Google Certified Educator Level 1: Unit 11 (2018-19)

Google Certified Educator Level 1: Unit 11 (2018-19)

okay welcome to unit 11 capture your class with video and if you want to get this PowerPoint for yourself you can click the link below in the description for copy of the PowerPoint at the TPT store and if you also want to UM do a boot camp for your school district or something like that you can also find a link in the description below as well so now unit 11 is broken down into three different sections first one is find high-quality educational content on YouTube create educational content on YouTube and create the optimal viewing experience so um let's get to the first one right which is find high-quality educational content on YouTube so here's a video clip and to prepare yourself for this section it's important to know the first six tasks right from one two three four five six it's a this video was embedded into the PowerPoint but you could also find it on my youtube channel so to get started I would go over those six tasks and hello YouTube so you can begin your lesson here's here's a couple of ways that you can use YouTube as an educator right so you can begin your lesson with what's called a hook video so maybe if you're teaching a science class you could so show um a great science experiment something to get their attention um use videos to flip the classroom and I think this is really good for those upper level or mathematics courses when you have to deal with PARCC testing like algebra 2 algebra 1 geometry there's so much that these kids have to learn and you only have such you only have a certain amount of time in class with them that's the only way to bridge that learning gap is to flip the classroom and and give content to them you know as homework so that's that's also another way you could use these videos video is able to capture our students attention ok so these videos are good for engagement and as a teacher you can use filters to the search engine to find the right video lastly um videos are easily shared and embedded with Google tools whether it be classroom sites forum slides remember G suite has a tight integration with YouTube so if you're working on a slides presentation you can easily integrate a YouTube video and I think I just covered that in unit 10 okay so what do we know about YouTube how do you utilize high quality content you can use it for direct instruction just given the videos out to flip the classroom to enhance student engagement and the theory of multiple intelligences I know there's um it's a learning styles have been debunked but our multiple intelligences are a little bit different Howard Gardner talks about eight different intelligences right so visual learners can benefit from YouTube videos as well alright so finding saving and showing videos okay use the features of YouTube which are searching filtering and sharing to find the right video a YouTube channel now we're talking about just a channel for example like like my youtube channel right that's a place where contact creators host their own original videos my own content so every video that I have like like this particular video I made this myself I posted on my youtube channel then then you have what's called a playlist is another definition here a playlist is just a collection of videos put together by a viewer okay so you don't have to be a channel creator to make a playlist you can make a playlist from videos from all over the all over YouTube okay and you could take one from one creator one content creator and you make your own your own playlist whatever you like kind of like when you do a music playlist alright so you have to be able to perform the following tasks the links are here embedded in the PowerPoint one two three four but also um I'll go over them right now so okay how do you filter a search so up here you see where it says transcription and translation I typed in transcription and translation which is part of a genetics class for biology and they'll give you a bunch of videos from here you can just click on this little thing that says filter so you click the filter icon and then you're able to filter from all these different things so I took that out I took what you find out on the YouTube and I created here in this little slide right here so you can filter by video playlist channel movie check them all out eight 4k subtitles length upload date sorting you can sort by rating view count relevance so many different filters you really got to make the most of it okay I'm saving you how do you save a YouTube video alright there's a bunch of different ways one take a look in the red you can just click like if you late if you like a video it's safe to – you're like playlist um you can also go the Add button which is down here you see add – it's in blue if you click this button so I'm watching a video on um I think this is translation I'm watching a video on Trey's translation I'll click Add – and then I can add to add it to my watch later playlist right watch later is like a saved playlist or I can add it to any of these other playlists here I've got math algebra things like that um how do you save another users playlist okay so before we were just saving videos let's say you want to save somebody else's playlist so this here is a playlist created by Connick it's biology and and Khan Academy and if I want to save this playlist by them once the playlist is playing if you look here by by the red okay this little button right here with the three lines in the + that Save playlist all I have to do is click that button and the playlist is saved so again right how do you save a play this whether I just talked about or one way is by liking it another way is by adding it to a different playlist or you can just add it to the watch later playlist which is which is like your own personal playlist of you know saving something alright let's not forget here you can embed videos in forms and slides now I went over this in units I believe it's for and definitely in unit 10 okay to insert a YouTube video on slide you just go to insert and you'll see a little thing that says video forms it's it's same thing you're on your form if you look to the right it says add to you just click that in video pop-up so don't forget you can embed these videos in forms and slides alright so increase engagement with videos here's just an example from a history teacher right what do they do they begin with a search so YouTube search on the Civil War they filter for History Channel's they save a video with the watch later button embed that video in the Google slides they ask discussion videos on the slide and then they can insert a playlist into form so these are all just different ways to increase engagement all right the lesson check which of the following tools would allow teachers to add follow-up questions to a video and track which students completed the questions so what do you think the Google Form right remember Google Forms your as I just said you can embed videos in Google Forms YouTube allows teachers to discover watch and share high-quality educational videos is that true of course it is right that's gonna be yes true which of the following G suite apps have YouTube integration built-in so we're talking about YouTube integration right YouTube integration YouTube works with what it works with Google classroom Google slides Google Forms Google Sites right everything's integrated ok so all of these integral you can embed videos into all four of these classroom slides forms and sites which of the following are filters that can be applied to a YouTube video search this goes back to that one slide that I created with all the different filters right do you remember what they are channel was one and play this was the other there's no one for language or genre alright so now we're in the second section create educational content on YouTube so um this is also my YouTube channel you got to watch the entire video because it goes over all these tasks right accessing playlist view subscriptions etc and so forth so you got to watch this entire video um YouTube channels remember channels are where content creators host their videos right I'm hosting this video on my channel anybody can be a content creator on some popular channels include Khan Academy is one where you find a broad broad number of subjects and there's so many videos when you subscribe to a channel now this is kind of important if you click the bell so I want to do that for this channel you click the bell then you get an email whenever our new video is uploaded that way you don't you know you don't you don't get lost in things like that YouTube supplies videos based on your likes and whatever you watch in subscriptions so when you first go on YouTube there's you'll see a page there and it's what's called the what to watch page so what YouTube does is it takes it has like an algorithm from from what videos you've liked what you've watched and then it takes all that information and it creates uh uh you know a number of videos that they suggest to you okay that's the what to watch page alright so you got to be able to perform these tasks subscribing to channels accessing playlists creating playlists I have links right here okay if you click on them it'll it'll just take you right to it to one of my videos those are quick links right all right so to subscribe to a channel okay here's here's a video I was watching on um translation if I want to subscribe I just got to click the red subscribe button here you go subscribe remember you got to be watching the video or if you create a playlist you must be watching the video so if I want to create a playlist I'll watch the video I'll click Add to button which is right here again right so the red is to subscribe if I want to create a place I'm going to go add to and then I'm gonna create a new playlist here now if I add it to one of these like math foundations okay that's just gonna head it to an old video if I want to create a new playlist I'll start with my first video then I'll go create new playlist um subscribe to youtube channels we know Khan Academy's one you might want to subscribe to six science crash course I really don't like but my google fundamentals training store they talked about it so you simply click on the subscribe button that button right there okay edit a playlist um first selected chosen playlist right so take a look over here I selected this playlist math SAT math 2017 and then um you can rearrange videos so what I did here is I actually grabbed you can't see it but there's like a three dots here I hold down on this day and just pull it up – to rearrange where I want these questions to go these SAT math questions in purple and the right tank on the right hand side you'll see add videos I can add more videos I can adjust playlist settings in this dark red box right here and I can share the playlist by clicking share ok and then you can email it you can share it to social media all different methods ok the YouTube guide if you wanna know what the guide is it's on that left hand side right just take a look over here this is when I first get on to YouTube on the left hand side you'll find playlists under the library so here's library and it'll start with your history watch later purchases but then here goes my first playlist algebra 2 if I want to see more playlists I'll just click show more but the playlists are right here in library and then subscriptions are right below that so I'm subscribed to Khan Academy crest I don't like that but I'm still subscribed to it alright sharing a playlist there's several different ways you can share a playlist you can share by a link take a look right here here's the link you can share a playlist by email you see right here it says email you can embed if I press it in bed I can embed the playlists and social media take a look here you've got Facebook Twitter Google+ um I am on Twitter you can find me at I think it's just at Franco Vela I think that's C I don't know if it's I don't think it's calm but you can find me on Twitter alright how can teachers differentiate instruction with YouTube so how can you differentiate is a big question here you can build upon existing skills by subscribing to YouTube channels and the curating content playlist so subscribe to a channel for students maybe um you know some remediation and English learning or something like that and as the videos come in you curate these videos into a nice playlist to help individual students use the notes feature on playlists you can leave guiding questions deliver playlists to individual students or groups remember you can email to one student or a group of students and using playlists allows teachers to spend more time with each group of students right so if you have one student working one group working on a playlist you can spend your time working with on an individual student or another group of students so see what we came up with here nom teachers subscribe to channels and they receive updates when new videos are published teachers can take these videos and organize them into a playlist for their subject with playlists teachers can share all the videos at one time and lastly there's a section for teachers to make notes on each video so this this is just some ways for educators to utilize YouTube videos all right the lesson check which of the following best describes someone who can have a youtube channel who's someone who can have a youtube channel anybody right any youtube user that creates original videos you can't steal somebody else's and then you can creep or or just if you just want to create playlists you can do that as well which feature allows you to access all your subscriptions playlists and save playlists what do you think sorry the guide right the guides where you can access subscriptions playlists safely it's all on the left-hand side by subscribing to a channel you will get updates every time that channel uploads a new video yes don't forget to hit that little bell too to get those notifications which of the following or benefits of a playlist it allows teachers to organize videos by topics allows teachers to make notes about each video this isn't playlist now and teachers can share a group of videos all at once alright the last section here create the optimal viewing experience one second with YouTube teachers can provide a video to their students that can be accessed anytime anywhere features allow you to visually optimize the viewing experience and I'm gonna go with that next when they say optimize they mean they mean make it the best viewing experience further for the students now another feature is restrictive mode to protect younger students from from violence and things like that that come up on on YouTube when it comes up a lot now restrictive mode isn't a hundred percent I just want to put that out there restrictive mode helps filter out objectionable content okay it's necessary for younger grade students okay you get yourself in a lot of trouble and it's connected to Google Safe Search below that is subtitles and closed captioning what fundamental trainings recommends is to use this for English language learners okay so many of the captions will be in the same language as the original video but as they'll see the words it'll maybe help them comprehend more and learn more of the language you know having the words matching the audio exceeding having the closed caption matching the audio view modes alright use fullscreen to hide extra content and distraction so when you first watch a YouTube video and you go to YouTube it's not in full screen so this distraction on the right-hand side so that they'll offer you some videos to the right hand there'll be videos underneath and um if you really want to focus in on the content go fullscreen to see the whole thing you should do that with this presentation fullscreen makes it easier to see the video as well as see the captions and dealing with low bandwidth if the Internet is very slow you can watch videos at a lower resolution which to provide a better viewing experience right now this is what they have 720 pixels 480 all the way down to 144 so if you have a poor internet connection you want to use a lower bandwidth okay if you have great connection go with the highest make the best of your viewing experience alright so if you take a look at it says one two three four so number one this is found right here in the blue right all I'm doing is enlarging this so right here if you click the CC that's closed captioning to will be the settings three will be theater mode which is similar to fullscreen and then the last one is fullscreen okay and listen if you're in theater mode of fullscreen sometimes people get confused how to get out of there now you just press escape okay that's the best way to get out of theater mode a full screen and you should try the two I like full screen better than theater mode theater mode just it's it's it's kind of like a widescreen all right to manage the bandwidth how do you do that you click on the gear setting see it in blue right here and then you choose your quality so it's automatic this one's automatically 480 but you could you know you can go inside team set YouTube optimal viewing experience restrictive mode like we said is good for younger grade students if you have slow speed internet change the default to a lower quality setting right if your internet is very slow go to a lower bandwidth use captions and subtitles for ESL he ll students and let students independently watch videos and and one of the best parts is that they could pause the video go back rewind which they can't do during a regular lecture alright listen check which feature would you use to assist a student that doesn't have proficiency in English we just talked about this right ALL students should have what closed captioning and subtitles which video quality settings should you try if you're having difficulty getting a video to load the lowest one there right not HD you want to do 360s low as one those are the ones they've they've offered you right which of the following statements about restrictive mode are accurate so what do we know about restrictive mode it filters out inappropriate content and it's connected to Google safe search Google safe search it's not a hundred percent effective as I said and the other one it done all doesn't prevent head injuries that's a ridiculous which of the following are benefits to using fullscreen mode ok it's easier to read captions because it's much larger larger less distractions right easier for students to see and that's it that's not gonna increase volume all right so we're coming to the end here unit 11 check so if you've been asking students to watch short videos for homework instead of reading the text students seem prepared for your class but you're wondering how many your students are actually watching the videos which of the sharing options below might help you best gauge compliance of your class and allow you to include some comprehension questions so embed the video in the Google Form all right because you can ask follow-up questions you're working on your sub plans for tomorrow and you've got the perfect video to kick off the class your second period students can be juvenile and you really don't want to risk to fall out of students reacting to a comment or a related video displayed alongside the lesson opener so how do you share the video to your substitute teacher how do you share it embed the video on a Google slide deck okay remember you don't want it says here you don't want students reacting to a comment or related video so just put it in a slide deck and that's all they're gonna see just at one video so there's not gonna be much of a distraction there which YouTube filters help narrow searches again we went over this and I think it was the second section here you can go by length how long is the video playlists and Channel tags that doesn't have to do with filters normal normally the Internet is quite speedy at your school but it's been slow for the past week all the teachers are complaining about the technology resources not being reliable now you know how engaged students are when you use video in your class but you don't want other teachers to give up on YouTube you send an email to your colleagues with a couple of quick tips so basically here the Internet's slow and your other teachers other teachers in the school are complaining that you know YouTube isn't working let's say what tip are you gonna give them well preload the videos and change the resolution right you can go in and you can change to a lower resolution and something else we didn't talk about you could always preload of YouTube video so that is you open up to video and give it a second and you should see at the bottom like the the length bar you'll see it to turn white kind of in it'll go more and more and more so you can preload the video and you could change the resolution which settings and controls with YouTube are built to help optimize the viewing experience how do you optimize the viewing experience remember those are the four that are underneath a video subtitles restrictive mode quality settings View mode all four of them they all can help you optimize the viewing experience number six a colleague of yours has been collecting video links in a Google Doc they want to share with their students you explained her that she could use a playlist feature in YouTube instead what are the following advantages to use our advantages to using playlist over a list of links in Google Docs so what are the advantage of playlists instead of having all these links on a Google Doc right why would you want to have a YouTube playlist instead of just a Google Doc word is just a bunch of links well you can quickly add a video to a playlist directly from YouTube without having to open up the doc and copy the link right um playlists continually play for all videos if it's just a Google Doc with a list of different links you gotta click on each one and students can save your playlist to their own YouTube channel so they they're always on YouTube anyway right they can just open it up and there they have it number seven mr. Garcia found a channel with content continually relevant to his curriculum what YouTube features should he use to be notified when new content is uploaded so he wants to be notified what should he do subscriptions right and notifications so what features should he use to be notified he has to do subscription then he has to click that little bell to be notified alright that's it I'll go back that's it for unit 11 um don't forget you can find the PowerPoint below in the description and you can also find a link to my Google certified trainer page if you want to contact me there

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  1. I love your channel…about to take the cert.level 1 exam. Nervous but I feel so much better prepared now with your help! BTW…I don't like the crash course channel either…they talk way too fast and include jokes that leave my students with a "????" look on their face.

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