How NRDC will fight Trump’s attack on our environment.

How NRDC will fight Trump’s attack on our environment.

– The opponent that we’re facing now, the Trump administration, is the single-worst enemy of the environment and human health that I think we’ve ever had. We’ve lived through the Reagan years, the Gingrich Congress, the Bush II years. It was nothing like this. This is the worst. One of the infuriating things about this administration and about the president himself is that he lies all the time. And he lies with apparent impunity. You cannot do that in court. It doesn’t work in court. Facts matter, evidence matters. There are no alternative facts. There’s a whole architecture of environmental and human health protections that have been built in this country for the last 47 years, and the Trump administration means to destroy that architecture. It wants to burn that building down. We need to stop them. NRDC has been litigating cases, suing polluters, holding them accountable since its founding in 1970. It’s part of the DNA of NRDC. We litigate under the full range of environmental laws: the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act. We actually helped write
some of these laws. But a law on the books
is only words on paper. NRDC has to enforce the law in order to protect people against what this administration is doing. We’ve brought successful cases and won relief for citizens all over the country, from the Port of Los Angeles to the interior of California to the Great Lakes to the Everglades to the Penobscot River in Maine. There is no place in this country where we have not sued and triumphed to protect citizens. We’re going to fight these people every step of the way. Every unlawful move they make in the environment and human health arena, we’re gonna meet them in court, we’re gonna sue them, and we’re gonna prevail.

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26 thoughts on “How NRDC will fight Trump’s attack on our environment.

  1. NRDC – go get them – chase them down and sue the daylights out of them.  I've been a member of NRDC for years – I believe in what they do.

  2. Flatten Dump and his minions in their tracks. REMOVE ALL REPUBS FROM OFFICE so we can save OUR environment.

  3. We need you now so desperately, more than ever. Thank you so much for fighting the good fight, never giving up, and winning!

  4. BS and lies. Al Gore, creator of the global warming hoax, made all kinds of predictions 20 years ago. It was all irrefutable then. But, none of it came true today. In the mean time, that hypocrite still flies all over the word on a private jet spewing CO2 and jet fuel exhaust in the upper atmosphere. The weatherman can barely get a 3 day forecast right. Why should I believe these idiots can predict what it will be like in 20, 50, or 100 years.

  5. The NRDC is really crying about their lost ”cut” from the billions of dollars Obama gave away in the Paris Accord.

  6. You are being lied to, people. This is just a bunch of communists who are imposing unconstitutional and unnecessary laws and ordinances on every city and town around the world in order to destroy freedom and prosperity through socialism.

  7. This is a perfect example of when a group attempts to manipulate well meaning citizens (cause we all care for the environment) by jumping on the bandwagon of building the Trump admin as a straw man rallying point. As various media execs have said themselves, anti-Trump stories bring profit & that's what we are seeing here.

    Removing the massive bureaucratic red tape w/ "remove 2 regulations to create a new regulation" is good for us all as it streamlines the ability for all govt entities to do their job, including the EPA.

    The only groups this hurt are the ones that rely on suing govt entities, just like NRDC under the guise of "environmental activism."

    While many NRDC higher ups & board members are living in their massive mcmansions, driving SUVs, using up exuberant amounts of energy, paying illegal immigrants below minimum wage to manicure their lawns, using up clean water to maintain them & their pools the real environmentalist like myself are living in minimal footprint housing, either driving clean energy cars or biking/jogging to work, recycling our waste, using low cost electric lawn mowers or old school push mowers & using solar power roof cells among other responsible actions.

    I didn't vote for Trump but seeing how groups like this & certain media centers have been acting don't be suprised when me & a major portion of the younger generations that have seen through the BS vote for him next go around.


  8. I hope the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT crushes the nrdc. this group is dangerous . People lose their jobs over this foolishness. If this company really cared about people they would go sue china where you have to where a dust mask just to go outside. The US and Trump are not a factor compared to china

  9. while we all concentrate on co2 as a pollution, we ignore the real pollution. stop fighting the president. he is right more than the nrdc.

  10. This crap has been going on for at least 20 years where airplanes have been messing up air quality the FDA has been ripping people a new one for almost as long. The EPA has been a joke for decades.

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