Hostile Work Environment | Preventing Workplace Harassment 8 | Emtrain

Hostile Work Environment | Preventing Workplace Harassment 8 | Emtrain

let's make that Friday by 3 p.m. please good all right and how is everything else all right good morning guys there you go so Greg let's give us an update on the status of the new product launch well Melissa's spearheading it but we've teed up the marketing messages we're training the sales team and we should be on track and ready to go I've put together a summary of what we've been up to did you get a chance to take a look at that no no I didn't can I get a copy the sales training before it rolls out uh I've got that okay great thank you Melissa Greg can I get a copy the marketing plan I've also got that and I will also send that over to you you know there's one more thing you can do to help me out today could you write a summary of the next steps from this meeting and email that to us say by 2:30 today um yeah sure all right so I think that this is the only thing we still need to take care of my team took care of this hey girls so we need to prep for this upcoming trade show so unless the plan here is to stop traffic with thigh high boots and halter tops we're gonna need strong messaging and strong branding so what you got well since I don't on me die hi boots um here's what we came up with all right what's Greg think about this um here that-a-girl good for you thank you all right sir it's been a long day but you get me for one drink you got my text outstanding yeah your millions of texts come down have a drink please come down don't be lame just one drink I'm here you get your one drink what you're here now and that's what's important can we get a Filipino body waxer please um just a Chardonnay thank you are you sure okay so good day today yes yeah how did you know you were at the booth across the way the whole time well that's true but in my defense the girl over there was incredibly epically staggeringly stupefyingly hot so you know there's that oh so so I get runner-up nice no no that's not true at all you're you're pretty I mean you're you're one of the prettier girls in the office so let's think about it so you have Janine whose admittedly a bit of an older unit but a lot of spit and duct tape holding it together so it's okay and you've got Laurie it's a nice girl but look let's be honest just show a movie on her butt right double feature I'm just saying and then you've got Jackie and I mean we all know Jackie's a nice girl but a bit of a butterface right and then the new girl um was her name Andy Brandi candy Randy Andy Katy Katy right Katy so I mean Katie looks good now but boy she bakes in the Sun for a couple years she's gonna look like an old catcher's mitt Katie's like 23 years old no I gots exactly my point she looks good now but she's gonna spend some time out in the Sun and she's gonna hit the wall and when she does it's gonna be spectacular that girl's got a shelf life I think I'm done here what what do you mean finish your drink in fact have a couple drinks it might help a little bit I'm gonna love tight up tight maybe it's because I have a boss who doesn't give me the time of day and when he does I get belittled in front of all of my peers and so here I am thinking it's a great idea to come out and create a connection it's no you may become friends and when I do that I get this and this catalog of all of the women in the office and who's pretty and who's and it's just ridiculous but you're one of the hot ones I mean you're hotter huh dish once so I mean you know you're on the up side of that this has been great and I'm really tired and it's been a long day so I think I'm gonna go head upstairs

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14 thoughts on “Hostile Work Environment | Preventing Workplace Harassment 8 | Emtrain

  1. A 3rd party agency may have to get involved as the victims and bosses are often unable or unwilling to fix the problem.

  2. This doesn't even happen anymore.ย  What does happen is racist and ageist discrimination and harassment.

  3. I am going to saying something: One of my co-worker besides bullying, etc some victims, she made a comment about a patient. Even the patients are victim. So she said: "The woman is so ugly, I can't believe she has a very nice man that takes care of her. She is so lucky" So when my asshole abuserย co-worker that really reveals her real "wonderful" character, and my female co-worker is above 70 years old. You expect that people at that age are more mature, nice and wiser. But she is trashy human. I hope she dies slow, and alone. karma is a bitch. Another irony. She thinks she is beautiful, she dresses nice and she does not have a man on her side to take care of her, and she is desperate to find a boyfriend.ย  My faith on human is so low. Oh, I hate being disappointed.

  4. Civility is more than a good song produced by Southern Baptists. It's something all ought show every day.

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