Gods Fingerprint→ The Fibonacci Sequence - Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality

Gods Fingerprint→ The Fibonacci Sequence – Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality

individuality the trademark of any artist designer or architect each desires a uniqueness to their creation a quality that separates them from any other man naturally has this individuality his fingerprint there are 6.5 billion people on the face of the earth and no two fingerprints are the same everything we touch or make contact with is branded with a small expressed image revealing to all who see it who was there around 1200 AD a man named Leonardo Pisano better known as Fibonacci discovered a sequence of numbers that created a very interesting pattern this sequence begins with the numbers 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 and continues indefinitely each number is obtained by adding the last two digits together a rectangle with a length and width of any two of the numbers of this sequence forms what is known as the golden rectangle a perfect rectangle a golden rectangle can be broken down into squares the size of the next Fibonacci numbers down and below if we were to take a perfect or golden rectangle break it down into smaller squares based on Fibonacci sequence and divide each with an arc the patterns begin to take shape we begin to see Fibonacci spiral the spiral in and of itself is insignificant its importance is revealed and where we find it take for example the sunflower the display of its florets are in perfect spirals of 55 34 and 21 the sequence of Fibonacci the fruitlets of the pineapple create the same spiral based on the sequence the pinecone does the same as currents move through the ocean and the tide rolls unto the shore the waves that bring in the died curve into a spiral that can be mathematically diagrammed onto a plot at the points 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 and 55 bloods on trees sand dollars starfish petals on flowers and especially the nautilus shell are formed with this exact same blueprint with each segment of growth the Nautilus adds to itself one more value on Fibonacci scale this blueprint can be seen around us on a small scale every day but the greatest example of all is directly above our heads at an average of 100,000 light years across even the spiral of the galaxies above us are formed with the exact design that the tiny shell is formed this sequence our blueprint appears to be the trademark of a designer a proof of a creator something left behind indicating the one who is there a fingerprint as we scan our universe from the tiny flower to the awe-inspiring galaxies we see the fingerprint of God you know mother nature uses all kinds of mathematical languages that when we go to understand physical phenomena we generally find that there's some sort of mathematical underpinning to whatever the phenomena is you know if your Fibonacci sequence just like that series you find in nature like the face of a sunflower murder the spirals see this map everywhere how did we end up in a universe like that why should the road behave according to metamaterials and it turns out in fact all of our senses appear to rely on sort of Fourier transforms that they all seem to use the same mathematics so again here's evidence that the brain uses the same mathematics to decipher the sensory world is are involved in the making of a hologram which is as I say not proof but compelling evidence that something is going on not only that it becomes easier to describe with mathematics as you go deeper and deeper into reality mathematics becomes the only way to describe we have a conspiracy to hide this information that DNA is a Fibonacci it is an exemplification of this number called entity racial sequence called the golden ratio the ratio that proves the existence of intelligent design or the reality of intelligent design of the cosmos I mean if you go to the golden ratio site for Wikipedia – on the same thing they don't mention any of this stuff in nature that we're going to talk about here that we talked about in the show two days ago and that we're talking about here they talk about how it's fun in architecture and math and all this kind of stuff they don't discuss it how its found in the measurements of the human arm why not it's just it's I mean well I think I'm making that's the point here I think that this made sense to me thinking this through as I say it to you it has to be a conspiracy how could all this be overlooked and how could Wikipedia leave it out it can't be there has to be somehow that big money has pushed their influence somehow and they've had a drive to keep this covered up or something cuties can't all be coincidences and since they're doing that with everything else it has to be the case that there's some movement to keep the stifled I mean why isn't in here's another piece to add to this why isn't this in our education system we learn all this junk geometry pea-brain stuff would take geometry in high school and they don't teach you about any of this the golden ratio everywhere in nature I went through an elementary school hey you know high school college undergrad degree in college master's degree and halfway through PhD and never was this any of this mentioned and we know who controls the universities the big money behind it all the way up to the end Illuminati Nephilim controllers so this can't be this is planned okay and you just wonder it's got it I mean I'm almost concluding here – Davidson College sites showing up number one in Google all the time in the first page and Wikipedia having the strange measurements which don't correlate with all kinds of these examples from academic sites that finding them putting them all pictures of the screenshots in the newsletter it's got to be a conspiracy I mean we can keep going compiling the evidence it would just all lead to its own and that and if we could keep compiling evidence of it being a conspiracy I mean everything points towards it I'm just throwing ideas off the top of my head these strange sites show up atop Wikipedia is wrong it's covered up completely and in the best-selling books about the golden ratio which come from wealthy university professors it's the universities and education government controlled educational system absolutely covers it up you see how many everything is falling in the same direction you know so when everything all these conclusions point to the same direction that it's covered up and hidden the geometry the structure of nature is designed on the basis of what is called fractal geometry and fractal geometry is unique temperature another one we learn in school the geometry we did learn in school called Euclidean geometry you can't model nature with it it doesn't all those triangles combs cubes and spheres or no what nature really looks like it button when we were five years old in kindergarten we made a tree we made a Euclidean tree we had like a a cylinder for the trunk and a ball for the top but obviously that's not nature life that geometry is not the nature geometry we now recognize this new geometry that really came into our world in 1983 with the work of benoit mandelbrot from IBM called fractal geometry and it's a different version of geometry and it's very exciting but here's the fundamental key characteristic of this geometry built into the nature of the mathematics is a reality that images of the structure repeat themselves in a very self similar fashion at any level of the organization that you're talking about so if you want to talk about cells or people or civilizations they're all built on the same geometry but the key word for most people to understand is that this geometry links an ancient mystical understanding there was a phrase that people familiar with as above so below well in this new geometry that becomes mathematical and scientific as a reality every atom is a mini black hole that it has infinite density that has infinite potential that everything has singularity at its center the vacuum energy the structure of the vacuum itself interlink or entangled all protons the proton being the nuclear of an atom that that all the nucleus of atoms are because of the structure of the vacuum that the structure that that the vacuum is not a passive vacuum but an active vacuum that has a role to play in the creation of the art our material world but as well is the structure that connects all things so actually this is a mathematical rendering of the concept everything is one so that it actually is mathematically proven that's why I can study the nature of a sound and understand the nature of a human because a human is a fractal image of a cell we were made out of cells were just as a large version of a cell and so that a human body turns out not to be a one thing as we see it in the mirror but when we really understand if you could see it with microscopic eyes so you could see what it looked like you recognized that a human body is a community of upwards to 50 trillion cells every cell is essentially a miniature human because virtually every cell is every function that I have in my body it's already present a matter of fact any function that I do with my bodies only because a cell can do that function because I'm made out of cells oh I think that the world of physics and the world in general is transforming and that there's an opening that's occurring and certainly in physics you know there's a level of arrogance that's slowly fading away you know not so long ago when I started in bringing my work to the physics community some 15 to 20 years ago the tendency was to think we've got the universe pretty well all figured and all we need is a few little things to work out and then we we have it and so there was a lot of you know arrogance in the way you know physicists were interacting with you ideas and so on and so it was extremely difficult to be heard but since then a lot of failures in our theories have come forward a lot of experiment and you know data from cosmological instruments and so on have shown that that there's a nominees that we cannot explain the standard modeling all sorts of things are coming up and so you know a certain level of failure of string theory and so on and I think that it's it's changed the world of physics the same responses of cells to their world are exactly the same kind of behavioral responses that we have in our own world in the world where we live so that it becomes understandable this this is why for example why we work on cells in biology because if we get an understanding the nature itself we can apply that information directly the nature of human biology so that we extend this work so in looking at nature's fractal and recognizing that the cell is the fundamental unit of the human body that the human body is actually built in the image of that cell then we start directly inside of you right now are 50 trillion citizens there each cell is its own sentient being when I was culturing these cells I'd take them out of a person's body put them in a culture dish and they have their own life they didn't need us it helps to get other businesses to look at it to get some credibility in the physics I'm writing and to make people aware that we are not living a finite world that you know the atomic structure itself has this in potential within it that you know when people are talking to the topically or spiritually about their infinite nature and all this stuff it doesn't have to be outside the physical world that the actual physical world is what they're talking about that you know philosophy and spirituality are active boards from the atomic structure that the atomic structure is actually a manifestation of this dynamic of creation that you know we might call consciousness or spirituality and so on

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24 thoughts on “Gods Fingerprint→ The Fibonacci Sequence – Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality

  1. are you retarded? if i had cancer, and i ate an apple the day before i died… it must be the apple! i know right? crazy
    if everything's so complicated it demands a creator, then gods so complex, were the fuck is his creator? if he can exist without one, why can't we?

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  5. You believe in God you also have to believe in the ruler of the world at the moment, Satan, and he does not want people to follow God's word or even use his name, except for one group of people, Jehovah's witnesses.

  6. we are prob a differnt being's science experiment. that being people label "god". u can call it Larry if u want but there is a designer.

  7. Given what we know about the fractal nature of reality, shouldn't we have determined the cure for cancer, and every other kind of health problem?

  8. These golden ratios are all thru the quran and islam down to mecca being the gold ratio of earth

  9. Jesus is NOT God , He said it himself .
    The Big Bang Is Real God caused it .
    God is Allah . Research Islam .

  10. This is an awesome video that is definitely helping me connect the dots. I would love to share this video on my channel and I'm hoping that when I look through your other videos, that you are up to date and current. Awesome information, thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. It looks like we have 689 thumbs down by members of the deep state, which are controlled buy Global Elite pedophiles. I don't think it's part of the welfare socialist Democratic freak Show party members, they're too dumb to understand such important mathematics. It's a very good video I've sent it out on all my sites. One thing I'd like to say the countdown this is March 2019, the countdown is on, President Trump and the Patriots are in control. Look to the Fibonacci sequence for the truth. Where we go one we go all

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