hi welcome to bar shift news and of course the knife star observatory guys a little bit later on in this video I want to go over some of the data that we've been collecting and just explain how we're going to use that data but before we do I would like to as always thank those people and they are the few people that support this Observatory and if I can just just explain a few things guys right as you know in most of the videos one at the beginning and sometimes one at the end you know I asked for a bit of support for the observatory as you know recently we've put six magnetometers a around this world we've got two in the United States two in Australia one in Hong Kong and one will be arriving I believe at some point this week one of our magnetometers is coming back for a little bit of maintenance from the Gold Coast as soon as it arrives I'm hoping to have the problem solved with that and get it straight back out to the Gold Coast so they can continue collecting data but I wanted to talk about why we raised the money and you know why we ask that the public support it I know I've mentioned it a few times guys you know the reason why we've publicly funded is because then we are not dictated to as to what we pray with regards to you know information if we were supported by a smaller organization probably a well-known organization and we shared our data as well as you know receive some their data obviously we would be told what data we could pray publicly and what data we could also share that's if you know a you know another organization way to come in and support us financially I will say that we have had a few companies over the time that we've been doing this offer support and it's been refused and the reason for that is is because of like I was just saying you know I don't want to be told as I would expect eventually it would happen by these organizations what data I can put out to you guys I wanted to keep it absolutely clean and publicly-funded and therefore you know the only one I owe any allegiance to is you guys that fund it now we're getting on to 223 and a half thousand subscribers guys and you know we've got a hundred and sixty patrons at the moment and we have a handful of people that you know throughout the month supports us but you know we raise in comparison for what we do very little amounts of money and it really does need a little bit more of a boost you know we have raised less money this month sorry the end of that last month than what we did the previous month yet we're doing more work so you know if we can try and turn this situation around you know we can start moving forward with you know the data that we collect and some of some of the other projects that we've got coming up you know it can just speed them up as opposed to you know these these things lingering a there's a few changes I want to do as well I want to at least do one live broadcast starting this month every week you know we've gotta have to come to you know an arrangement of what time we're going to do this because we've got people in the united states at different times and people in australia that's where our main subscribers are you know the UK Ireland the United States and Australia there's our main subscribers and then you know we have you know a scattering of subscribers over Europe so you know we need to come and arrange a time where we can do these live podcasts where you guys can ask questions and you know I can answer them and we can talk about some of the things that we do here on the porch if news and obviously the maps are observatory so yeah that's let's get into what it is and were reflecting the data so you know I think it's time to start delivering evidence of what we've been talking about now over the northern hemisphere you can see almost like a configuration of an eight number eight and you can see what is going on there the abnormality with regards to what you're looking at as being common now for around about 15-20 years and I believe it's a direct result like I've said many times before as an influx of cosmic radiation due to a low salary put shrinkage of the heliosphere and also a weakened magnetosphere I reckon it is that definitely considerable effects on our jet streams and what you're looking at in terms of evidence is polar jet streams mixing with subtropical jet streams as opposed to having nice wavy patterns around the polar region and the same around the subtropical region over the northern hemisphere we've also got the same taking place over the southern hemisphere and you can see some tropical regions delivering that warm moist air directly into the polar regions again when we consider what's going on over the southern hemisphere it has been for some reason they're considerably worse and definitely you know considerable amount of water building up over the southern hemisphere for some reason now I believe the reason for that is is that's where our ozone hole is and as you know the aerosols that make up the ozone or create the ozone hole obviously must be absorbing that extra cosmic radiation when they come together they form a larger particle and that sets up perfect situations for clouds to form and you know the water to precipitate on these larger particles so we've got cosmic radiation attaching to aerosols and then in turn water is able to condense on them when they get to a larger particle this is something now which has been up until recently theoretical but it's now starting to be proven science so you know when we look at the southern hemisphere where the ozone hole is you know I think it stands to reason that the reason why we've seen a lot more dramatic effect with regards to the jet streams is because we've got something in favor of building the jet streams of more wider than what they usually are if we just compare the southern hemisphere what we're looking at right now we're looking directly over the Antarctic region and then compare it with the Arctic region you'll see a considerable difference now we don't have anywhere near the problem with the ozone all over the northern hemisphere and as you can see the jet streams are nowhere near as severe as what they are over the southern hemisphere and I think the reason for that is although this is theoretical but I think you know that this is starting to stack up as logic you know that the reason why we haven't is because we don't have so many aerosols over the northern hemisphere lot we do over the southern hemisphere and as a result you know like a saying the cosmic radiation is building up down there and attaching to the aerosols and forming bigger particles and therefore you know getting more water vapor and the more water vapor we add to these jet streams obviously causes more severe problems but what we do have in common both over the Northern Hemisphere and the southern hemisphere is jet streams mixing so again polar jet streams moose we've subtropical and we're getting that the same over the southern hemisphere I want to just show you where our jet stream should be you know again to rebut more evidence you know so it's fact it's not just all theory I wanted to show you where our jet streams should be during normal times so I've attached two diagrams together I've put the polar jet stream in the subtropical jet stream and also the equatorial region diagram at the bottom and we've also got a still of North Skull jet streams to prove the point again as you can see we should have a polar jet stream at 60 degrees north and then a subtropical jet stream around 30 degrees north and we love the same over the southern hemisphere but if you look at the still and just go back to the live up to date then you know data and images you'll see that we do not have these jet streams at 60 degrees and 30 degrees north or safe of the equator you know we've got severe subtropical on bollock polar jet streams mixing and this really is the reason why you know safe china islands are receiving you know their call or weather and Arctic blasts that you know have destroyed you know hundreds of thousands of heads of kaol and you know again hundreds of thousands of hectares of staple foods as a result of you know instant freezing it's the jet streams that are delivering it then the reason why they're delivering it like this now is because as you can see in some cases on a daily basis we might have a thousand mile wide jet stream and we might even have up to three thousand mile wide jet streams and this is becoming increasingly the case you know these jet streams are becoming more sluggish and they fragment they break you know they intermingle with subtropical polar jet streams and as a result you know we gain precipitation and you know also these frosted Arctic climates in places that we don't usually we're also again a lot more flooding in these regions as well it's direct result of where the jet streams are at that point in time and they are to some degree predictable short term but no longer predictable long term because these jet streams can change as we know and we've heard from you know first-hand accounts from pilots that you know they get given a weather report and by the time they're in the air after a couple of hours the the weather report is no longer matching the conditions of where they are flying so you know we know that these things are rapidly changing that's why it's becoming harder for climatologists to predict the weather even despite all the weather modeling systems and the millions and millions of pounds that's been invested in crane these weather modeling systems they're all failing because you know the weather is dramatically changing you know I've experienced this in the UK and I'm pretty sure you have in other parts of Europe United States Australia etc I believe that this is now becoming a common problem globally you know you have probably been like me seen outside enjoying a beautiful day you know the cloud is almost none in the sky you know beautiful blue sky and yet an hour or two later you have to put a jumper on because the wind has gone bitter cold and you know I've been pointing out to you advice you know for the last 7 years that we've been experiencing sundogs at this position where we are on the globe and we shouldn't be you know this is a new phenomena that we're experiencing and you know people fail to see a lot of people you know in the UK and are even notice in it and when they do they don't even investigate what it is they're actually seen we're talking about these son dogs and you know the different clades that when they get in the Syriac they're called cirrus clouds they look like long feathers in the sky and these are commonly made up with ice crystals and that's why we're getting this prismatic you know effects up here both sides of the Sun and sometimes on occasions above the zone as well this is more common to Arctic climates these these things are more common and visible in the Arctic climates not at 52 degrees north so something definitely is changing with our planet and you know the eight the signs are all there guys what this spells for us is that you know this is going to continue because there is no sign whatsoever at this point in time of equilibrium we know that we've lost 20% maybe 25% of the Earth's magnetosphere and we also know that for the last 33 years you know there's been a dingaling of sunspot activity and we also now can link sunspot activity with climate and there should be no reason why that isn't the case it's just that there has been some deviations in recent climatology which has led us to look elsewhere for the reasons why you know we experience different climates but should have just stayed with what we knew and what matched up very well we the data we probably would have understood this many many years ago that you know when we start to get some low solar outputs then it stands to reason that we're going to get low temperatures develop after a prolonged period of time what I mean by that is it's that we go imagine is that the earth is a huge thing you know twenty-four thousand miles in diameter and therefore a great inertia you know it takes time for the climate to change on our planet usually you know you could be looking at eight hundred years before one degree shift and we've seen this happen in the last thirty years we've seen more than one degree in temperature shift and that's unusual you know that shows us that you know we're no longer playing the same game as what we used to you know things are rapidly changing on our planet and as a result they are going to definitely start to affect us you know guys there have been people already in the last thirty years many many thousands that have lost their lives as a direct result of the low solar output and the magnetosphere weakening but just not been you know linked to their deaths but it is you know when farmers in India start looking for alternative methods like you know changing the seeds to suit the climate and the climate changes and they predicted a more wetter climate or a more drier climate and they chose the seeds that genetically modified to thrive better in those conditions and the conditions change to the opposite well then it's no wonder that those crops are going to be no no longer full of coming for that season as a result you know the farmers have loaned money for these expensive seeds off these genetically modified companies and I'm not going to mention names but you know they exist and as a result you know they can't make the loan repayments and they lose their lands and farms that they've that has been in their families for many generations and they see it as a massive failure and they take their own lives and this is something that's not being covered by the mainstream organization and if it has has been covered very likely you know it's a serious case in these in these countries and you know you can understand why they resort to such desperate measures but you know the real seeds of this planet that have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years still I perform these genetically modified ones for the fact that they can and I've done learned to cope with dry seasons and wet seasons they're called a good all-rounder and it's no wonder why they've been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years only humans recently would think that it would be a good idea to start modifying them you know and look at the results it's not just the health-related problems that come up with these GMO crops it's the fact that sometimes you know they are not suited for the increasingly changing climate that we're experiencing right now if it was me and I was given any advice I'd say stay to the originals because they're the ones that have been on the planet for you know hundreds of thousands of years they've evolved over that time to you know withstand much more than the genetically modified you know purpose-built seeds have and I think you know your safe bet is there they might not produce the same amount of yields if you get it right what I'm saying by that is if you I've brought crops seeds for dry climates and you've had the dry climate they then your yields will be up but if you've brought dry season crops for you know that that period and you have a wet season you crops a total loss so you know you need to I think you need to aim for something in between that probably not be so greedy and just stick with what works you know until you know something else comes along maybe I always think it's always better to stick with something that you know our body's over along with these proper these species of plants that have been around for hundreds of thousands of years you know at the end of the day our bodies have also evolved to accept them I'm unsure whether these genetically modified foods are accepted by our bodies or even recognized as what they are because I'm sure that the chemicals that break down these foods in our bodies you know I'm sure that the chemicals have been attuned to breaking down something that it's been used to again for many thousands of years as opposed to now introducing something completely new to the system that it might not even recognize you know we've seen some of the experiments that turn out in the laboratories you know I'm talking about the rats we've all all sorts of problems and you know we've had scientists come out as well and say that this is not a good idea to be you know feeding humans this when obviously the experiments that we're seeing are so dramatic that you know shouldn't be even introducing them into the food chain but you know this is we're in a day guys where there's massive corruption and you know money becomes more important than the right thing to do it always is the case isn't it you know the I've been told it myself many times before you know Jeannie if you want to earn some money then stop messing about what your closet your conscious in the closet and forget about this and just go out there and earn some money for yourself you know and that seems to be a very common attitude these days I think it's a terrible attitude something not that I would be ever interested in our driver I have you know soup every day as opposed to you know a nice big fat t-bone steak and after have that on more conscious so you know okay so you know that that in a nutshell guys is exactly what's going on in our world you know with regards to our jet streams with regards to the aerosols staying in the southern atmosphere sorry in the southern hemisphere you know you can see why the jet stream so much wilder than there than they are in the northern hemisphere obviously there's a lot more cosmic radiation attaching we've aerosols down there and therefore you know building up the cloud as a result of cloud nucleation and cloud seeding and I just wanted to touch on what we're doing with our magnetometer data and when we're going to start actually you know using that data so let's have a quick look at that so as you can see we've got safe California Kentucky Perth Australia the Gold Coast Australia although that one who's coming back this week it should be turned round after it's been put right and then sent back out to Gold Coast we've also got Hong Kong and we'll be adding India at some point and that test data this week now it's going to be three got at least three months guys before we can start looking at this data analytically and saying what he's going on we can't start looking at it at the moment because we just simply don't have enough of it and I don't want to make speculations based on you know assumptions I want to make speculations or what I don't want to make speculations it's all I want to make you know comments on facts that were looking at so you know I want to collect at least three months solid data from each of these ones before we start comparing it with the results now Hong Kong would do to have another data packet sent any time now when we do get that we can I think we can make a comparison with what we're looking at you know we've got a nice long long straight graph I know that that magnetometer hasn't been moved recently so we should have a nice long straight line and we can compare that over the month and we can see where it's been going up and down and you know we can start making some assumptions as to what we are actually seeing there another one is Kentucky as you can say a nice long straight line there again on the data and the only of the reason we're starting to get some adjustments with the ones in gold coast Perth is another good example after it was adjusted I know that that's been set and the scrutineer to the wall so I know that that is not going to be interrupted so there's another good one that we can look at and Southern California is another one that will be coming online so you know we're going to be comparing them as we get the data with Jim amongst data off all of these pretty much sooner or later that compare and not only that guys we've also got the trimack which we you know process the data on every month and we also look at the magnetosphere data as well from here in the UK so there's lots going on on our observatory as well as the fact that we cover solar activity space weather volcanic activity and earthquake activity you know all this data even on the Shuman freeze frequency and sea ice extent you know sea surface temperature you'll find that all on our website and so you know it's not just this data because this in my view is what is affecting all the world you know it's the the fact that the Earth's going for a magnetic reversal it's also the fact that this earth is experienced in a period of time where the sun's in the low solar output and has been for quite some time now 33 years as you guys know but we cover a hell of a lot more data as well guys you know I don't want to take up too much of your time in this video so I'm going to end it ere we've just a brief you know a mention of the two links that are down there and you know more than ever this observatory needs to be backed up by you know at least the more than the 160 people that we've got now and I am really grateful for those at each and every one of those people on patron and those that make the PayPal donations you know I'm really grateful because without you guys we just simply would not be here but if I can encourage a few more people that probably thought about you know making a donation and you know if I can encourage you to you know start making some supportive donations to this Observatory because there's no other Observatory out there that is doing the exact same thing as what we are you know these big organizations aren't giving you the data as regularly as what we work we are and we're going to increase the you know the amount of data that we start putting out once we start again you know more data coming in from these positions global guys so you know if we can get a bit more support we can take this easily to the next level and we shouldn't even be a right now because we've been dealing with such a small budget and yet we've gone global with that budget you know like I said before you know I'm sure NASA are scratching their heads but the only reason we've been able to do this is because I've been able to do as much as I have like programming you know designing the electronics building the electronics and getting them put out there we've had a you know a YouTube channel that has that connections all over this world and you know we've managed to get these out there we've done a massive and and really marvelous job so far I just want to continue doing that guys I am trying to find you know an alternative source to raising some cash something separate on the side that doesn't involve organizations you know some of that can add more to this the more it is that we raise already but I know it's going to be months away before you know I can actually get that started so you know I'm just saying you know I'm not just relying on you guys I'm trying to help myself out here as well as I as you guys know I do invest my own time and my own money into these things that we build air as well so you know that's where we are like I say if we could just encourage a few more people to make that leap and support us then that would be great and I don't think there's anything else to say in this video guys other than you know I'll keep you informed if there's any changes and you know just stay tuned because there's but always data coming in at one point or another nowadays on this Observatory and Channel so there you go guys the links are down there PayPal and if that's not for you there's the patron so it's entirely up to you but the main thing is support it because it's well worth it okay guys you have a great week I'll catch up with some point in the week and from there till then take it easy as always botany

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  1. It would be possible to start matching up the observatorys data with outside data like solar activity to try and find a direct link to what is causing the movement.

  2. there is a game made by 11 bit studios called frostpunk, which focuses on an alternate 1890's advanced world that ices over, due to mysterious reasons. the goal is to build a concentric city around a generator, and survive.

  3. ASKING FOR DONATIONS DOESN'T SOUND DESPERATE TO ME AT ALL. tithing is a commandment and was 10 percent minimum to the holy leaders or healers or wise men in the village in olden times. since there are no but a handful of real holy leaders today then the scientists who are delivering life and death information should be given tithes as they are helping the humanoid creatures to make better decisions and in turn save their lives or at least avoid disaster and live safer etc. .00000001 wise men maybe remain so the tithe that is a commandment to the wise men who give guidance would be moved over and directed in support of scientist as MAVERICK. these type of scientist can either save your life or make you know where to be or not to be and ignite the thinking for survival preparations. MAVERICK HAS NO SOUND OF DESPERATION TO ME AT ALL. HE IS JUST STATING THE FACTS THAT HIS TIME AND PROJECTS COST MONEY AND THE INFORMATION IN ITSELF THAT THESE HIGH MINDED SCIENTIST SHARE WITHOUT EVEN INCLUDING IN THE COST OF THE MATERIAL IS ENOUGH OF A REASON TO SUPPORT ALL THESE NORMAL CARING SCIENTISTS ON YOUTUBE UNLIKE THE EVIL SCIENTISTS FROM THE OCTAGON RULERS WHO WANT TO POISON YOU WITH CHEMICALS AND KEEP YOU IN THE DARK MYRIADS OF DECEPTIONS. sounds normal to me not desperate at all !!! actually he shouldn't even have to ask but that just shows how unappreciative and non tithing so many are that this great scientist must ask for material support for his great work etc., you all should be blessing these great scientist on youtube that are giving you the truth without them having to ask. this is the way it was in all ancient communities. the wise men. the shaman's etc., the healers etc. were supported by tithing etc. as well as their service fees in some cases. these real youtube scientists are possibly giving you viewers alot more than you will give them. their wisdom and knowledge is worth thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars and maybe priceless if they alert you to be prepared etc. and in turn that information CAN SAVE YOUR LIVES. UH DURRRRRRRRRRR !!!

  4. AS a memeber of our team was describing whats going on in the Sourthern Hemisphere someone piped up about the shrinking Ozone hole, and was responded to by the following comment, "So you know for sure the direction of the bulk of the cosmic radition do you? it may suprise you that the bottom of the world gets more than the top" there then followed a rant about Northern centric thinking and funding, and this went on for quite some time.

    Side note for Gene, bit of side researching down here has unofficialy come up with some I think intresting observations on a Hum, or "Thehum" or "Truck/large engine car idling at the bottom of the road noise".
    1. The hum lacks direction, heard more clearly in homes due to ambient sound but no matter how far you change location or turn, hum remains constant..Hum is nearly ultra low.freq with a duration ranging from a few days to months.
    2. Recent event Western Australia, event duration 9 days, distance between both outer reports over 1360 Km,s.
    3. Same period 16 x 2.4 and less earthquakes reported in a area that very rarely see one or two Earthquakes a year.
    4. A number of reports from across the reported area of noise, is of electrical faults and comms issues.
    5. Due to the scale and the Hum being of the same pitch and frequency despite very large distances a single localized source highly unlikely. Due to the varied geology across the areas an underground source even very deep highly unlikely.

    Team has not come to a final judgement but rather has ruled out things it can not be, and to be honest it is leaving our fields of expertise on what it can be, which nicely leads to the why of this post, over to you Gene, as you are the first guy I thought of who might have inkling or possible same itch to scratch as we did on this worldwide reported issue, it has to be top down and very large for lack of frequency change and more than just a little bit intresting is you still hear it with Gel ear buds inserted in your ears, meaning you pick it up through the Cochlear directly same as an hearing aid so gives idea of the type of low freq involved. Just in case you are bored or nowt on telly.

    PS hate this new flaming oxtmoronic named "Smartphone" been issued to us on this trip, typing this was a bloody nightmare, Google your phone is horrible.

    South pole heading striaght for us but its distance ? wondering on possible big lurch? I have it showing 1800 KM's and change SE of Tasmania and movement path heading striaght for the area of South Australia known as " The Bite" obvious on map what that is.

  5. just think!! if every one of the 23k subscribers donated just 1 pound/dollar/euro whatever (not gonna break the bank eh!) think what that would do to help??? before anyone asks, yes, I have helped as much as I am able 🙂

  6. Your comments about aerosol's makes no sense. The vast majority of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere. Only about 10 percent of all people live in the southern hemisphere.

  7. asking for donations is correct and proper. most people don't contribute to anything these days. wise men who are enlightening the humanoid creatures should be supported. and the contributions that one gives to another returns in blessings for that person. i see it good he asks for donations. he actually shouldn't have to but humanoids don't tithe as is commanded and was normal in the past. Maverick is a wise scientist. wise men should be supported this is a commandment from ancient times. great content is good too but i see adequate content here.

  8. Once you said me that planet x has nothing to do with pole shifting… so I just want to ask you how you are so sure about that???????

  9. "sun dogs" are a partial Eclipse & Halos are a full eclipse. Check the FAA weather cams and watch them Cun-trail these so called "Natural phenomenas"

  10. Mate I know the budget is tight but the way to get more donations is to focus on creating killer content. At the moment half your time is taken up begging for donations and all to often before any value has been offered – this is YouTube suicide. You’ve got precious seconds to capture a viewers attention and keep them here. Never give a call to action before you’ve offered value – save that for the end of the video and try not to harp on it. I know you’re a smart PhD type but to make this work you gotta think like Content Creator too. The YouTube algo doesn’t care about the Magnetic Field collapsing. So just create killer content and offer tons of value and pretty soon you’ll have more subs and therefore more donations.

  11. i will continue to support your work Gene 👍The plates are shifting, Crustal displacement and pole reversal cataclysm aka tribulation from the dragon, Planet X darkstar system. We are being bombarded with negative solar wind from behind..

  12. I watch a earthquake monitoring site. The plates are shifting, its fascinating. Its all connected.

  13. I really believe in what you are doing. So I started funding you. But I am not made of money. If you find a way to make your site more available. Maybe sell a product. Like survival gear, seeds, EMP power protectors. Time and exposure will bring in the money also. Reduce the asking for money time, you sound desperate. Turns viewers off. Have faith and beleif in what you are doing. For some reason, people do not want to face this. So giving survival solutions will inspire viewers. God bless you don't stop your program.

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