100 thoughts on “GoPro: A Blind Man and His Armless Friend Plant a Forest in China

  1. Настоящий друг любит во всякое время, он брат, рождённый на время бедствия!
    A true friend loves at all times, he is a brother, born at the time of disaster!

  2. As soon as I saw they were breaking branches I thought of David Milarch and Archangel tree Archive in michigan where they travel cloning the worlds largest trees and replanting from the fresh branch cuttings!

  3. This is an amazing video. I hope the village director is giving them a decent wage for their work. We can all learn from this story, it's so humbling. I read some really ignorant, disgusting comments down below. …you people are not off the face of the earth yet..We don't know what's ahead of us. cheers Go Pro, for the story.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful!! Warm smile from The Netherlands! Makes me more determined to leave something valuable behind … Thank you inspirers!!

  5. "If we work together physically and unite spiritually, we can achieve anything." Wise words to live by. This story was beautiful.

  6. now I feel much worse about myself. These guys are my heroes! Their story have definitely touched some of us out here and I hope it will change some mindsets.

  7. If these two magnificent, very abled "disabled" humans can do this much and make a difference in the environment surrounding them imagine what we able-bodied beings can do if we really tried!? I wish them great health so that they may continue this beautiful labor of love.

  8. I kind of hope all chain saws get destroyed, motherfuckers who destroy nature. What's the goddam purpose of living on the planet, oh yeah to make life better for future generations. With all our knowledge, and technology, and two men, one with no arms did more than all of them

  9. Adversity makes you stronger. Overcoming adversity is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone. Because before you have successfully overcome that adversity, the hope, faith, and hard work make you strong mentally, and physically. I hope these two endearing men can inspire us that there is always going to be a way. Help us to be brave and strong. To have hope and faith in ourselves and humanity.

  10. Incredibly inspiring short documentary on so many levels of the human spirit. Absolutely uplifting and what independent video photography can be at its core.

  11. Esses caras merecem todo o nosso respeito e emoção. Esse vídeo é pra quem não tem medo de chorar.

  12. Some people complains gov didn't help them, and they have no idea how many resources Chinese gov spent to battle the desert every year. While the forest area of entire world is going down, in China, it's going up.
    Check by yourself:

  13. "So let the generation after us, and everyone else, see what two handicap individuals have accomplished. Even after we're gone…they will see that a blind man and an armless man have left them a forest."

    Non-stop tears from how powerful this simple quote is. No matter what it is, there's always a way to help and there's no such thing as something stopping you.

  14. What a story! Those are really heroes, I can't believe what they have done through sheer will and determination. Not even a grant! Just go out and cut some branches… Unbelievable. I complain so much more about so much less, give up for almost no reason. Really amazing. I'll never forget this. Also, you have to respect a blind guy swinging a sickle… maybe from a distance!

  15. Truly an amazing story of what human beings can accomplish if they are determined despite all obstacles. I've helped to plant many trees in my life, probably about 17 to 18,000 in total, but of course the planting we did was nothing as compared to the difficulties encountered by these two heroic people. Especially striking was how a man with no sight could manage to climb a tree in order to obtain cuttings for planting. I hope that his video is seen by many and that at least a few people will be moved to send some financial aid to help these wonderful people accomplish even more.

  16. He mostrado este vídeo a tantas personas como he podido para darles un mensaje; por que en lo personal este vídeo me ha mostrado que tan susceptibles podemos llegar a ser al cambio , y me he dado cuenta de que la mayoría de personas no son capaces de reconocer que podemos realmente hacer un cambio en nuestro planeta y es triste ver como la gente simplemente pasa de esto, por otro lado a quienes inspira y motiva a cambiar todo esto aportando con sus acciones es motivo también para pensar que jamás perderemos la esperanza y que aunque seamos pocos estamos dispuestos a cambiar nuestro futuro.

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  18. Thank you for people doing things like this to sustain future of this earth. Any charity seems like they pocket most of the cash, but all the charities just help humans which in sense don't really matter long term if we as sentient beings keep taking destroying our earth.

    Being a monk or sage of the forest is fine but it don't do any one good if their is more carbon in air less oxygen each year in sense takes longer and longer to impower one self with benefits of the forest.

    By planting new trees like fruit trees cedar, birch,oak,pine other bushes / ferns, palm trees we can bring our natural habitat back a refuge for animals and humans as well a way to continue farming and if need be live off land.having forest empower us giving infinite ways one can live.

    Charities should be for the earth .

  19. 两个残疾人你帮我,我帮你去植树,政府官员却为了把自己的口袋填满钱,去砍树盖房子,丢脸!

  20. Is there a follow up with these two "brothers"? They are a few years older and I wish they continue their good health.

  21. What I call people who do not care about their situation but want to live an example of life for many


    Wǒ chēng zhī wéi bù guānxīn zìjǐ chǔjìng de rén, dàn què xiǎng wèi xǔduō rén shēnghuó)
    Isso que chamo de pessoas que nao importa sua situação mas tem vontade de viver um exemplo da vida pra muitos

  22. "I wanted to give up but my friend told me to be Alive means we have a purpose" I had tears come in this one.

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