GRANNY vs. SPONGEBOB CHALLENGE 3! Minecraft Earth HIDE! (official) Minecraft Horror Game Animation

GRANNY vs. SPONGEBOB CHALLENGE 3! Minecraft Earth HIDE! (official) Minecraft Horror Game Animation

hate everyone spongebob and I are back thanks for supporting our adventures hit like on this video for good luck I know we're gonna need it let's get going so what's in here I don't know it looks like some sort of underground room it looks like a basement to me Hey what are these red lights I don't know Patrick but maybe we should go up those stairs hey spongebob well what's that thing right there on the barrel I don't know it looks like some sort of gun well whatever it is it's mine now you already have a weapon anyways just be careful we don't even know what it is yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whatever did you hear that yeah maybe it's the wind yeah maybe shooter Patrick it's not working spongebob all right time to give you the granny treatment I did not see that coming run spongebob get out of here no Patrick I'm not leaving you I have one last dart and I'm not gonna miss this time get out of the way Patrick gather all right it's okay Patrick we're safe now Oh spongebob don't worry she can't get us anymore you can stop hiding now come on look behind you huh wait you you don't even have your knife what are you gonna do now huh it's okay Patrick she doesn't even have the knife on her run spongebob run why would I want to I'll be coming back for you child oh no you don't she's dark yet away that easy hey granny drop him or say good night whoa I I got her spongebob hurry get up oh my head hurts Oh what happened spongebob quick you have to get down here Patrick what am i doing up here just slowly walk down the stairs and come over here ah don't worry about her I shot her with this so she should be sleeping woof so where to now hey what's that up there I don't know but I think I have an idea give me the crossbow it looks like a screwdriver yeah I'll just hold on to this hey it might come in handy where to know anywhere but here come on let's get going this is one big house isn't it yeah it's really big Hey look over here behind the bookshelf it looks like a way out whoo we did it spongebob we found the exit yes let's get out of here no we're stuck hey what's this here spongebob I found something come here quick Wow Patrick you know what I think I know what that is it's the other half of the gun you found in the basement hey you're right no it's a real gun oh but it's not even loaded no ammo nope see ya Patrick did you realize if that was loaded you could have killed me maybe give me that gun before you kill someone with it no you're not taking it from me you have no choice now heads it over all right you asked for spongebob come out come out wherever you are oh come on you would I don't have all day Patrick is she's she's right off the window be quiet she'll hear you that's Rick but we gotta get out of here she found us shooter I can't I'm all out of darts Hey look you don't want to hurt us we're just innocent sea creatures I guess this is it all because I wanted some cookies can't do it Patrick it's the guy lone Starr under this I promise I'll go on a diet you know is my Bruce yeah nothing could stop us no I think you should let me hold on to it though oh hey what goes come on Patrick I really think you should you better let me get your own knife spongebob Oh Patrick get up this thing is as light as a feather look at Patrick it looks like I'll be having some fresh seafood for supper kids don't try this at home Oh Oh slender inna and granny looked to have teamed up against SpongeBob and Patrick I wonder what's next hit like for part 4 and let me know what you think might happen next thanks for the support see you real soon love you guys

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24 thoughts on “GRANNY vs. SPONGEBOB CHALLENGE 3! Minecraft Earth HIDE! (official) Minecraft Horror Game Animation

  1. Hey everyone! Spongebob and Patrick here! Hit like for part 4! and also subscribe with notifications on! We're going keep trying to find a way out of here. Join us! See you later!
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  2. One you should have stabbed her the make sure she was dead then SpongeBob say he only have one dark how did you get more darts Patrick

  3. The granny treatment you shoot old ladies with crossbows now why no one tell me I can finally shoot an old lady with a crossbow so I don't have to wait in line when she's paying one dollar bills

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