Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

We encourage visitors to do what we call
travel pono. Travel in a way that is positive for the thousands of miles of
ocean that surround us. So we have a really important job to protect this
reef that’s here. I’m extremely passionate about the ocean because the best moments of my life have been with these beautiful marine animals that I
actively work to protect. And there’s a number of things that you can do to help
protect them, as well. These are microplastics. This is what happens to your
water bottle once it ends up in the ocean. So when you go to the beach travel
with your own reusable water bottle or your own reusable bag. The other really
important thing choose sunscreens that don’t have toxic chemicals. Reef safe is
actually a marketing term any sunscreen brand can just slap on reef safe, even if
it still has harmful chemicals in it. Look at the label and choose those that
are only active ingredients of zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. The more
people who experience what the ocean has to offer, I think the healthier our planet is going to be.

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