How The Mysterious Planet 9 Is Tilting Our Solar System

How The Mysterious Planet 9 Is Tilting Our Solar System

There’s no need to panic, but a heads up
— there might be a big bully on the loose, and it’s tormenting our entire solar system. Hi there! Ian here for DNews and I’m here to talk
about a solar mystery that astronomers have failed to explain… until NOW. For a long time astronomers have known that
our sun is tilted. It’s not by much, but the tilt is there
— its spin axis appears to be over 6 degrees off-vertical. So what the heck could have caused THAT? Well, nobody really knows for sure, hence
the “mystery.” But there’s some evidence that it has nothing
to do with the sun at all. Instead there might be an object out there
roughly ten times the mass of Earth bullying our entire solar system. Back in January, renowned dwarf planet hunters
from Caltech caused a huge stir when they announced that they had discovered a group
of small objects in the outer solar system acting rather strange. They all seemed to be traveling in the same
direction. It’s extremely unlikely they are doing this
by chance. Instead, it must be a massive planet located
20 times farther away from the sun than Neptune, gravitationally tugging at them. Of course. Astronomers call this massive mystery world
Planet 9. And in new research accepted for publication
in the Astrophysical Journal, they’ve made a link between the our apparently tilted Sun
and the mystery of Planet 9. To understand what’s going on, we have to
go back in time to when the solar system was just being formed. There was an infant Sun, and it was surrounded
by a disk of gas and dust called a protoplanetary disk. It was like a vinyl record, pretty much flat,
and inside of it our solar system’s planets formed. They ended up in fairly flat racetrack-like
orbits. But if one of those planets underwent some
kind of disturbance, like a collision with another planet, that planet’s orbit could
have been dramatically tilted away from the orbital plane that the other planets occupy. Then, over the course of the evolution of
our solar system, this massive world would have added a wobble over billions of years
to the entire system, causing all of the other planets’ orbits to tilt as they compensated
for this imbalance. As Planet 9 is thought to be a pretty big
object, and we already think it can influence the orbits of smaller objects in the outer
solar system, this unaccounted-for mystery world COULD be causing the wonkiness of the
entire solar system! It just so happens that Planet 9’s predicted
orbit is thought to be tilted a whopping 30 degrees away from the orbital plane which,
according to computer simulations, would exactly account for the observed tilt in the rest
of the solar system. So guess what? It’s not that our Sun is tilted, it’s
actually Earth and all the rest of the planets that are tilted, making the Sun LOOK like
it’s wonky from our perspective. So now we have all this indirect evidence
of Planet 9. Isn’t it about time we zoom in on it and
take a picture already? Sadly, according to the researchers, the search
area is so big and Planet 9 is so far away, it’s going to take at least 3 years to get
a direct observation of this strange new world. Want to know more about space exploration? Our new VR channel, Seeker VR, has a video
about that. Join Jason Silva as he discusses why humanity
needs to explore space to push our species forward. Just use the YouTube app or your VR device,
put on your headphones and get ready to stargaze! Want to know more about Planet 9? Well guess what, Trace and Amy covered that
right here. Do you think Planet 9 is the last big planet
in the solar system to be discovered or do you think there’s more out there? Let us know in the comments below and be sure
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33 thoughts on “How The Mysterious Planet 9 Is Tilting Our Solar System

  1. Pluto is a planet. Are dwarfs humans? Yes. Okay then. Case closed. You are not going to reclassify dwarfs as dwarf humans. Dwarfs are humans just like Pluto is a planet. Only small minded people would waste any time contemplating if Pluto is a planet. Next thing you know these small minded people will reclassify Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars as dwarf planets and reclassify Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune as normal planets and reclassify Pluto to an asteroid. What a bunch of donkeys. Respectively.

  2. U completely look and sound like a dumass! Do u really believe what u said? Cause it’s bullshit! No one was ever there in the beginning so no body will never know anything. It’s only a guess and ur knowledge of what someone told u is false and u believe it. It’s ok it happens all the time. People are told stuff and they believe it even when they are taught wrong information. happens all the time

  3. um your theory is garbage. if a planet that is 10 times the mass of earth enters the solar system would perturb planets a lot more.

  4. Theories….. Humans….. A 9th planet? Honestly it's pretty stupid, Consider earth why does it tilt on it's Axis and other planets. Yet here we are Human's jump to stupid theories to justify their findinds.

  5. …I think it was 2012, when a asteroid came extremely close too hitting the moon, thus, crashing into Earth. Said asteroid would later crash into the Sun developing "weird" tornado activities on the surface of the Sun. So…, I wonder if since then of when said asteroid passed us so closely, did it (possibly) knock our planet out of orbit?

  6. So….. We can see exoplanets thousands and millions of light-years away… We can see the end of the universe yet…. We can't see a massive super earth in our very own solar system?????…. Lol c'mon now y'all seen it no way y'all haven't…. You telling us keplar the giant ass telescope in space that can see anything and everything and super high def… Can't see this thing???? I'm not buying it.. they already know to much about it not to have seen it… They know it's Rocky… They Kno it's big and saying it's 10 times the size of earth…. Common sense says y'all seen it and NASA has… The real question is why they keep hinting at it and not showing us??…. I swear if I get my 10" scope out and legitimately find this damn thing and can see it like I see Neptune ect y'all never ever gonna be taken seriously again….. This thing is to big not to see… It's been in plane sight this whole time..

  7. NASA has been lying to us for many years. They've been tracking this approaching planet and its moons and taking infrared pictures of this for many years. This is the very reason our country (and numerous other countries) have built deep underground military bases. To suggest we don't know where this planet system is, even as it enters our own solar system, is utterly absurd. The US government has lied to its own people for many years about extraterrestrials and UFOs, even while NASA shows videos of space missions with UFOs flying around the International Space Station and our own astronauts talking to mission control on the radio of their visual observations of UFOs. The denial and obfuscation of what exists and what has been leaked all over the world and well documented is jejune and insulting to thinking people. The same thing is occurring with Planet-X. Very shortly the government will have to acknowledge what it has been concealing for a long time: Planet-X is going to cause a polar shift that impacts the whole world in dramatic catastrophic fashion. The fact that we know this planet is huge and that it's entering our solar system but we don't know exactly where it is, or what it looks like, is quite disingenuous. The elite will flee to the safety of deep underground military bases for their own safety. These DUMBs are scattered all across America and other countries have them too. The massive overdue earthquake(s) that will come according to USGS and FEMA, which the Bible declares will be unlike anything the world has ever had, or ever will have, will kill many, and perhaps even some of those who flee to these under grounds bunkers. We get a glimpse of this polar shift and the devastation it will bring in Rev 6:13-15 and Rev 16:18-21. No wonder NASA doesn't want anyone to know what's coming. The 3 to 3.5 year timeline this video opines is pretty accurate for when this catastrophic damage will begin.

  8. So…. suddenly science admits that Sumerian were right with Nibiru planet ? And it's not just mambo jumbo not fitting to the Church ?
    Then… time they are orbiting around the Sun is about 13.500 years, and the time to come back will be about….. NOW.

  9. Check this out, I read this from a visionary who had a vision of Jesus' Crucifixion, and it is amazing, i'm so excited: "Towards the sixth hour, according to the manner of counting of the Jews,
    the sun was suddenly darkened. I was shown the exact cause of this wonderful phenomenon;
    but I have unfortunately partly forgotten it, and what I have not forgotten I cannot find
    words to express; but I was lifted up from the earth, and beheld the stars and the planets
    moving about out of their proper spheres. I saw the moon like an immense ball of fire
    rolling along as if flying from the earth. I was then suddenly taken back to Jerusalem,
    and I beheld the moon reappear behind the Mountain of Olives, looking pale and full, and
    advancing rapidly towards the sun, which was dim and over shrouded by a fog. I saw to the
    east of the sun a large dark body which had the appearance of a mountain, and which soon
    entirely hid the sun. The centre of this body was dark yellow, and a red circle like a
    ring of fire was round it. The sky grew darker and the stars appeared to cast a red and
    lurid light. Both men and beasts were struck with terror; the enemies of Jesus ceased
    reviling him, while the Pharisees endeavoured to give philosophical reasons for what was
    taking place, but they failed in their attempt, and were reduced to silence. Many were
    seized with remorse, struck their breasts, and cried out, ‘May his blood fall upon
    his murderers!’ Numbers of others, whether near the Cross or at a distance, fell on
    their knees and entreated forgiveness of Jesus, who turned his eyes compassionately upon
    them in the midst of his sufferings. However, the darkness continued to increase, and
    every one excepting Mary and the most faithful among the friends of Jesus left the Cross"

  10. They had better name "Planet 9" something that begins with the letter 'P', because I refuse to un-learn "My Very Earnest Mother Just Sold Us Nine Pizzas" ^_^

  11.                       Debunked. What happens when a dwarf planet travels through our solar system.

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