Green Party unveils plan for climate change | Power & Politics

Green Party unveils plan for climate change | Power & Politics

when will the government put some action behind their words and treat this crisis with the urgency that it deserves when will the Liberal government support Canadians and cats so once and for all this carbon tax climate change is real the consequences are serious and we are facing an emergency today all parties ramped up the rhetoric on who has the best plan to fight climate change this week but the debate continues over whether any plan will actually meet Canada's emissions reductions targets the Liberal government kept the former Conservative government's targets when negotiating the Paris Accord meanwhile an DP litre jug meeting hasn't been clear on whether or not he supports continued development of liquefied natural gas now it's the Green Party's turn will their plan meet or beat Canada's climate change goals Elizabeth may is the leader of the federal Green Party she joins me now in studio hi miss May great to see you great to be here thank you thank you for coming in I want to start off by talking about you obviously released your climate plan this week and one thing really stood out for many of us who read it and that is the adjustment in targets far more aggressive instead of 30 percent below 2005 limit levels I'm sorry by 2030 you want to go to 60 percent yeah is given that the latest report I saw said we're on track for only 19% below is that feasible how the reality is that we can't discuss whether it's feasible because we have to do it or we're talking about the loss of human civilization within the lifetime of our youngest children right now so business you know really physics and atmospheric chemistry is boss in this scenario now the reality is Canada signed on to a commitment to hold global average temperature no more than a 1.5 degrees Celsius increase over what it was before the Industrial Revolution that's the Paris target the 30% was what we filed with the UN five months six months before Paris was negotiated it was filed under Stephen Harper it's always been inconsistent with the climate targets we agreed to in Paris so what we've done as a party is say look we have this major report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that came out October 8th of last year and it made it clear we're in a climate emergency and I did bring forward the motion we had that emergency debate but there's been no change in target you can't keep pretending you're going to hit your Paris agreement goal of 1.5 degrees if the target you choose has no chance of getting near that even if we fully achieve it so but what if we're not even fully achieving it as is the case now that's that's why I'm asking about feasibility because it will require a drastic level of additional action yes and I just wonder you know salute how feasible is it that that that that can actually take place well it's kind of like asking John F Kennedy how feasible is that you're going to get the man on the moon what makes you think you can do that I mean you set a goal that's essential and you use the tools that are available now unfortunately the Canadian so-called pan Canadian framework was put together in the first year of Trudeau administration with the assumption that we have a bunch of friendly premiers out there the federal government doesn't have to do much they can play a backstop role we'll just gather together what everybody else is doing everywhere anyway and call it a plan and keep Harper's target well that's destined to failure from the get-go then you have a few premiers go off side they're no longer liberal premiers they're conservative premiers they think they're wedge issue is attacking carbon pricing failing to understand that their responsibility as leaders is to understand climate science and if you don't like carbon pricing fine what are you doing instead so what we're saying is here are the steps we can take as a country to get to where we need to go we start with the essential step of making sure that all the electricity we use comes from renewable energy this is totally doable the price of solar right now globally has dropped to below the price of new coal this is this is a sea change in what's available for renewable energy but to get from one province together which is the most efficient way to make the change fast is to let those provinces that are already on 100% renewable provide that electricity at a reasonable price to those provinces that have to go off fossil fuels in terms of their electricity grid this east-west electricity grid is also not modern not ready to receive the kind of electricity we need and get it for instance from hydro-quebec that has plenty into the Maritimes which don't so there's we have to think like a country that's an essential piece of infrastructure once your grid is 100% electric well we move away from the internal combustion engine ow fascinated the other day to hear from the High Commissioner from India to Canada that India has set 2022 as the year when they will no longer sell new internal combustion engine vehicles so our targets to get rid of the internal combustion engine by 2040 are hardly the steepest that are out there in the world the number of other countries have set much more aggressive targets what do you do about the thing that you mentioned there and that is the provinces who are not on board right now you have seen a shift there among a number of provincial premiers you're right they use it as or not use it but they've decided that it is an issue that they can campaign on and successfully so how do you how do you do it all as the federal government aren't you going to need to build some bridges with those premiers – and and is that possible well the number one thing to look at here is again we have to stop debating what is possible and start doing what is necessary if you go back to the science you recognize that holding to 1.5 degrees it's not a political target it's a real-life problem of physics and if if Jason Kenney was taking a more Scott Mo was taking a more Doug Ford was taking aim at the theory of gravity they wouldn't get much airtime the science around climate change is like that you can't stop an object from hitting the floor there's something called gravity and as long as we keep putting greenhouse gases in the atmosphere we pass a threshold above 1.5 but below 2 degrees we pass a threshold we're hanging on to human civilization becomes extremely doubtful we don't want to pass that threshold and as long as it's possible economically which it is possible technologically which it is then we do not have the option of saying we're not going to try so where wherever you're talking I understand that you're saying it's reality I totally get that but for them there's another reality there's you know two hundred seventy six thousand people employed by the energy sector yeah and many of them more are employed right now in clean tech and green tech so you want to make sure that every worker has a job that no region of the country is disadvantaged that's why our approach cuts off foreign oil and says as long as we're using oil we're going to use Alberta oil we're going to use Canadian fossil aligned right yes but that means you have to refine it here instead of having pointless divisive arguments about shipping raw pitchmen to other countries to refine their the federal permit pay under your leadership for that refining well it makes a lot more sense than paying for a pipeline to take raw bitumen to other countries to refine it there the reality of this is a federal government also I'm sorry she didn't do it that's okay just to say that we also I didn't touch on the fact the federal government has a lot more tools in the federal toolkit then it has opened or used so for instance Minister McKenna has the powers under part four of SEPA to pass regulations that control the amount of greenhouse gases from any facility across Canada and since the vast majority of our emissions in this country come from 200 named locations it isn't that hard to imagine the combined use of some carbon pricing getting rid of subsidies using regulations and also engaging in great partnerships with the orders of government that do want to work with us but those are fewer and fewer right no you're saying right now that the federal government has the power to control emissions that's right and that's obviously gonna be the oil sands let's say right well I'd submit plants but Jason Kennedy's gonna come out and say that's provincial jurisdiction that's what we're fighting in court right now well I I don't think he can say that because the Canadian violet Protection Act was brought in under Brian Mulroney a conservative prime minister and the regulations over greenhouse gases are exactly the same regulatory mechanism protected by exactly the same federal jurisdiction as regulating effluent out of pulp and paper mills forestry as provincial effluence out of pulp and paper mills are controlled as pollution by federal regulation so this is now I get that there's a there's I get that there's a legal argument but I'm saying that's the one that's politically that's going to happen all the other levels of government that want to work with us I'm sure are the municipalities of this country it's a municipal order of government that's always been in the lead on climate action and they know that taking action to reduce waste of fossil fuels saves money and brings down the costs for municipalities across Canada we want to bring in electric buses so we get better transportation within our cities we want to make sure we've lost our buses from for remote areas and rural areas whether you're talking Atlantic Canada BC or Saskatchewan we need to have buses for heaven's sakes so when you look at a paper at all what our plan is going to the Parmenter II Budget Office when we bring out our platform during the rip period which has measures than the the the the clear steps we put here are also to engage other Canadians and other party leaders in the conversation because as you can see the first thing we say is we want to create something equivalent to a war cabinet where all parties are involved in an inner cabinet effort to ensure we meet our targets but paying for it is not nearly as expensive as allowing carbon and to emit and allowing the climate crisis to get worse we already we blow through our forest fire budgets in a way that we didn't in in a three-month period in previous years we blow through before the forest fire season has even started the flawed end point these are not cheap cost that's a very fearing climate change that's a very fair point but what kind of a deficit are you comfortable living with well we actually want to we believe in fiscal responsibility we want to eliminate the deficit so what we need to find actually as greens and we are already costing our platform and there are many more measures on our platform there's pharmacare there's guaranteed livable income we have a lot of things in our platform that aren't released yet but you you could probably guess where they're going to be where we take steps because we believe in social justice and we want better democracy and we certainly want reconciliation so I'm Tripp really matters but when you look at all that what you need is to say what are our priorities security is a number-one priority and the climate crisis is no longer an environmental issue it's a security threat it needs to be dealt with as such so when you look at it that way you can also need ok we're gonna need to spend more money we need to check other sources of revenue so we look at things like a wealth tax we look at other mesh offshore hidden money there are many ways in which we can augment the revenues to the government of Canada and not over tax already overtaxed individuals okay I have to leave it there I'm sadly out of time but thank you very much miss May appreciate your time today really appreciate have a great long weekend you too hi I'm Vashi Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

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30 thoughts on “Green Party unveils plan for climate change | Power & Politics

  1. Canada a climate crisis? One of the most pristine countries in the world? Most of Canada is wilderness. Canada contributes about 1.5% of GHG to the world. Now China may have an issue as they produce 30% of the world GHG.Ms.May mentions India but India contributes about 9% of the worlds GHG and is in the process of still building hundreds of coal-fired electrical power stations. What Ms.May fails to understand is that we actually have an economy. She should be more up in what is happening in Canada.The Maritimes plan on hooking up to power from the new Lower Churchill Hydro Dam in Labrador. Nova Scotia already has the link built waiting for the project completion. Once that is completed power can flow to PEI and New Brunswick and even to the
    The USA. The Maritimes have no intention of hooking up to Quebec Hydropower. The Green Party is a one trick pony party. They focus on the "environment" because that is all they know. Running a country is a lot more complex. Frankly why the Green Party is a National Party is beyond me. If they ever got into power they would not have a clue on what to do.

  2. Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy – FOS Steve Goreham

  3. She is a UN stooge. She came from the Sierra Club which is a NGO under the UN to ruin the world & have a one world government which would be the UN which are Communists. Here is an expert talking about renewable which is not doable.
    Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia

  4. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth May sure has drunk in the IPCC cool aid, to the point of total intoxication, and is now a danger to society.

    Wake up Canada. Many feel this Climate Emergency push is the engine to drive the UN's 21st century Communism, Agenda 2030. The People's Party of Canada has the best plan for Canada. PPC 2019.

    Investigate Climategate, 30,000 scientists against climate change, or some of these links.

  5. If the greens were really committed they would commit suicide and reduce their carbon foot print to zero.

  6. Climate change can not be stopped. It is a natural phenomenon. Do not buy into this garbage Canada. We all want a clean environment. Every one of us. Climate change is propaganda being used to JUSTIFY power grabs and wealth transfers.
    These people are psychopaths.

  7. It's never been CO2, It's the Sun! It has warming and cooling cycles. CO2 AGW is a fraud
    Search YouTube for – Climate Science 2; There is No Extra Warming to Explain
    site –

  8. Green party plan for climate change:
    Let's throw all cars and planes into a giant volcano. Everyone will roller skate to work and people will use blankets during the winter and you may only burn cow farts to heat your home.

  9. What do you think happens when you have to charge up your electric car when the grid goes down. How many electric cars do the military or cops have? None Why do you think they want you to have electric cars.?

  10. I was watching this video on Climate change propaganda via the politicians:
    It never ceases to amaze me how condescending the Politicians are concerning the People's knowledge, opinions, and ideas.
    They talk as if we are all uneducated uninformed and cannot understand the issues on a National or Global scale.
    The truth is the PEOPLE could blow the doors off the propaganda biased government agents, employees, elected or otherwise on how to tackle the issues and fix the problems.
    The reason they do not give the people control is, that they would lose their power over us.
    It's not a democratically run country at all.
    We have dictators doing things constantly against the will of "We The People" We are the ones who fund it to operate and pay their salaries.
    The MYTH IS CANADA is a documentary film on how our government has been illegally operating for a very very long time.
    People need to become more informed about that issue so we can make the necessary changes to combat things like the climate, and other just as relevant issues.

  11. Nuclear is the way to go for now until we can build better storage for renewable energy. Solar energy is the best we need to wait until it gets cheaper and better before we use it in a big way. They make clear solar panels that could be used for windows that would be good because they aren't taking up extra space.

  12. All these green people only talk about energy nothing else. What an irritating silly interviewer. She have plastic bottles under her desk by chance? Hypocrite Canadians with their climate change talk. Citizens are the problem because they don’t understand or care is the bottom line.

  13. what is the point of doing it when countries like china keep growing their emissions? we still live on the same planet lol

  14. The only emergency we Canadians have, is to get these liars out of office and out of Government for the lies and fear mongering. Let them tax the sun for changing our climate , I am not going to pay one penny towards their idiotic agenda that their puppet master the UN is pushing on the world.

  15. Having 100% energy grid renewable sources is an impossibility. At minimum every energy grid in the world needs a minimum of base power load that can only be filled by energy sources that are not intermittent as renewable's are. Meaning its going to have to be coal.gas.oil.nuclear for only those can provide a sustained power level (base power load). Otherwise the grid collapses. Thats what happens when you have power outages. Somewhere in the grid there is a failure (for some reason) and the grid basically crashes into itself , its not able to maintain itself.

    100% impossible , now 50% with maybe an overcapacity in nuclear/oil/gas/etc (for emergency situations) , that would be a realistic target.

  16. Climate change is not man made. The planet goes through cycles and it has been made political. QUIT friggen lying. People who actually research instead of listening to these liars know better . Video by John Coleman is a good explanation. The charts they use are bogus based on algorithms and scientists who would lose all their grants if they don"t play ball.

  17. Politicians need to stop putting the environment over the economy. You can't have the funds for a cleaner environment without an economy to fund it.

    Maybe we can do some cheaper options first, such as having more efficient electrical grids and promoting further fuel efficiency, along with additional forms of fuels for vehicles to be available such as natural gas, electric and hydrogen. I can be on board with that somewhat, because I know that they actually work. Renewable energy on the other hand is almost useless and cannot supply societal energy needs on its own. Fossil fuels have to be used until renewables can truly hold their own weight and not hinder electrical grids with power that fluctuates because their fuel sources (the wind blowing, sunshine with no clouds, etc) aren't always available in all weather conditions, so why don't we focus on making the things that use fossil fuels now as efficient as possible with the cleanest possible burning of fossil fuels?

  18. medicine hat solar farm is closing because solar power is not viable north of the 49th. 40 million dollars wasted

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