How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!

How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!

What can we do to protect our forests? Here at PEFC we believe the solution is to manage forests responsibly, so we can all enjoy
the many environmental, social and economic benefits they
provide. Vital to this is certification,
which promotes sustainability. PEFC is the world’s leading
forest certification system. Upholding the very highest
standards, it is a global alliance of people
who care passionately about our forests. We set standards for sustainable forest management. By doing so we help
safeguard biodiversity and support forest owners and communities. This enables companies to
source responsibly and allows consumers to buy
certified products that they know will come
from well-managed forests that will be around
for generations to come. PEFC certified products are easily
identifiable through the PEFC label. If there is one thing you can do to help it is to buy certified products. PEFC: Caring for our forests globally

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2 thoughts on “How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!

  1. Looks good, But in India, Forest Dept is playing the role of Protector of Forest and its offence to fell or harvest any planting material whether its tree or medicinal plant…. India has to go a long way to adopt PEFC

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