39 thoughts on “How Earth Would Look If All The Ice Melted

  1. To those of you saying “this isn’t that bad”, I and millions of other people live in these potentially affected regions and in no way will I and many others let ignorant people like you all ruin our homes and lifestyles.

  2. Get over your fear mongering there is no global warming…they claim and susposedlly showed pictures of North Poles ice almost gone…well with all that water melted…why do we still have countries like the Netherlands and Bangladesh they should be the first countries flooded and still they have land…its all been lies to scare the common sheep…

  3. Antarctica's plateau ice melts unstoppably above 600ppm, we're at 493ppm CO2 equivalent gaining 3-ppm/year, so, 36-years from locking that in.

    Ending emissions is pretty much mandatory or no way we'll make that deadline; on the way and anytime now, a meltwater pulse of 30cm/1ft per decade can happen, it won't be linear.

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