco Bell, ya'll can get some footage from the BEST Southern Fried Chicken in the World, Church's Chicken! 🙂

  15. Well we've fallen a long ways from your poignant comments about the Museo de Las Momías in Guanajuato to sitting eating food from Taco Bell in your parents house!! So why am I watching?? Because I love you guys, your journey, Mexico, and the chance to see Jessie slather his burritos in Casa Jerdez salsa, which I love. Merry Christmas from Colorado, and a Happy New Year!

  16. Hey guys I’m Alex from Mexico, love your videos, I’m curious, can you please tell me or us what differences can you see about Mexico and Costa Rica ? People, súper markets, restaurants, parks, plazas way of life etc etc, thanks

  17. ¡Hola Erin! ¡Hola Jesse!
    Muchísimo gustó verlos.
    Balance is key, also fun since things get switched around.
    Y'all are so silly & inspiring– Harper is a wonderful, lucky child who is being raised very well. (Also grew up loving dinosaurs, crystals, nature)Los quiero mucho && I just can't wait to see your cats, Lupita & Guanajuato again.🌄
    Sigue practicando tú Español Erin, you have been doing awesome.
    Felices fiestas y muchas bendiciones.
    P.s. Don't underestimate the healing powers of caldo/sopa de pollo con verduras hee-hee!💕🍲🍋🍅🥔🌽🥑🌶🥕

  18. WOW 😆 …. good to be home for the holidays 🌮🌯🍑🍐💥🌸🌎🐪🐠🐡🦀🙉🐷🐯💍🎒🎓👟👡👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧💏👫💃🏻👵👏🏻🍦🍩🍻🍺🍻🍷🍻🍺🏈⚽️⛳️🎱🎸🎼🎭🚂🚀🎆😎👋🏽 … W🐸W 👊🏽

  19. Opposites attract. Your husband is a protector and a wonderful husband and a wonderful father, you need men like that, there’s not many men that are left in the world like him. What I also love is that he understands you and he respects you and you do the same. You both very artistic, intelligent and wonderful people. You both keep it real and that is what I love. God bless all three of you, 🙏🏼 and hope to see you all soon again.
    Merry Christmas and a 🎆 Happy New Year 🎆

  20. Taco Bell former employee here. I was there for a little over two years.

    I have the same reasons for not drinking coke as your husband. I got hooked on Pepsi when I got hired because I was searching for another alternative to regular coke.

    When I have traveled to Mexico, I find myself missing Taco Bell.😋

  21. Hi Erin, you are completly correct thats not mexican food ( Taco Bell ) i'm glad that you now can tell that the mexican food is something else. Bleassing from Laredo, Texas. PS by the way i live in the border and my parents and grandparents were mexican.

  22. Can you believe Taco Bell actually tried to enter the Mexican fast food market before once in the 90s in Mexico City then more recently in Monterrey (Nuevo Leon) around 2010

  23. I loved this video. You guys are great. I have lived in Mexico for many years as well. I agree that Taco Bell is not "real" Mexican food, but I also really enjoy eating it when I am in the United States.

  24. Hi guys!! First of all Taco Bell is not Mexican" is some weird invention from USA, and is nasty!!🤢 ..I wonde how you guys can eat that after living in Mexico eating our incredible authentic Mexican food..?🤔🤔
    Love the videos..I haven't see any recent ones from 2019,why…??
    Saludos Erin and Jesse!!😘

  25. Bonjour Erin, Bonjour Jesse,
    Je vous écris en Français,
    étant donné que toi, Erin, tu a étudié le Français, donc tu devrais pouvoir
    comprendre. J’aime beaucoup vos vidéos. J’espère qu’un jour vous trouverez le
    temps de venire me voir sur la Côte d’Azur (Cô te Méditerranéenne). Dans
    quelques jours je vous enverrais plus d’information sur moi-même et sur ce que
    je fais dans la vie.

    A bientôt.
    Bizous (= xoxo) aussi pour votre petite fille.

  26. Yeah, stop eating Gas Station Food because Coke and Pepsi doesn’t go well with it and you will have to drink from the Gas pump hose. Whoahahaha

  27. Hey Erin, I thought Jesse was the head of Guanajuato's cartel or something. I still remember that video. Higher education is never worthless, it has made you a better citizen, a better wife and a better mother. Cheers.

  28. Confused. What is your first first video. Where do I start? Benito Mexico.

    Love your videos✌️👍

  29. 😂 I thought that it was a joke lol the Taco Bell 🛎 hahah any how hope u get back to Mexico 🇲🇽 saludos. From Eugene Oregon

  30. LOL!
    Freakin Hilarious watching you two chatting away and eating taco bell.
    Classic moment you two
    Jessie needs to chat more.
    Till this day
    I still don't know what is taco bell
    Cause it sure ain't Mexican food
    But it was voted #1 Mexican food in the States for 2018
    Did that happen!??
    You guys best described taco bell as gas station food and your so right on.
    The several times I had no choice but to eat taco bell I was a gas station
    Gas blasting the next day… 🙁
    Keep up the awesome blogs Erin
    Your giving me solid ideas where I will reside residency too when I reach my retirement.
    But that's not until another 25 years from now.
    Cause I don't know think or feel by then
    I will afford continuing living in expensive California.
    Visited and vacationed Mexico many of times in the past.
    I've always felt the connection cause every I was down there
    I felt more alive…
    Have you both tryed
    Cricket taco's yet.?

  31. I remember when taco used to dispense their taco sauce in these small plastic container with a pull off lid. Definitely not like the current tear to open packets.

  32. Sad part, Americans think Taco Bell is authentic. 1# shows that were all about cheap and not quality. No wonder so many overweight and health issues.

  33. Update for jesse. The herdez green salsa is going bad faster than i can ever remember. I think they took out a preservative. Can't keep around for more than three days once it's been opened. Also it seems less chunkier than before. It was never all that chunky but it's very watery recently. I hope they're not experiencing a tomatillo shaortage again.

  34. 5:49 You nailed it! Next time someone in London comes to me with the “I love burritos and cheeky Mexican”that’s how I’ll explain the quality of what they’ve been putting in their bodies so far.

  35. My oldest son,s wife learned to make the greatest Mexican food…
    They have a total of 4 children and everyone loves Mexican food..
    You can find everything to make it authentic..
    Of course for people who eat more than the average of Mexican dish…

  36. I spent nearly 20 years in Mexico, mostly Acapulco, Mex City and Veracruz, Boca del Rio. I was constantly & gently reminded that I was now in Mexico. I stopped complaining about the noisy neighbours, and I stopped anything that would be deemed obnoxious by USA or CDN standards. Gradually I learned – you will also. (PS: The plus point is that now you can relate ALL to your current surroundings.)

  37. everything you recommend is what i like best at Taco Bell too- if i have to have fast food – and i live in NM

  38. Hey Guuuuuys !! Im back Meeeerikkkkaaa !! Saving wild life on this side of the border !!! Mexican lives MATTERRRRRRR !!!!!!!!

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