HAkA: Our rangers protect the wildlife

HAkA: Our rangers protect the wildlife

I love being here in the forest of Sumatra I am Dedi I am one of the Leuser Ecosystem rangers in Aceh We work for the protection of wildlife My team and I work to stop illegal activities in the forest There are many poachers out there seeking a quick profit It’s a difficult time But it is the last place on earth where orangutans rhinos, elephants, and tigers live together in the wild We have to protect these endangered species It makes me so sad when they catch these animals in their traps For example, this unlucky young elephant It’s really hard to look at it, but we have to face the reality When we found it, the tusks were cut out The poachers probably sold the ivory Other animals, like this endangered Sumatran orangutan are caught alive and sold as pets at local markets Luckily, we are often able to find the traps before an animal is harmed Then we destroy it and report the case to local authorities so that they can arrest the poacher Enforcement of wildlife crime is becoming more frequent now This year, our ranger teams were able to find and destroy more than 200 traps Our work in the forest is hard We live outside for around two weeks at a time often in heavy rain We sleep in tents and cook our food on the fire Sometimes the patrols are eve dangerous Many poachers have a gun Sometimes we had to flee and report a case to the police My teams and I will continue our work to save the Leuser Ecosystem and to protect the species in this wonderful place But we will need more resources to be more effective We needs better equipments and more teams patrolling

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