27 thoughts on “Hooligans singing Savage garden – Truly madly deeply °Original°

  1. Despite Having a reputation as being angry, being shit on and pissed off, and proud, the Irish actually try to bring peace and common ground. Although sometimes by FORCE. It's very noticeable.

  2. Football fans have the best vocals!
    Didnt know that johnny sins is spurs fan
    so much better than the orginal!

  3. Haha hooligans lol Brit hools they bunch of drunk jealing twats hehe hooliganism in Uk died when we polish fuckers find that fancy 🤦🏻‍♂️✌🏻🇵🇱

  4. ….bitte england….macht jürgen klopp zu eurem National Trainer!!!….from Germany….he is the best!!!…

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