Hardy Annual Wildflower Flower Arrangement - Cut Flower Gardening for Beginners

Hardy Annual Wildflower Flower Arrangement – Cut Flower Gardening for Beginners

hey everybody what's up and welcome back to the garden today we are making another cut flower arrangement we're gonna get in here and get right on into this the first thing I'm gonna do obviously as I am going to grab some ornamental sweet peas and the main reason I am grabbing these sweet peas is simply the fact that I know they are going to be done blooming soon and I don't want them to be done blooming the weather is getting hotter but I know they're gonna be done soon which is a bummer so I'm savoring these and grabbing all of them for cut flowers that I can so I'm just gonna grab these these are the lavender elegance sweet peas most of these are and I'm gonna put them in my vase first Timms are pretty short so they have to be kind of just the base flower for this one unfortunately after I have grabbed those next I'm gonna head on over to the feverfew and I'm gonna grab some feverfew this is the white wonder feverfew that I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing by now but it's a great filler in foliage so I'm gonna grab a couple of stems of that feverfew and kind of just work them around the sweet peas in the vase after that I'm heading over to the Larkspur that have started to bloom I am going to go with these kind of dark and light purpley blue lavender colors I think these lavenders and purples and blues are gonna match really nicely with those elegant sweet peas and we're just gonna work a couple of stems of these into this arrangement as well these Larkspur are definitely a little shorter than I thought they would be and blamed that on me I probably spaced them way too close this year it's something I'll have to work on next year when I planted them again but I just went ahead and arrange the Larkspur in there as best I could getting in this flower arrangement I still noticed that it looked kind of empty and bare even though you know even though I had all these different flowers in it so I went back to the garden and I grabbed some Delft blue love animist nigella added that in something it still wasn't right I mean the nigella is very pretty the other flowers are very pretty but I was still missing something so I went back and I grabbed a bunch of more greenery I grabbed one stem of bells of Ireland which is all the bells of Ireland I have left in the yard I also grabbed a ton of mint and now let's keep complaining about this mint like oh the mint is taking over my yard oh I don't like the mint but I can't count how many times this season alone that having access to long stems of mint has really helped me pull a flower arrangement together and make it look just overall prettier and more cohesive and more put together I'm really really starting to appreciate mint quite a bit more overall I think this one's really beautiful I think it turned out well as with every other flower arrangement you see on the channel this one is getting donated I'm also gonna be picking some more flowers out of the garden here soon to get donated and hopefully it'll brighten some people's day that's really about it for this video hopefully it was helpful as always you can leave any questions or comments that you have it down below I'm always trying to answer those usually I get to them in about a week sometimes longer depending upon how busy I am with working you know the channel and everything if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe would absolutely love to have you we are making new content all the time sometimes it's DIY projects sometimes it's gardening could be even soap making you really never know quite what I'm gonna upload so if you like a little bit of a surprise you might like this channel too always gonna just keep on growing be sure to tell your friends hit the little bell icon all that good stuff I hope that you guys are having such an amazing day and I'll talk to you all later bye guys

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