Greg Bix is a researcher who speaks “doctor.”

Greg Bix is a researcher who speaks “doctor.”

What I do is try to understand
what happens to the brain after a stroke event
and then come up with novel approaches,
novel ideas to treat that and either
minimize the injury or help the brain repair itself. And so a lot of that comes
from very basic science, but then my lab is
very translational. So we’re trying to
take these ideas and study it in various
experimental models, and this is really where all
new medications come from. Someone had an idea, and said
I wonder if I tried that. Then before you know
it, you’re testing it in laboratory experiments,
and if things go well eventually get
permission and approval to do experimental
clinical trials and people, and that’s kind of
always been our approach. And so I’m a medical doctor. I don’t see patients now. I run a large research lab. But I speak doctor. And so I can sort of have
an immediate intuition as to whether an idea could
be clinically relevant and could potentially
succeed in patients one day. So I have sort of a
novel approach to it, where a lot of my colleagues
are more basic science-oriented. And so often have a
good idea, but not see the clinical potential. So it’s up to somebody like
me to bridge that gap, which I like to think I do pretty well.

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