Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (5/10) Movie CLIP – The Forest God Unleashed (2008) HD

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (5/10) Movie CLIP – The Forest God Unleashed (2008) HD

No, Brother, no! Kill him. lt’s just a jumping bean. lt’s going for water. Hurry. Oh, dear. No. No, no, no, no. No. MAN 1: What the hell is that?
AGENT: Excuse me! MAN 2: Stay back.
MAN 3: Hey, what’s going on? (PEOPLE SCREAMING) PILOT: We’ve got
target ín síght. lt’s an Elemental, a giver of life
and a destroyer. What? A Forest God. HELLBOY: A Forest God, eh? l’m gonna get me Big Baby.

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76 thoughts on “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (5/10) Movie CLIP – The Forest God Unleashed (2008) HD

  1. Thanks! One of my most fulfilling vfx anim experiences, due largely in part to
    Guillermo not really knowing how the Elemental would move(nor did anyone), so he just let us get on with it and luckily for us he loved the result.
    I originally animated women and small babies flying out of those cars the Elemental throws about…didnt make the final cut for some reason unfortunately..;)

  2. Have you done effects for any other movies? I've always been very impressed with Guillermo Del Toro…He always has a very small budget but makes the effects look fantastic…Hellboy 1 & 2…Pan's Labyrinth…it all looks real to me like 150 million or more…Not sure how he does it…

  3. Yes I agree, I love Guillermo's style, how he blends prosthetics and vfx to bring these worlds to life. I think he uses the same team for the prosthetics/puppetry in all his films, who I think are based in Barcelona. The guy's a genius though that's why his films are so rich visually to watch,let alone storytelling. Pan's labyrinth especially!
    Aye Ive worked on quite a few films now, most recent being Skyfall and that dark knight rises. Im based in London and a lot of vfx work gets done here

  4. stares at extremely dangerous bean for a few moments before saying it shouldn't go near water
    Thanks. Just thanks.

  5. To be honest. I wanted Hellboy to so badly join forces with the prince, they would remake the world into a more beautiful and magical place…after the genocide of course 😛


    Now after I saw this character being in the year2008 movie of (HELL-BOY 2: The GOLDEN ARMY) I thought it would of been great to see it in a separate movie; Such as some type of (Drama, Fantasy) movie, or maybe a (Action, Drama, Fantasy) movie, or a (Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy)movie would have the character being known as the ForestGod in it.

  7. La storia prosegue all'incirca così EXU risveglio'il Divino esercito 👽😈😇💀☠️narra la storia che solo lei può fermare con il suo sacrificio il Divino esercito…ma EXU non ha alcuna intenzione di sacrificare ciò che gli è caro

  8. Così EXU disperse sul suolo gocce di sangue…ogni essere sul pianeta ormai sapeva della sua presenza….tutti cooperarono e nuovamente decisero di confinare la specie sapienssapiens 👽 in verità fu il suo stesso sangue versato la chiave

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