Hostile Planet Behind the Scenes: Jungles

Hostile Planet Behind the Scenes: Jungles

look at that this series is got an energy to it that I think all the team are really proud of you want to film something people haven't seen before or film it in a new surprising way which is going to be difficult we went to the heart of Ecuadorian Andes to film hummingbirds and we are filming with Gabriel caja he's one of the best racing drone pilots in the world the plan is to shoot through these tangled messes of epiphytes like you're a hummingbird dodging in between trunks and branches trying to get into the hummingbirds mind is the tricky exercise because I'm trying to fly the drone okay let's see the fist flower and it's try to hover somewhere else and then just fly through this complex environment if the drone goes down we're not sure if we can get it back so it's really high stakes flying getting into the hummingbirds mind see how navigate this environment it's definitely a really really fun it's amazing the way he can just flip the camera over and do cartwheels like an actual the so-called we really wanted to show literally the heights animals must go to in the jungle to survive and the only way to get dad is the kind alongside them and to experience their journey into the canopy sort of you know shoulder to shoulder there was something incredibly complex rigging to capture that sequence so today we're rigging the tree with climbing ropes which involves using catapults fishing line throw weights qualitative approach was quite complicated James Aldrich is our camera operator and he's an expert we've got a lot of long lens telephoto we've been through the canopy but really what we need to pad out the sequence more are some close-up wide-angle shots I've got a handheld gimbal and which is gyro-stabilized to get some intimate shots of the animals as climbing up past me it allowed us to achieve an angle and movement in our shots that I hadn't seen for orangutan that's pretty good well that is pretty good what the team management gap is seeing some incredible animals at some of the toughest points in their life we entered the project with the idea that we were going to try and push things as much as possible and I think we achieve you

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